Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Oreos

When I was much younger a neighbour of ours went to America for a holiday and came back with something that forever changed my life. What he had brought me was a packet of Oreo’s! Here in the UK it has only been about the last 10 years or, so that you could just buy them in the shops, before then they were a treat that only the richest or most well-travelled of people could have tasted. But it seems I have only just seen one kind and there are in fact hundreds of truly odd, rare and very unusual Oreos out there, so please join me as I go on a shopping hunt for…

Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Oreos

(Please note that these are all real, all available to buy in their own countries and all officially made by Nabisco/Kraft and ONLY Nabisco/Kraft )

Oreo Winter Hills
Oreo Winter Hills

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Apparently, they are a is a cylindrical-shaped chocolate bar filled with diced Oreo cookies and covered with a white fluffy coating, a recurring image winter treats! Sounds weird but I think I need to try them that is for sure.

100 Calorie diet Oreos
100 Calorie diet Oreos

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The sales pitch says:”Oreo Thin Crisps are chocolate wafers specially baked for a light and crispy taste. Whether watching your weight or preparing to celebrate, grabbing a quick bite or sitting down to family night.” Sounds good to me, so do you fancy some?

Winter Oreos
Winter Oreos

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I just don’t get it. Why is Winter Oreos made with Red cream?!? Shouldn’t it be blue, or green or something more wintry! If anyone knows, tell me and I will update this post with some credit going to you. Anyway, if you like them you can buy them for not much at all.

Candy Corn Oreos
Candy Corn Oreos

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Candy Corn is a popular Halloween candy in the USA but is also seen in quite a few retro sweet shops here in the UK, but these very rare candy corn Oreos look much better than those little sweets could ever be.

Nabisco Oreo Fun Stix
Nabisco Oreo Fun Stix

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What better way to drink your milk than with a Oreo straw! These rather tasty looking Oreo sticks are one of the most unusual ones I have seen but you can still buy them if you fancy them and for not much at all.

Oreo Wafers
Oreo Wafers

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How cool are these! The odd part about these ones is that in China these outsell the normal Oreo cookies! Seems like wafers are the way to go because these look tasty as anything and as soon as this post is done.

Green Tea Ice Cream Oreo
Green Tea Ice Cream Oreo

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Just when you thought you had seen it all along comes Green Tea flavour Oreos! While these will not be for everyone they are still quite intriguing and well worth buying some.

birthday cake oreo 100s & 1000s
birthday cake oreo 100s & 1000s

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This isn’t really anything more than a normal Oreo with vanilla filling but it is mixed with what seems to be tiny fruit bits. But the reason behind them is that the first Oreo rolled off the line over 100 years ago at the National Biscuit Company!

Cool Mint Oreos
Cool Mint Oreos

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For me mint crème sounds more like toothpaste, but, I have to admit that I do love the cool taste of mint and I feel this would be well worth a try.

Strawberry cream Oreos
Strawberry cream Oreos

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I have to tell you that this top 10 has been a bit of a nightmare. There is just so, so many different flavours and shapes of Oreos to choice from! Peach, orange, banana to name just a few of the unspoken ones. But these strawberry ones for me are a must try.

146 thoughts on “Top 10 Strange, Rare and Unusual Oreos”

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  4. For the record, I don’t think strawberry lemonade Oreos actually exist. That’s just what I thought the photo was at first.

  5. I’m sure someone already beat me to it, but I’m going with red for Christmas, in relation to those winter Oreos.Meanwhile, those candy corn Oreos? Gross. I got excited because they looked like a refreshing strawberry lemonade cookie…but no.

  6. I adore Cookies & Cream (mashed Oreos mixed with whipped cream, left in refrigerator overnight to develop flavor and stiffen – I can be found in the dark, sitting on the floor of the kitchen, eating it directly from the container with a spoon lol) and Double Stuffed are perfect to me. The mint ones actually did taste like toothpaste to me – you nailed it. 🙂 The diet ones are impressively good, especially for diet!

  7. We have the Oreo with the coloured sprinkles in them here, as with the wafer sticks, but the biscuits are the best. We also have what we nickname Oreo cows. Which are kinda self explanatory. Black head and rump with a white mid section. Very cool, but I wonder how they would taste..?

  8. I didn’t know Oreo cookies were available in so many different ways.

  9. I think the “winter” ones come out over here around Christmas time … so they are probably red for Christmas. I’m not sure of that, but that’s my guess.

  10. OHH….My heart is breaking. A life spent without knowing the divine joy of a Reeses Cup. 🙁 I’m telling this story at our next camp out around the fire. “The man who had never had a Reeses Cup”. The children will be terrified! Please don’t deprive yourself of one of life’s greatest joys Russell. It’s love, children, hope, & Reeses Cups…..maybe not in that order.

  11. Although I do enjoy some of the additional flavors…why mess with a good thing (the original)? Wow…green tea! But of course…for the health conscious! Enjoyable post..and I’m craving an oreo now!

  12. I’m also an Oreo fan when I travel. Like where you are, they’ve only been available here (Australia) over recent years. The most unusual Oreos that I have bought when traveling were Oreo cereal. Imagine Fruit Loops ( if you know them) with Oreo brown color and white flecks on them. They were a Halloween special edition. I still have the empty boxes because when you open the lid the box makes eerie ghost noises. I should send a photo.
    My friend in the US sends me special editions from time to time too.

