Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies

According to Wiki, a “hoodie” is a sweatshirt with a hood. But if you are a bit more knowledgeable you will also know they are a status symbol, a way to shut off the outside World when you are listening to your music or maybe even a great disguise so us nerds can blend seamlessly into normal society! With that in mind, I bring you…

Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies


Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies
Captain America Hoodie Sweatshirt

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It doesn’t matter what country you are from, you too can become an “All American” with this amazing Captain America inspired hoodie! You could go out each night cleaning the streets of scum, or maybe just sit indoors playing the Avengers Videogame.

Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies
Pac-Man Men’s Zip Hoodie

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Did you know that PacMan is the most recognised video game character in the World? What about the Plumber? No, he is in fact number 2. So why not become a number 1 winner with this rather impressive PacMan inspired hoodie!

Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies
Assassin’s Creed Hoodie

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Now come on, let us not moan at the price. Sure it is expensive but the pure quality of this hoodie outweighs the cost of it. Don’t just look like Ezio Auditore, become him! (any high-profile assassinations based on that comment are not my fault)

Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies
Batman Hoodie

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Ever wanted to become the Dark Knight? Well, now you can with this great Hoodie that mimics batman looking in both directions when viewed side on! Those bad guys would never know what hit them! …when you run as fast as you can away from them!

Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies
Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie

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While this is the most expensive on this list you do get 2 Hoodies for the price of one! And best of all the super furry Chewbacca inspired Hoodie should keep you warm during those long space flights.

Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies
Super Glow Tron Hoodie

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I have to admit that I thought “Tron: Legacy” was a bit rubbish. But the original Tron style and look of things I still love, so it will come to no surprise to find that I think that this is incredible. The link goes to the designer’s shop and whenever he has made more of these amazing Hoodies to sell they will be up on the link. But they go quickly so you might just want to bookmark it. Get there in time and for just £60 it could be yours.

Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies
Star Wars: Stormtrooper Hoodie Sweatshirt

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Why not quit that boring desk job and become a loyal foot-soldier for the Empire! Yes, you to can become a Storm Trooper and all that it will cost you is £34! (some training needed)

Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies
Knight Armored Hoodie

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Created by a very skilled clothes maker over on Etsy called Sir Chadwick Dillon is this amazing Hoodie suit of armour! And you might well want to bow before him not only because he can clearly make some truly epic clothes, but he has also sold out of them! So beg, plead and bow before him and he just might make you an extra one. …or he might just chop your head off! But I think it will be worth a go just to get the chance to own one of these.

Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies
Transformers: Optimus Prime Hoodie

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For just under £40 you could well become the leader of the Autobots with this incredible Optimus Prime-inspired Hoodie. Sadly it won’t help you to transform into a truck but it will make you look like a real leader…. amongst nerds anyway.

Top 10 Unusual and Nerdy Hoodies
Traditional Greetings Hoodie

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It just doesn’t get any better than this epic looking hoodie. Inspired on a Vulcan salute it can help any nerd blend in seamlessly into any group of normal people and then BOOM! One quick zip down and they can become a nerd again. Great-looking, inexpensive and well worth the number 1 spot.

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  1. This was amazing. I think the Knight Social Armor has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen in terms of clothing. Thank you for making all this! This is swweeetttt

  2. The Chewbacca one is awesome!

    My auto correct isn’t awesome – it preferred the “chewable one” , however a chewable hoody would be cool nevertheless.

  3. Aww…you left out the N7 elite hoodie from Mass Effect! But of course I would say that, because I am Bioware fan girl… 😀

    Seriously, though, this is great. I remember the Pac Man hoodie. Almost bought that one, myself.

  4. indeed, this is a damn good blog youve got going looking at the death star stuff- so inspired that something so devastating can make such a good bottle opener.

  5. Yes, I have hoodies that I do wear. But given the society I live in…across the “pond”–I’d probably get shot if someone saw me wearing it while I walking down the street!

  6. Oh my God, I will never wear some of the Hoodies that were shown here! haha. Are these typically for nerds only?? 😀

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