The Ten Most Expensive Schools in the World (Cost Per Term)

While paying more per semester than any other school does not guarantee your child’s final results, it will give them the best chance in life. But again, if you can afford any of these schools on this list (even for one semester), your child is already doing quite well and will have no problem getting student loans. They’ll have more financial options and time to do their homework, with or without a case study writer to help them do it well. They might even choose to get finance homework help online because they can definitely afford it! That being said we all want the best for our children and these schools believe they are the best of the best…

Hurtwood house, UK

Hurtwood house, UK (Fee Per Term: £63,561)

Several of the best UK boarding schools top their fees around this mark. Set in an Edwardian mansion with 200 acres of grounds, Hurtwood House is one of the most unique. The school hosts just 340 pupils and is known for its focus on creativity and the arts – a recent school production of Chicago cost £75,000 to stage, according to Tatler. You don’t need professional online maths tutoring to work out that is a lot of money per-term!

Brillantmont, Switzerland

Brillantmont, Switzerland (Fee Per Term: £63,561)

A family-run, traditional Swiss school for 130 years, Brillantmont overlooks Lake Geneva and sits just a five-minute walk away from Lausanne. Brillantmont boasts that 100 per cent of its students continue their studies to higher education.

The American School, Switzerland

The American School, Switzerland (Fee Per Term: £63,561)

The first US boarding school to be set up in Europe, TASIS lies on the Dollina d’Oro in the Swiss mountains. Fine art is central to the school curriculum and TASIS hosts its own Spring Arts Festival which attracts a number of famous artists and musicians each year.

Think Global School, Travelling

Think Global School, Travelling (Fee Per Term: £63,980)

The world’s first “travelling high school” takes pupils to four different countries each year – allowing pupils to experience subjects out in the field. The school has one teacher for every three students and has a 100 per cent pass rate for the International Baccalaureate qualification.


Institut auf dem Rosenberg, Switzerland

Institut auf dem Rosenberg, Switzerland (Fee Per Term: £66,160)

With just 260 boarding pupils from over 40 countries, emphasis is placed on one-on-one time at the Institut auf dem Rosenberg. The school has a staff to student ratio of 1:4 and average class sizes of 8 students. Pupils can choose from one of five curricula, including British A level,s German Abitur and the Swiss Matura program.

Leysin American School, Switzerland

Leysin American School, Switzerland (Fee Per Term: £66,700)

Another high-profile Swiss school, popular for its exclusive ski and snowboard facilities. LAS Students are allowed to spend Tuesday and Thursday afternoons on the mountain for sports. Despite its name, around 12 per cent of students are from the US.

Collège du Léman International School, Switzerland

Collège du Léman International School, Switzerland (Fee Per Term: £68,960)

Taking in children from as young as one year old, College du Leman teaches a bilingual programme of French and English up to age 18. The school campus stretches out across eight hectares and offers access to both Geneva city and the mountains. Pupils from more than 100 nationalities attend.

Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil, Switzerland

Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil, Switzerland (Fee Per Term: £79,528)

Founded in 1910, Beau Soleil is one of the oldest private boarding schools in Switzerland. It is positioned 1,350 metres above sea level on the Swiss Alps and hosts pupils from more than 40 different nationalities aged 11-18.


Aiglon College, Switzerland

Aiglon College, Switzerland (Fee Per Term: £80,810)

With a view of Mont Blanc, this high altitude school lends itself to outdoor pursuits. The school caters for boys and girls aged nine to 18 and is modelled on the traditional British Boarding school. Unlike most schools, however, the whole school body comes together for 20 minutes of meditation on three mornings each week.

La Rosey, Switzerland

La Rosey, Switzerland (Fee Per Term: £86,657)

This prestigious Swiss boarding school is believed to be the most expensive in the world. Le Rosey hosts pupils from seven to 18 and has been co-educational since 1967. The school takes in pupils from more than 60 countries but allows no more than 10% of its students to come from any one country in order to prevent a single nationality dominating. You are going to need a big student loans to get into this school!

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