  13. Have you seen the new Cadbury’s chocolate that has Oreo bits and cream in the centre of it. It’s gooooooooooood!

  14. Oooo Oreos. How do I Love Thee?? I too am shocked that they are fairly new to the UK. How were there not international summits held on this grievous oversight?? 🙂 I’ve actually tried most of the versions on your list (with the exception of #4). My favorites from this list are the straws & birthday cake ones. We actually have them both in house right now (hidden, of course). I also really like the white fudge covered ones, yum!

  15. Ahh! I get the red ones now, you have to have all the colours for it to make sense. Now you say it, it sounds perfectly logical! (didn’t see the Banana ones in my internet travels)

  16. I am a double white stuff middle myself, though I have given up Oreos because I am still wearing the ones I have eaten. I love the straw ones, they are new to me and I might lift the ban for those. It may be harder to give up the straw ones than the usual round ones. What a choice!

  17. Red Oreos for winter, because they can sell them for Christmas, Valentines day or Mother’s Day – If they did them green, they would have to use the back stock for St. Paddy’s day only and who, I ask you WHO! eats Oreos while drinking green beer?!?


  18. ooh, I love mint. I want those mint Oreos. I’m one of those strange folks whose not a big cookie lover. They taste fine to me, I’m just not so drawn to them. Oreos and Girl Scout Thin Mints are the exception. I love those things.

  19. I think the straws are my faves. Even tho i like to drink green tea, im really not sure I want to try the green tea ones, that seems an odd combo! Great post, I always look forward to seeing what your next post will be 🙂

  20. Hey Russell – great list but the title of the post says …OROES…
    The content says OREOS (yummy yummy Oreos) 😀
    It’s all good :p

  21. The winter and birthday cake are my favorites from your list. My daughter is amazed that Oreos are new to the UK. You were missing out on a great treat. Her favorites were not listed, but we love the MEGA STUFFED and the Oreo Brownie is her new favorite. They are pricey but she loves them and since she is not the one paying for them she doesn’t care.!

  22. Every time I saw one I was going to say I WANT THE RED ONES, then I saw the birthday ones and wanted them, then I saw the green ones and wanted them. Ooooh they all look so good!!

  23. I forgot they once made banana creme oreos. Oreos are my favourite cookie and banana is my favourite flavour, still want to try those but have never seen them 🙁

    As to the Christmas Oreos, red, green, and white are traditional Christmas colours in combination with each other. I think around that time of year they have Christmas oreos with green filling as well (meaning you can get a pack of oreos in each of those three colours). I do agree, however, that the red filling on its own doesn’t really say Christmas.

  24. Last Christmas I had some red and white Oreas – where supposed to remind of red and white candy-canes. The cookies were disgusting! 🙁 And I’m normally a real big Oreo fan!

  25. I remember having green Oreos, and there was the Grinch on the box. I don’t remember much about them but they were delicious. I can’t find them any more, though, even at Christmas time. I’ll have to look this year…

    And I think I know why the cream might be red for the Winter oreos… The colours for Christmas are red and green, so that could be it. And Santa Claus’s suit is red. That’s my best guess!

    Nice post, I want Oreos now.

  26. The birthday cake ones are amazing, have yet to eat my packet of green tea ones and there are some strange flavours in China…but they’re all making me hungry.

  27. Winter Oreos made with Red crea…ohh… I love it so much, that I can eat it every time I see it. When I open this page, I understand, that I didn’t try a lot of oroes in this world. Ok, I know, my thoughts fly through the universe, but I want it to try!!! It’s delicious.

  28. Oreo’s are a staple here in the States, you are right about that! I can’t imagine my life without them… my jaw hit the floor when you mentioned they weren’t readily available!! That’s just wrong! (And, for the record, the Halloween candy corn ones were a bit odd… but the white chocolate ones are divine!!!) I may have to order some of #10 the cake mini rolls… those look delish! This was fun, thanks!

  29. I refuse to think of those candy corn cookies as Oreos. I don’t care what it says on the package. Oreos are dark chocolate cookies with a white cream stuff in the middle. And that’s what it’s called, too. White cream stuff.

  30. I hate them so much it hurts!!!! Yuk! Lol
    Anyway, the winter ones. They do look xmas-y, all red and festive, so maybe its because of that? 🙂 who knows!

  31. I didn’t know there were different versions of Oreos.
    I remember paying more in postage to mail some to friends than the cookies themselves cost.
    Now that I read labels, I don’t eat them anymore.

  32. I just do Oreo differently I guess. The taste is great but i have my own ritual with Oreos. NO matter what the stuffing is pull one side off and put them together. If you cant do that it is just flavor. Oreos are a special ritual with me.

  33. I reckon the winter one’s have a red filling because red goes with Christmas – Santa etc., not saying that’s official, just my thought! My favourite has to be the oreo sticks/straws, they look so good and although not featured in your post I would have to go for orange one’s next! 🙂

  34. I will have to go with the strawberry or birthday one. But they aren’t good for me! But I won’t tell if you won’t.

Which one did you like?