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This is my disclaimer: All the material available on this website is only provided for general information, educational, and fun purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all the images used are always linked to the original source I can never be 100% correct because I am only human. While I am not aware of any copyright infringement on this site, if you think that I may be using copyright material, please let us know so that I can remove the offending material or with your permission link it to the correct source.

When it comes to the gift ideas posts I have done all the hard work for you. The links I post to products are to sites or people who do indeed ship Worldwide and are Google verified (this means they have a verified Google shopping feed) They are safe, secure, fully working, however. I DO NOT necessarily endorse any other product that is on the website that I am linking to ONLY the product that is in the top 10. Also, I do not endorse any product mentioned in comments here on the blog or across the social media channels.


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  9. That image is a public domain image. It can be used in anyway you see fit as the original owner is now long lost and forgotten about sadly. Shame because it is a great image.

  10. Many thanks for the follow.

    There’s some great stuff here and I’ll be sure to look in again. If your aim is to make people smile, you certainly succeeded with me.

    Good luck to you.


  11. Hi Russell! Thanks for stopping by my blog and subscribing to follow it. May God bless you through it!

    Being a cat lover causes me to especially like your Caturday blogs! Thanks for sharing your take on those funny, loveable little fur babies!

    God bless!

  12. Hi Russell
    I hope you don’t mind but I just wanted to pick your brains, lol
    I have a domain name of
    I tried building a site on simple but you are unable to link it to my blog, face book twitter or anything.
    I am not sure where to try next, I could send you a link of the one I did on simple site so you get an idea.
    Thanks for reading
    Karen x

  13. Well that sounds like you have had an amazing life! And it really was a great blog so I can see you do indeed have loads of writing talent, but as for blog sponsorship I really would have no idea, but it would be probably worth asking publishing houses to see what they think.

  14. Hi Russell. Thanks for liking my post over at Not How the Story Ends ( I am a ballet teacher first and foremost, but also a writer. A close friend of mine is a writer by trade and an internationally renowned blogger (, formerly and she has helped me launch my own blog since moving a thousand miles from the city I called home for three decades to reboot my life. We have chatted some about how I can actually generate income with the blog, and she would also like me to pursue a book deal because my story over the last year is worth telling (no, really). I am not there yet, but I need to be, because I am growing desperate for supplemental income: the performing arts scene in America has suffered horribly during this economy, which appears to be taking its time recovering. I will doubtless talk to my friend some more in the coming weeks and months, but I am trying to stay out of her hair because in addition to her day job working for HGTV, and her writing, she actively parents four children, two of them quite young. She has started by suggesting a better, more succinct name for the blog, and also getting wordpress out of the url; must figure out how to do that. She has also given me advice about posts, long ones, short ones, and posting often. So this is a long-winded, circuitous way of asking, Can you advise me on blog sponsorship? I am all ears. Cheers, Debs (which is what my friends in the UK call me, btw)

  15. Thanks for the follow. Yes, you’re right – reaching out and grabbing me “caught” me. I love your blog (and humor, obviously). Can’t wait for future fun posts!

    God’s blessings to you,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen

    PS I may be the copycat curtain blogger, but I’m allergic to cats. Sorry!

  16. Yeah I liked it! I am always looking for new blogs to find some motivation with and yours caught my eye (well the “cat” part anyway) take a look at my own blogger tips page and that might help you out a little, other than that just keep going you seems to be doing just fine.

  17. Hi there,

    I’ve noticed you’ve ‘liked’ my first few blog posts and I was just wondering if I could have your opinion on it? It’s the first time I’ve blogged! It’s part of a module I’m taking at University so I’m pretty anxious about if I’m doing it right!

  18. Thanks! And don’t worry about the spelling as I can hardly talk, my blog is full of errors and grammar is a long forgotten thing so I will wish you all the best in the future.

  19. My blog I pretty boring but you followed my daughters and I’m glad because your blog is te first one that’s made me smile so far.

    Will definitely be reading your posts. 🙂

  20. Thanks for following and for sharing your insights on SEO. I am clueless about SEO and I really don’t have any plans to be famous, so I guess it isn’t a tragedy that I don’t :-).
    I love your blog and it’s obvious you have taken the time to find what works.

  21. Thanks!! NO… not in the least! I’d be a tad chuffed if you reblog the post! 😉
    PS – I’m still scouting likely venues for a Lego assault or two… hopefully I’ll soon have a few new photos to show demonstrating my construction skills… 😀

  22. Yeah I know I am so lucky to have so many,and they are all great and comment on each and every post! And that is a good post indeed, I will book it in for reblog in a few weeks time if you don’t mind me sharing it!

  23. I’ve loved looking through your blog and now know why you found my own pathetic attempt at blogging, the one and only cat photo that I’ve ever taken! I’m attempting to do a 365 day photo challenge linked to 365 themes, always looking out for the unusual. Thanks for looking.

  24. For sure! I have dropped you an email – and look forward to hearing back from you and discussing how we can collaborate on discovering and sharing “The Top Ten Usual Cafes in the World (as we know it)”. Say, that probably needs a blog post in itself!! 😉

  25. Thank you for liking my latest post on Cafe Quest – maybe we could collaborate on working out what are the 10 most unusual cafes in the world at the end of it?? I think I already know one that is *literally* up there in all ways as being unexpected in its location as much as unusual…..

