Ten Amazing Bird Houses All Made From Upcycling and Recycling

If you think these ten birdhouses look a little rough around the edges you should remember that the bird doesn’t care what they look like, they are just happy to get a new home! OK, so many of them are not as good as a new one from a pet shop, but they are a great use of things we might have otherwise thrown away. Besides, I think these look a lot better than the ones you can buy and they really show you care enough to make them…


An Old Oil Can Used to Make a Birdhouse

Old Oil Can

I’m not 100% sure this is an oil can, but the idea is still good anyway. With a piece of corrugated roofing on the top, it has a nice rustic look about it. Just be sure to soft down the entrance and indeed any of the metal edges so the birds don’t injure themselves on it.

An Old Teapot Used to Make a Birdhouse

Old Teapot

Does anyone fancy a quick brew? Well, this bird certainly does because it’s his new home! Just remember to plug up that spout with something before you hang it as well as maybe placing some cotton wool or other material in the bottom for the bird to get a good head start.

Lego Used to Make a Birdhouse


Even LEGO can make a great birdhouse provided you have enough pieces to make one. Just remember to glue the pieces together as well as throwing in some straw or pieces of wool to help the bird out a little. This will also encourage them to use it.

Twigs Used to Make a Birdhouse


With a bit of glue and maybe some roof sealant even a handful of twigs from a tree can make a good birdhouse. The best thing I can suggest for this idea is to make sure the bottom isn’t going to fall out, so maybe use some screws and a flat piece of wood as a support.

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Plastic Drink Bottles Used to Make a Birdhouse

Plastic Drink Bottles

Most of us will have at least a few plastic drink bottles that we were going to throw into the recycling bin, so why not turn them into a little art’s and craft’s project and make a birdhouse. I love the way these are decorated as they are sure to stand out in the garden even if the birds don’t use them, they will still look nice.

Corks Used to Make a Birdhouse


You don’t need to hit the win hard to end up with enough corks to make a birdhouse, you can, in fact, buy bags of corks for use in arts and crafts. In fact, most craft shops should have them. Or you could always try and save up enough one bottle at a time.

An Old Boot to Make a Birdhouse

Old Boot

Don’t kick those old work boots out just yet, why not stuff the sole of them and pin them to trees instead! You might want to pack the toe sections up quite a bit, but not too much so the baby birds can escape before they are meant to.

An Old Plant Pot Used to Make a Birdhouse

Old Plant Pot

Usually, most people will turn their recycled things into planters, but in this case, the opposite is true. I imagine this would have been easier to make if it was a plastic plant pot rather than a ceramic one as it will be harder to make the hole larger in the bottom. For reference, the average size hole you need for a birdhouse built for small garden birds is 1.5” (3.8 cm).

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An Old Wicker Bin Used to Make a Birdhouse

Old Wicker Bin

Just when you were about to throw that old wicker bin out into the rubbish comes this idea to turn it into a hanging birdhouse! I feel this is a little too big for smaller birds, but it could be handy for larger birds like small Owls or Martins.

An Old Watering Can Used to Make a Birdhouse

Old Watering Can

When an old metal watering can is no longer good enough to water the garden it can still be rather useful in the garden! Looking at this picture I get the feeling the birds just kind of moved in there on a whim, but I suppose you could also encourage them to nest in one you have specially prepared.

We have got ten great ideas for upcycled or recycled birdhouses here, but if you have any other great ideas do let me know in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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