Ten Art Covered Cars Only a True Crazy Artist Would Drive

There are often times that I come across something so strange that I don’t know whether or not to make a post about it. Well, this is one of those times but I am going to talk a risk that other people find it as amazing as I do. What you are about to see is just 10 of the very best cars from ArtCar Fest, and from all around the Art Car World circuit…



Top 10 Amazing Art Covered Cars
Van Covered in Cameras

10 – Cameras

It might be called ArtCar Fest, but you can enter it in a van as well. Much like this amazing one that is a great way to show you the style of things to come. All these vehicles you are about to see are mostly covered bumper to boot in whatever style the artist (or driver) likes the most.

Top 10 Amazing Art Covered Cars
Car Covered in Pens

9 – Pens

Looking more like a mobile advert for a well known stationary brand that a Mercedes this car was one of the winners of ArtCar Fest. Founded by Philo Northrup & Harrod Blank 14 years ago. They started their first ArtCars in the early 1980s, but did not meet until 1992.and is directed by Emily Duffy

Top 10 Amazing Art Covered Cars
Car Covered in Plastic Toys

8 – Toys

Unlike the one, you will come to see in the image (4) this one really is covered in happy meal toys as well as various other plastic toys. I love the ones stood on the roof of the car. This is one car you are never going to take through the car wash.

Top 10 Amazing Art Covered Cars
Truck Covered in Tennis Balls

7 – Tennis Balls

As I did try to explain at the start of this post, not all these cars are from ArtCar Fest like this one that was seen at the annual Houston Art Car Parade 2014. But most if not all of them owe their beginnings to the original ArtCar Fest.

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Top 10 Amazing Art Covered Cars
Car Covered in Rubber Ducks

6 – Rubber Ducks

I don’t matter where you live, or what else is going on in your life if you see a water-themed car covered in rubber ducks driving down the road you are going to smile if not have a jaw hanging in the air. Because this is pure and simply beautiful and loads of fun.

Top 10 Amazing Art Covered Cars
Car Covered in Floppy Disks

5 –Floppy Disks

Do you have a load of those floppy 5¼-inch disks left laying around? Well, why not cover your car in them! As a side note, there are so many of these art covered cars that Harrod Blank has published three books and directed three documentary films on the subject! There is also a museum dedicated to ArtCars in Arizona called Art Car World and after seeing these I really want to visit the place.

Top 10 Amazing Art Covered Cars
Car Covered in Fridge Magnets

4 – Magnets

At first, I thought that it was Happy Meal plastic toys or maybe just 80’s themed plastic toys. But after a bit of digging around, I discovered that is was in fact fridge magnets. I bet it is a nightmare trying to get the radio to work in this car.

Top 10 Amazing Art Covered Cars
Car Covered in Remote Controllers

3 – Remote Controllers

Need to change the channel and can’t seem to find the remote control? Well, maybe it has been stuck onto this car! That is a lot of remotes and sure to make any advertisers quake in their boots.

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Top 10 Amazing Art Covered Cars
Car Covered in Corks

2 – Corks

I have no idea how many bottles of booze you would have to drink to get enough to cover a whole car but it would definitely be enough to push you over the drink drive limit. It is just a shame I didn’t know about this when I was making my post “Top 10 things to make with corks”.

Top 10 Amazing Art Covered Cars
Car Covered in Toy Cars

1 – Toy Cars

James R Ford thought it was not cool enough having a car that looks like the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, so he made one from thousands of toy cars instead! Seriously this is not just dedication to art, it is also a pure genius as well. I might start covering my own car in Lego now.

Author: Gus Barge

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