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Ten of the Worlds Strangest Playgrounds for Kids

Ten of the Worlds Strangest Playgrounds for Kids

Ten of the Worlds Strangest Playgrounds for Kids

Welcome to a journey through the world’s most unusual playgrounds, where creativity knows no bounds. From a glowing, star-themed park in Japan to a steampunk wonderland in New Zealand, these playgrounds offer more than just swings and slides. Discover the whimsical design of a playground shaped like a reclining giant in Manhattan and the thrill of the world’s longest slide in Japan. Each playground on this list is a testament to imagination and ingenuity, providing unique experiences that turn ordinary play into extraordinary adventures.

Sungkuk Park, Japan

This unique play park has a sort of “Star Gazers” theme to it.  So if your little one is into the night sky in any way this play park with geodesic domes and ability to not only light up at nights but glow in the dark is a real must see!

Namba Park, Japan

There are several ‘modern’ playgrounds in Namba park but for me this is one of the good ones, the amazing layout of these swings is exactly what a modern play park should look like.

Wiesbaden, Germany

When it comes to clean, modern and high-end play-parks Germany is the World leader. Almost everything is done to master levels of efficiency and design that makes their playgrounds some of the best in the World.

Air-base, Ukraine

This looks a little boring and plane to me! Puns aside this is one of those play parks that as a kid would stay with you for the rest of your life, making great use of an old Tupolev Tu-124 jet it really is nothing short of amazing.

Oamaru Harbour, New Zealand

What we have here is most probably the World’s only Steampunk inspired children’s playground! While it is quite small it is nothing short of amazing.


When Japan builds a children’s slide for a local playground they do it in epic style. This bum-numbing slide is so long that from start to finish, it takes the average child 110 seconds to reach the end! Is it the World’s longest playground slide? I would like to bet it is.

Manhattan, USA

This designer play area is shaped like a reclining giant and it supposed to be inspired by “Childhood Wonder” Seen somewhere not that far from the Hudson River in Manhattan I think it looks great and really does capture how a child might well see a play park.

Hvidovre, Denmark

This is not the biggest playground in the World, but it is often said that Ziegler holds the record for the Worlds tallest playground slides. And this one seen in Denmark is one of the biggest, I have no idea exactly how tall, but it really does look like a beast to climb & fun!

Särkänniemi Adventure Park, Finland

If ever there was a video-game that should and indeed has inspired a whole playground off it, then Angry Birds is it. And it really doesn’t disappoint anyone, it looks amazing, well designed and fits in with the whole angry bird Universe.

Salford Docks, London

Sadly not much is really known about this quite frankly stunning play-park. Said to be in a fairly rich part of the London Docklands (like that narrows it down!) this is made by designers unknown. But all those unknowns don’t stop it from being the most amazing playground I have ever seen, making it definitely world-class.

Exploring these ten extraordinary playgrounds highlights the limitless possibilities when creativity meets play. These unique spaces do more than entertain; they inspire, challenge, and ignite the imagination of children and adults alike. Whether it’s a giant reclining figure, a futuristic steampunk landscape, or a glowing, starry park, each playground offers a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Ready to discover more unusual wonders? Follow us for more exciting explorations and share your favorite quirky playground experiences in the comments below. Let’s celebrate the magic of play around the world!

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