Ten Crazy and Unusual Flavours of Oreos You Won’t Believe Are Real

When I was much younger a neighbour of ours went to America for a holiday and came back with something that forever changed my life. What he had brought me was a packet of Oreo’s! Here in the UK it has only been about the last 10 years or, so that you could just buy them in the shops, before then they were a treat that only the richest or most well-travelled of people could have tasted. But it seems I have only just seen one kind and there are in fact hundreds of truly odd, rare and very unusual Oreos out there, so please join me as I go on a shopping hunt for…


(Please note that these are all real, all available to buy in their own countries and all officially made by Nabisco/Kraft and ONLY Nabisco/Kraft )


Oreo Winter Hills
Oreo Winter Hills

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Apparently, they are a is a cylindrical-shaped chocolate bar filled with diced Oreo cookies and covered with a white fluffy coating, a recurring image winter treats! Sounds weird but I think I need to try them that is for sure.

100 Calorie diet Oreos

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The sales pitch says:”Oreo Thin Crisps are chocolate wafers specially baked for a light and crispy taste. Whether watching your weight or preparing to celebrate, grabbing a quick bite or sitting down to family night.” Sounds good to me, so do you fancy some?

Winter Oreos

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I just don’t get it. Why is Winter Oreos made with Red cream?!? Shouldn’t it be blue, or green or something more wintry! If anyone knows, tell me and I will update this post with some credit going to you. Anyway, if you like them you can buy them for not much at all.

Candy Corn Oreos

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Candy Corn is a popular Halloween candy in the USA but is also seen in quite a few retro sweet shops here in the UK, but these very rare candy corn Oreos look much better than those little sweets could ever be.

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Nabisco Oreo Fun Stix

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What better way to drink your milk than with an Oreo straw! These rather tasty looking Oreo sticks are one of the most unusual ones I have seen but you can still buy them if you fancy them and for not much at all.

Oreo Wafers

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How cool are these! The odd part about these ones is that in China these outsell the normal Oreo cookies! Seems like wafers are the way to go because these look tasty as anything and as soon as this post is done.

Green Tea Ice Cream Oreo

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Just when you thought you had seen it all along comes Green Tea flavour Oreos! While these will not be for everyone they are still quite intriguing and well worth buying some.

birthday cake oreo 100s & 1000s

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This isn’t really anything more than a normal Oreo with vanilla filling but it is mixed with what seems to be tiny fruit bits. But the reason behind them is that the first Oreo rolled off the line over 100 years ago at the National Biscuit Company!

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Cool Mint Oreos

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For me mint crème sounds more like toothpaste, but, I have to admit that I do love the cool taste of mint and I feel this would be well worth a try.

Strawberry cream Oreos

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I have to tell you that this top 10 has been a bit of a nightmare. There is just so, so many different flavours and shapes of Oreos to choice from! Peach, orange, banana to name just a few of the unspoken ones. But these strawberry ones for me are a must try.

Author: Gus Barge

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