Ten of the Very Best Examples of (Ostereierbaum) Easter Trees

When I was just 12yrs old my family had decided to visit my Grandma for Easter (my family didn’t really get on with each other so this was, in fact, quite a rare thing to do) But getting back to the point of this… While visiting my Granny, her next-door neighbour was using a ladder to hang brightly coloured eggs in this little bush/tree that he had in the garden! This odd tradition is mostly seen in Germany (he was indeed German) and it is done by decorating the branches of trees and bushes with eggs for Easter and it is centuries old, but sadly its origins have been lost. So why not join me as we take a look at some of the very best images from this rather beautiful tradition…



(Ostereierbaum) Easter Tree

10 –The simple traditions are always the best ones.

This first one is a great example of things to come, For your information, this really should be called “The World’s Top 10 Best Ostereierbaums” as that is what these Easter Trees are called in Germany.

(Ostereierbaum) Easter Tree

9 – Traditional Family Time

For some family’s the whole event of making an Easter Tree is a chance to come together and to make something rather special that they will often use as a table centrepiece.

(Ostereierbaum) Easter Tree

8 – Keeping old traditions going.

To most people, the tradition of making these “Saalfeld” Easter egg trees is something that is a long past thing to do, but some still make a little effort to do one, just so people remember that sometimes things in the past were wonderful and amazing as well.

(Ostereierbaum) Easter Tree

7 – Some get it out twice a year!!!

For me this is a little lazy but still rather amazing to look at, what some people do is to use their Christmas trees to hang their eggs maybe because they don’t have a garden or maybe because they want their “Saalfelder Ostereierbaums” inside instead of out.

(Ostereierbaum) Easter Tree

6 – Easter Smiles

Sometimes adding a few cheap multi-coloured plastic eggs to a bush or tree can, in fact, make it look rather special! So why not give it a go yourself as I am sure you can get them in most craft shops for just a few pennies!

(Ostereierbaum) Easter Tree

5 – When it comes to keeping traditions alive we can all help!

Even German Fire service people like to chip in and keep the tradition alive, and this image was taken of them making an Easter Tree in front of a school so that maybe the younger generations will appreciate these rather amazing displays.

(Ostereierbaum) Easter Tree

4 – Why would you forget about these?!

Why on earth would you not want to remember this amazing traditional?!? It just brings a touch of beauty to the garden and a big old smile to the face. After all, anything that can do that should never be forgotten.

(Ostereierbaum) Easter Tree

3 – Questions, questions, questions!!

What I loved about this one was that it shows that it isn’t rocket science! Just hang a few nicely painted hard-boiled eggs from a few twigs and it is job done, then when people ask you “why” you have done it, you can tell them all about the tradition of making them!

(Ostereierbaum) Easter Tree

2 – The more the merrier!

As with most things in life, the more time and effort (and coloured eggs) you put into making an Easter Tree the better it is! And while this one is just incredible and nothing short of a thing a beauty, but, believe it or not, there is one that is even better…

(Ostereierbaum) Easter Tree

1 – It all ends where it all started

This is what you call Beautiful and it is nothing shy of it. This stunning tree is located in a small German village of Saalfeld, Thuringia and is, in fact, all the work of one man! Volker Kraft has just one wish and that is to keep this amazing tradition alive and each and every year he makes what is widely regarded as the biggest Ostereierbaum display in the world.

Author: Gus Barge

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