Ten of the Very Best Recipes You Can Make With Couscous

Normally on Fridays, I post some unhealthy looking cakes or treats that everyone loves the look of, but no-one really wants on these hot summer days. So it is time for a change and for a while (unless everyone hates them) I will be posting some lighter, healthier and altogether cooler summer foods. Today we will be taking a look at Couscous! Think it sounds boring? Time to think again…


Israeli Couscous with Red Pepper Sauce
Israeli Couscous with Red Pepper Sauce

10 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE <<

This mouth-watering dish is made from Israeli couscous with comes with a rather tasty looking red pepper sauce. There is a full recipe and making guide in the link, so if you fancy making this healthy summer treat.

Fruit and Pomegranate juice Couscous

9 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE <<

This idea doesn’t have a recipe or a making guide in the link, but you know what? It doesn’t matter because it doesn’t need it! With the couscous being purple because it was made with pomegranate juice, not water! It is a great idea and a great blog, so check it out.

Crisp couscous and saffron cakes

8 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE <<

Best served with a tomato chutney or relish and a green salad these crispy couscous cakes sound like a nice non-heavy summer snack. Full recipe and guide to making them are in the link.

Braised Chickpeas and Vegetables with Couscous, Harissa Yogurt, and Soft Eggs

7 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE <<

What better way to start the day than with vegetable couscous dish made with braised chickpeas, harissa yoghurt, and a nice soft egg! Well, is sounds like a nice summer meal to me. Fancy making some? Well, there is a full recipe and making guide in the link.

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Slow Cooked Veal with Couscous

6 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE <<

I love a good stew style meal and this looks like one I need to try for sure! Slow cooked with 4 veal shanks and a couscous centre my mouth is watering just looking at them! So why not make something extra special for tonight’s meal and try this.

Wiki-Wiki Volcano Couscous

5 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE <<

What better way to get the kids to eat a healthy meal than to make this couscous volcano with the lava being a sweet chilli sauce! It even works as an unusual meal idea to surprise the family with.

Couscous-Stuffed Peppers

4 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE <<

It doesn’t matter what you place into a hollowed out pepper it always makes it look tasty, and things are no different when it comes to couscous!  I think it is best to do much like the image and make them with different coloured peppers to give the idea some much-needed colour.

Creamy Couscous Salad With Crab And Dill

3 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE <<

While this recipe is, in fact, make with imitation crab it would go just as nice with real crab. And I love most things sea-based from fish to crabs, to cockles so this is right up my street.

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Roast chicken with couscous & pine nut stuffing

2 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE <<

Family meals made with couscous just don’t get any better than this. What you are looking at is roast chicken that has been stuffed with a couscous & pine nut filling!

Tuna Cakes with Scallions and Lemon

1 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE <<

For me, nothing says summer than walking down the beach eating fish and chips and this is where this incredible couscous meal comes into it because they are in fact garlic tuna couscous cakes with French fries! Light, summery and mouth-watering makes this the perfect combination.

Author: Gus Barge

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