Ten Fun and Interesting Facts About the Volkswagen Beetle

Welcome to a nostalgic journey through the charming world of the Volkswagen Beetle! This iconic car, affectionately known as the “Bug,” has captivated the hearts of automobile enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike for decades. From its unique shape to its surprising role in global automotive history, the Beetle is more than just a car—it’s a cultural phenomenon. In this article, we’re excited to share ten fun and interesting facts about the Volkswagen Beetle that will make you appreciate this quirky, lovable vehicle even more. So buckle up and get ready to discover the delightful secrets of one of the world’s most recognizable cars!

Yellow Volkswagen Beetle Covered in Flowers

10 – Herbie Grows Some Pansies

FACT: The last ever two German-made Beetle shells are located in VW’s Milton-Keynes parts store. But to keep then protected they are covered in wax!

Green Volkswagen Beetle Covered in Flowers

9 – Herbie: Fully Overgrown

FACT: All VW bettles made after 1978 were not made in Germany at all, in fact, they were made in Mexico! But some of the more hardcore VW beetle fans say that all cars made outside of Germany are not true VW Bettles at all.

Black Volkswagen Beetle Covered in Grass

8 – Herbie starts a hedge fund!

FACT: The last Wolfsburg-built Beetle left the factory in July 1974, a sad day indeed, but even worst is that was productions being replaced with the Golf hatchback!

Ladybird Volkswagen Beetle in Garden

7 – The Ladybird Love Bug

FACT: Before 1955, Volkswagens were built according to the calendar year. But in August of that very same year, a model-year system rather like that favoured by the American market was introduced. What this means is that an owner of a 1960 VW Beetle car is, in fact, the owner of a car made in 1959!

Black Volkswagen Beetle Covered in Plants

6 – A rolling VW gathers no moss, but a parked one on the other hand…

FACT: The Volkswagen factory was making cars 5 years before it even had a company name, in fact, it was not until the War’s end in 1945 that they named it!

Black Volkswagen Beetle Covered in Stone

5 – Herbie Goes to Stonehenge

FACT: So just what does “Volkswagen” company name mean? Well, it is not complicated, it is simply German for “People’s Car!” and they also make these amazing Volkswagen gift ideas.

Blue Volkswagen Beetle Covered in Flowers

4 – Herbie and the British Connection

FACT: The first mass production Beetle was built after the end of World War Two in 1945 thanks to the occupying Allied forces and a certain British army Major, Ivan Hurst.

Orange Volkswagen Beetle Covered in Flowers

3 – Is that Snoopy driving that love bug planter?!?

FACT: Although well over 20 million VW cars have been built to date, the original engine designer received the equivalent of fewer than twenty pounds for his trouble! That is a pay equivalent of just 0.000001p per car!

Pink Volkswagen Beetle Covered in Flowers

2 – Herbie Sadly Won’t Ride Again

FACT: Unlike what most people think the VW’s flat-four engine was not designed by Ferdinand Porsche but by another Austrian called Franz Reimspeiss!

Volkswagen Beetle Covered in Grass

1 – Herbie: Overgrown but Never Forgotten.

FACT: The very first VW Beetles were first seen back in 1932, but these ones were not even prototypes, they were just handmade cars that looked like the VW Beetle, the first official prototypes were built four years later in 1936!

Author: Gus Barge

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