Top 10 Nerdy And Unusual Lunch Boxes

When I was a child I always had my classic “Knight Rider”  Tin lunch box so I could carry my sandwiches to school,  (X2 sandwiches, yoghurt and my drinking bottle)  But these days I am all grown up (despite what my Girlfriend says) and I have a coffee and a panini from Starbucks. But I hope you will join me as I take a look at what the nerds of today call a lunch box…


Top 10 Nerdy And Unusual Lunch Boxes


The Walking Dead Rick Lunchbox Tin
The Walking Dead Rick Lunchbox Tin

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Perfect for keeping your brains in is this ultimate gift for any fan of The Walking Dead. It features artwork from the comic series by artist Charlie Adlard and is well worth including in this list.

Rainbow Floppy Disk Bag for the Eco-Chic
Rainbow Floppy Disk Bag for the Eco-Chic

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Made from 100% retro recycle floppy diskettes ( Ask your parents) is this rather amazing lunch box that just has to be seen to be believed.  The fact that you can request a specific size, colour, and webbing colour that it is made from makes this very personal indeed and truly amazing all at once.

Star Wars R2-D2 Tin Tote Lunch Box
Star Wars R2-D2 Tin Tote Lunch Box

8 – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Once you buy this R2D2 inspired lunch box you will feel like a little kid all over again and for less than £10 you can! Cheap as chips and simply amazing, what more do you want?!?

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler
Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

7 – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

This rather odd but also strangely cool and nerdy “Organ Transport” lunch bag features an insulated lunch box with reflective inner lining. It is just about big enough to hold a few sandwiches, a couple of yoghurts and a lung or two. …I mean drink cans!

Angry Little Girls Tin Lunch Box
Angry Little Girls Tin Lunch Box

6 – Buy Now on >> Click Here <<

It might not be that nerdy but this great angry worded lunch box brought a nice big smile to my face, It’s cheap as anything and it is made from a tin! All round a great lunchbox even if it isn’t all that nerdy.

Sandwich Design Lunch Tin Shaped like a Sandwich!
Sandwich Design Lunch Tin Shaped like a Sandwich!

5 – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

The Sandwich Lunch Box is pretty self-explanatory. What’s pictured on the outside can be found inside. But the joke soon goes when that one day you decide to have bread rolls.

LEGO Lunchbox
LEGO Lunchbox

4 – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Made to safely store your tasty sandwiches this cool looking LEGO Lunchbox is also small enough to slip into a backpack or school bag. There is even a little bit of space on the underside where you can scribble your name to make sure you never lose your lunch.

Sesame Street Oscar, Elmo and Cookie Monster lunch boxes
Sesame Street Oscar, Elmo and Cookie Monster lunch boxes

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OK, this is cheating a little bit because there is 3 of them but I have to go with the Oscar the Grouch because of that quite frankly epic mono-brow!

Doctor Who TARDIS Lunch Box
Doctor Who TARDIS Lunch Box

2 – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Why not have dinner with the Doctor! Inspired by Doctor Who, the longest-running sci-fi TV series in the world is this rather amazing lunch box that has NERD LOVE written all over it and it has to be said it is not that expensive at all!

Nintendo Entertainment System Lunch Box
Nintendo Entertainment System Lunch Box

1 – Make Now on >> Click Here <<

Sure it is a little expensive, but it’s so cool. For us older nerds this could be the best lunch box EVER!

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  14. I too like the organ donor one….I am considering painting my kids lunch boxes that way.haha. take that one lunch ladies!
    I used to drive Lifenet surgions from one place to another with real organs….the surgeries would only last an hour; not long enough for a driver to go to sleep after a long haul, if they were going to be bright eyed enough to drive the team to yet another place, so they always invited you to watch the sergeries. Donating is important to me because of that. SO OFF SUBJECT, sorry got lost in the moment. Isn’t that what blogging is for 🙂 I will be visiting often for I adore your bright idea of top10’s-Loretta

  15. Reblogged this on Social media | SEO | Cars | Travel | Shoes and commented:
    Liking the `Top 10 of Everything’ SEO angle with this blog, and the best Nerd lunchboxes post in particular. Fun, readable, nice pics – great blogging 😉

  16. That Nintendo refab is amazing. I’m down to one TV in my household that is still compatible with the old wires to my Nintendo. Once that box kicks the dirt, I will have a new life for my old NES.

