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Me taken 28/12/2013

Me taken 28/12/2013

I make websites famous!

Hello, that is me! (The best looking nerd in the UK) and I have been working as an article writer and general SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - PPC(Pay Per Click) – SME(Social media Expert) for quite a while, but this blog is for myself and us blog lovers. After not reading any good top 10 list blogs I decided to make my own, that way I can make sure what goes into it will want to be read. And that is all I can do. I will write blog posts that I love myself and hope that other people find them amusing as well.

Please note that this is MY OWN BLOG!!! Not related to those awesome top 10 books like “Top 10 of Everything” By Caroline Ash they are official top 10′s not the random ramblings of my brain. What you will see and read about in this blog is in no way official, in no way influenced by money (sadly) and more importantly not linked or related to ANY OTHER WEBSITE, BOOK OR ORGANISATION! 

I just like to make people smile that is all. If one person smiles at each post I publish it has been worthwhile writing it. 

If you need a little bit of help please do check out my “Tips For Bloggers” as that will tell you most of what you might need to know or ever wondered about growing our humble blogs.

Please feel free to contact me on the following sites….


If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me:

2,176 Responses to About me – Welsh Blogging at its Very Best

  1. gus22m says:

    Thank you so much Dougie. Keep going, you are doing a fine job yourself.

  2. Dougie Dee says:

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to follow my humble musings. I am relatively new at the whole blogging thing but have always loved to expressed myself creatively with the written word. I will be browsing through your site and graciously following your tips … Thank you again Russel, and stay hungry !! :)

  3. Amazing site. Your efforts and dedication are applauded.

    Continue with your amazing work.

    -N.N. Team

  4. gus22m says:

    Thank you Kitt. And the pleasure was all mine.

  5. Loved TOP 10 CHISELED ART PORTRAITS. Thanks also for following my blog.

  6. gus22m says:

    Thank you, you have an amazing blog as well.

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