    In any case, love the quirkiness of your site – and look forward to following it, and perhaps contributing anything that might help in one or other of your Top Tens. Blog on!! 🙂

  26. Hello Russell,
    Thank you so much for following my blog, I really am grateful, you are too kind! I’m a’blushing and everything. Had a look at yours, and it is a right hoot, I’m loving the imaginative nature of the eclectic posts. I will be investigating the ‘tips for bloggers’ section, since I am new to this and looking to big up my knowledge. So thanks additionally for this, tips appreciated.
    Carry on carrying on! Good stuff.

  27. I see your point. roughly speaking about 4:00PM would be the best time for you post. I didn’t come up with those times it is all down to E-Bay seeing that at certain times items sold better. But I would try 4:00PM for a few weeks and see how you go.

  28. Hey Russell,
    smallworldbigmouth asked you why you specifically post only at 7pm during the week and 1pm on the stated “2 big readers are mostly active (Europe, USA) Even an hour later and I will lose the reading time of an entire country.”

    So I don’t know what time zone your in..but I am in MT. time…with that said ..what time should I post during the week and on the weekends to get those two big readers?


    Chef Randall

  29. Hmmm … being a nocturnal creature is clearly a drawback if one wishes to become famous and adored in the world of humans!

  30. There most certainly is a “my” day for me ;). After my former company shifted my workplace to a different country, I decided to take care of myself and do mostly whatever I like to do, which in my case are: painting, photography and writing. Not to forget the caturday each and every day!

  31. Because blogs are a numbers game! The more people that are kind enough to +1/”like”/share/tweet the more people come to my blog and the more ads get displayed and clicked on, and that is really how I make my money. But I would rather 1 person clicked on “like” or tweet and bring 5 to the blog than ask 1 person just to click on the ads. (if you see the general idea)

  32. Hello Russell and thank you so much for following my blog I was curious if you don’t mind a quick question – you mentioned in your post today about liking and sharing your posts, that it is how you make your money. How exactly do you make money from this? I would like to eventually make writing a career be it through a blog or writing articles for websites but aside from the kindness of others I am unsure how to go about making some cash at this. Any advice?

    Also, I am so ordering the Storm Trooper nesting dolls!

  33. That is the best time to post for me to get the best time in my 2 chosen lands. Europe and US it is 7:00 when both here in the UK and the US are most likely to read the post. In fact it was originally E-Bay that realised this data not me. I just learned it from them.

  34. I am back and enjoying your blog, Russell. And so now I am going to learn from you about having a set time each day to post. How does one determine the best time of day to post?

  35. Think all this is cool I post most days and run 3blogs and a web site.
    Have my blog feed into tumbler and twitter and Facebook to give me less to do.
    My stats go up in ad weather?.
    As I said enjoy the trip.

  36. Cool. If you drop me a E-Mail with what website you want me to look at what you hope to achieve with them I will be able to let you know a lot more. Like I said send it all in a Email and just is just my humble little blog and I don’t really want to talk shop on it. (if you get what I mean)

  37. I wanted to know how u would do it and what are ur prices and terms and what kinds of results I can get 😉

  38. Hey Russell Godan daginn (Hello in Icelandic): Thnx for following me at I really appreciate it. SoS, I need lots of help to get my blog in a massive way! Tell me more……;-)

  39. Well in truth I only write when I have time, but then “schedule” the post for exactly 7:00pm. But SEO is good to get into and pretty much essential if you own a businesses so good luck and if you need any help at all with some questions being answered I am always here and happy to answer a few of them.

  40. Thank you for the follow Russell, I too am relatively new to blogging and SEO but having to learn quickly as I need to be able to promote my new business and it’s no good if no one knows about you! I’ve read some great tips on your blog already, hadn’t considered posting at a set time and preparing copy in advance (I tend to do it as I have time at the moment, which is not too often!). Look forward to reading more.
    All the best, Sam

  41. i heard about wales getting the snow bad on the news. Im originally from Stafford it gets bad there as well.

  42. Thank you kindly for following my blog. I am over the moon. I just started blogging last week to post my photographs and share my thoughts/opinions/sarcasm and inspiration. This is all new to me and my hopes are every week I will become more familiar with theme types and deigning my site. I love the top ten idea. Happy to know you!

  43. Such Fun !!!! Also some very useful info. Glad to have been given the opportunity to read your blog. A daily laugh is most welcome!

  44. If you can’t see a “follow” button on the main page (left hand side) then you can’t. But my posting times never change if you would like to pop back when I do post just take a look in the “INFO” page.

  45. Hi Russell….so tell me, how do I FOLLOW your blog? Been hunting around for a follow button/link and can’t find one. 🙁 Would love to keep up with your posts.

  46. The time of day I post is the time when the 2 big readers are mostly active (Europe, USA) Even an hour later and I will lose the reading time of an entire country. So yeah they are those times for a very, very good reason.

  47. Hello, SEO question from SmallWorldBIGmouth… how did you go about choosing what time of which day to release your posts? Are these prime times that people are searching the net? Wanting to get a bit more SEOrious with my blog! Many Thanks, Libby

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