The Top Ten Uses for Wire in Everyday Life

The Top Ten Uses for Wire in Everyday Life

As one of the most widely used materials in the world, wire is used for both the strongest and most intricate creations. Here are 10 of the best top ten uses for wire.

Photo Holders

Photo holders can be a fantastic space efficient way to store your photos. Simply bend sections of wire coat hangers to stand straight, and glue a clip to the end to hold your photo.


If you’re tired of losing your paper bookmarks, you can bend a small piece of copper wire into your chosen shape with a pair of pliers and slot over the top of your page for an instant bookmark! Not only will this give you a unique and fun design, but it will keep you from having to dog-ear your pages.

A Lampshade Made of Wire


Wire lampshades are currently trending in the home decor industry, so why not create your own? Create geometric wire shapes around your favourite LED Edison bulb for a stylish effect.
For inspiration, you can use Pinterest to create a virtual pinboard of your favourite designs.

Wall Art

It’s common to see neon wall art depicting words or phrases, but you can achieve the same effect with some stylish wire instead. You can bend a malleable metal like copper into your chosen word or phrase and hang it in pride of place. Voila!

Kitchen Cupboards

If you’re looking to achieve a distressed look in your kitchen, you can add chicken wire to the inside of your cabinets instead of glass. This will give your kitchen an alternative modern look, and you’ll no longer have to worry about polishing the doors.

Seasonal Wreaths

Seasonal Wreaths

Whether you want to celebrate Christmas, or salute the incoming summer weather, there’s a wreath for every occasion. To make a wreath, use wire to create a circular frame and weave flowers and foliage around it in growing layers. You can find artificial flowers at craft shops like Hobbycraft for a permanent feature.


By using very strong, fine wire, you can create realistic puppets that are easy to manipulate. Companies like Ormiston Wire can supply high quality fine wire for this purpose, and historically also produced the wire used for the original Thunderbirds puppets!


If you’re in need of a decoration for an older child’s room, you can create a planetarium using wire and polystyrene globes. Simply paint the globes the colours of each planet in the solar system, and suspend them using wire.

Magazine Holder Made of Wire

Magazine Holders

If you own a business with a cafe or waiting room, you could recycle wire coat hangers to hang magazines or newspapers on for customers. Simply hang the hook onto a nail in the wall for a cheap and stylish solution.

Garden Ornaments

You can create wire ornaments for ponds or trees that will bring some effortless life to your garden. Using stainless steel wire will ensure that your designs don’t rust in any adverse weather, leaving them looking stylish for longer!

Do you know of any creative uses for wire? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Author: Gus Barge

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