  17. They are fab! I know it sounds all mushy but your blog is great though if I win the lottery, you’re going to cost me a fortune with your recommendations!

  18. lol, you have no idea what I’ve been doing since my comment here. I’ve been hitting all the search sites, and Ebay, trying to find that lunchbox!

  19. I recall seeing a Soundwave(from Transformers) lunchbox while growing up, but I can’t find it anywhere anymore…guess its not nerdy enough for

  20. Yeah – the Dr Who box. No, wait, the LEGO box. Darn, no, the sandwich box. This is ridiculous – I don’t even pack a lunch anymore. Nonetheless, very cool stuff. Thanks loads for sharing.

  21. LOL No-no-no I’m what I call a lipstick nerd. I love super girly things, but then seriously fangirl over nerdy stuff. I just love finding people that feed into the nerd side ^_^

  22. By far the best one is the Nintendo one! Brings back memories of blowing on cartridges to get the dust out for it to work. At least with a lunch box that’s not a issue. Great blog!

  23. Yes I remember those lunch boxes when I was a kid. I recall one time my mother told my father I needed a new lunch box. He didn’t get me one of those tin boxes with favorite cartoon characters on it…he got me a working man’s lunch box because it was cheaper. How embarrassing it was for me to take that to school. I was in the 4th grade at the time.

    Hey thanks for viewing my blog today. I appreciate your comments and readership to Savor the Food.

    Look forward to your future post’s here at The worlds Top 10… 🙂

    Chef Randall

  24. What fun! I forgot to tell you (although you might have seen a pingback) that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award ). Because you have one…

  25. Hey now, you need to separate your meat sandwiches from your diced you can stack them on your work desk like a pro. I’m just being silly : )

  26. “Sure it is a little expensive, but the moment I saw it I said all that would ever needed to be said about it….SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! Nothing short of an EPIC WIN!”

    Love it 😀 These are great

  27. My thirteen year old mad Dr Who self would have loved some of those Dalek signs in the boring village where I lived all those years ago, thanks for that!! If you’re in Cardiff, I’d love to know have you seen any sign of the entrance to the Torchwood Hub, or has it gone forever!?
    Suzy 😆

  28. My favorite was the sandwich lunch box until I saw the Nintendo lunch box. Way cool! I have a metal lunch box myself – fairies – would never make your list. Perhaps I should upgrade to something a little more cooler. As always, enjoyed the post! ~Mary

  29. I’m a big Doctor who fan, so I’d love to own the Tardis lunch box. I’d like to carry the organ transplant box into a hospital cafeteria, too… These are all really cool boxes.

  30. If I would to choose, I’ll take Elmo!! 😀
    ….and for the others (except for the sesame street items)…I can’t imagine carrying one even if I was still in the kindergarden.. Lol

  31. So many great nerdy lunch boxes, difficult to choose. The TARDIS one would be my usual preference, but then I scrolled down to your No.1 and had a dilemma, that Nintendo box is so good! 🙂

  32. You’re getting so popular it’s hard to reply to your posts. Now, if you keep it to a few lost cyber wanderers finding you, like my site, for instance, it is easier to handle. Besides, look what happened to FaceBook…ready for all those money problems and lawsuits? Good luck with all that !

  33. Can’t beat the NES, but I must say that way back in 2000, I bought a brick of 3.5″ floppies, and got a rebate for more than I paid. Never used a single one. Maybe their still in a box somewhere…

  34. I loved it because I picked Baltimore to win but the power-outage was a bad look. That halftime show could have been muted & it still would have been damn good lol

  35. Those are all pretty cool, but my favorites are the Lego/Duplo, the transplant, the TARDIS, and the “Get your own lunchbox, bitch!” one. Where/how do you FIND all of these?

  36. One word for you….ETSY! It is home of the super cool stuff, but the site owners don’t help the sellers by using socialmedia sites or blogs. This is where I try and help them out, and that is why over 50% of the links always goto If it is cool I will find it. And yeah the NES one blew my mind apart.

  37. Hi Russell, this one for *Human Organ for transplant* is the best. I like it. When I was in Tokyo I saw unique lunch boxes.

Which one did you like?