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Top 10 Strange and Unusual Yahtzee Games

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Yahtzee Games

Many a Sunday evening is spent playing board games in my house, with a particular trend towards Yahtzee. This 5 dice game is more about luck than skill, but it does teach my little one maths. But our old game board is looking a little worn so I think it is time to upgrade to one of these amazing themed sets. Did you know you can also enjoy playing the Yahtzee game online for free! Do check out the link for more info. But in the meanwhile let’s get on with some traditional style board games…

Yahtzee on Solitaired

If you like Yahtzee, but don’t have a set available to play, the team at Solitaired created an online version of Yahtzee. You can play against the computer, or you can play live against a friend. Best of all, you don’t have to keep track of your score. The game does it for you!

Yahtzee Zelda Collectors Edition

What? A Nintendo fan-boy like me putting a Zelda collector’s edition Yahtzee set at number 10? Well yeah, because for what it’s worth I love it for what it is and the theme (that treasure chest dice shaker is kind of cool) but I just think the whole thing looks…cheap!

Yahtzee Glee Collectors Edition

While you will never be able to prove that I liked the show or watched every episode I am happy to admit that I know what it is about. That slushy dice shaker alone is enough to make me want to break out in a song and dance!

Yahtzee Dr Who: Dalek Collectors Edition

Any Dr Who related merchandise is always going to make me want it, but this collectors edition with a Dalek dice shaker has been exterminated in my mind by the other Dr Who collectors edition Yahtzee set. (see number 2)

Yahtzee Muppets Collectors Edition

It seems they try to revive the Muppets franchise almost every year, so what better way to relive those crazy days of puppet animals than with this Yahtzee set which features a Kermit dice shaker and dice that are themed with the shows main characters.

Yahtzee Harley Davidson Collectors Edition

I’m not sure if I like it or not, but for sheer levels of unusual and weirdness, this Harley Davidson Yahtzee set gets included. Would Harley Davidson fans really play Yahtzee? Well, maybe they would if they had this set.

Yahtzee Pacman Collectors Edition

This classic character hasn’t really moved on since his 8-Bit day’s glory, so the shape of the dice shaker will be familiar to all video gamers. But it is those cool dice that I really liked about this set.

Yahtzee Firefly Collectors Edition

Now, this is what my blog is all about. Cool, unusual and as nerdy and nerdy will come. This Firefly Serenity edition Yahtzee is a must for any fan of the show who still can’t believe they cancelled it.

Yahtzee Super Mario Collectors Edition

Yahtzee is the perfect board game for Nintendo to back. It helps develop maths in children and is fun for all the family. Sounds like every Nintendo game ever made!

Yahtzee Dr Who: TARDIS Collectors Edition

This is the 2nd of the Dr Who collectors edition (See the Dalek Collectors Edition) but I think it is by far the better out of the two, the TARDIS is the perfect shape for a dice shaker and the dice are the better styled. Any Whovian would love to get this as a gift.

Yahtzee The Walking Dead Collectors Edition

With a zombie shaking cup and a blood splattered dice this Walking Dead collectors edition of the game is sure to go down well with any fan of the show, and not it is on a break you can roll those dice until it comes back on!

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