Ten Ageless Exercises That Work The Body Hard

Ten Ageless Exercises That Work The Body Hard

If you are one of those people suffering from serious health issues, you might have heard about these exercises. However, this article on the top 10 ageless exercises is an attempt at those who are ignorant of how the different parts of the body coordinate and are quite careless about their health. So, if you want to maintain your health by beating pain and illness, stick to the effective exercises listed here and do them on time and as per the instructions.


For those who want a strong physique, this exercise is just perfect. The deadlift is an entire-body exercise that benefits each vital muscle of your back. To do this exercise, place a bar on the floor a few inches from your shins. Now, take your hips backwards and try to hold the bar with your hands, but make sure that your back is flat. Finally, hold the bar, stand up, and pull your hips ahead.

Exercise Ball Front Plank

This is an amazing exercise to light up your core wherein you first place your forearms atop an exercise ball. Then, unbending your legs, take yourself away from the ball making a plank pose. Now, roll the ball away from yourself via the forearm until you drop your lower back or hips. Be in this pose for 15 to 30 seconds. You can even alter the level by slightly taking the ball near as you feel tired.



After deadlift, this exercise aids in strengthening the upper back and arm muscles. First, hold a bar above the shoulder with both hands, but let your palms be towards you. From a flat hang with straight arms, pull your shoulder edges back and down while your chest is taken up to the bar. Then, lower down with extended arms. Actually, the triceps also play a vital role in the movement.

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

This makes the vital muscles of the lower body and the forearm (gripping ones) strong. To do this exercise, grab a dumbbell in each hand and then take one leg backwards making a big step with eyes and chest up. Ensure that the front leg knee is in front of the ankle. Then, lower the back knee to let it touch the ground a bit followed by pulling the heel of your front leg.

Exercise Ball Hamstring Curl

This is an astonishing exercise for the glutes and hamstrings. Just recline on the ground, but your heels should be atop an exercise ball. Next, take your hips as high as possible and once they are up, with your hamstrings, take your heels underneath the hips making a hamstring curl). Finally, straighten your legs.

One-arm Dumbbell Row

One-arm Dumbbell Row

The benefit of this exercise resembles that of a chin-up, but due to one-side resistance, the core muscles are also trained. It will aid in balancing across the elbow and shoulder joints to make you strong and big. With one hand on the bench and the other with a dumbbell, ensure that the back is flat and parallel to the floor. Setting eyes at this motion, the exercise involves taking the dumbbell toward your hip without waving your shoulders.

Back Leg Raised Split Squat

This strengthens all the muscles of your lower body making your legs bigger and stronger with no back harm. Put one of the legs back atop a bench as you grab a bar across your upper back. Then, lower the hips with your chest and eyes up to make your front thigh parallel to the floor and then stand back up. This is different from old squatting, as it lessens the weight on spine and puts it on to the lower body.

Standing Belly Press

This is a core exercise done using the obliques to benefit the core for resisting movement and facilitate rigidity (core’s functions). Slightly bending your knee, stand near a cable column with the feet above the shoulder. Pull the held handle into your chest. Then, try to straighten your arms but ensure that hips or shoulders do not shift or rotate. Now, utilize your core to stop the pulling of the cable into rotation. For 15 to 30 seconds, hold your arms out and then take the same steps on the other side.



This is among the less appreciated ones, but it is really good for the chest, shoulders, and triceps improves pressing strength and keeps away shoulder injuries from bench-pressing. Just recline on the ground with hands on the ground and the top of your shoulder and thumbs being outside the chest. Then, prop your core, straighten the legs, and push yourself upwards with your elbows tight to the side.

Rotational Cable Lift

This is a complete body-core exercise that attracts golfers for more rotational strength. Standing near a cable column, affix a rope at the lowest setting and then hold it with your external hand. Now, step away from the column with your feet above the shoulder and a slight bend from the knee. Push your hips and shoulders toward the column while bringing in and down and then rotate them away from the column with a great force as you pull your outside hand towards the outside shoulder. Once this is done, hold the rope with the another hand some eight inches from the rope’s end and push it diagonally above the outside shoulder by turning around the motion come to the original pose.

If you do these excises or know of any other timeless exercises that should have made this list do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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