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Ten of the Very Best Sex Toy Tips for Beginners

Ten of the Very Best Sex Toy Tips for Beginners

If you are just thinking of getting yourself a sex-toy or introducing one into your love-life with your partner I have ten tips that should make things a little easier to understand. With so many to choose from it can be hard to know what one to pick, questions like ‘which vibrator is right for me?’ or “What are the best pocket pussies?” are things you should be asking yourself. I hope these ten tips will help at least guide you to answering those questions and many more you might have…

Tip 1: Don’t Be Embarrassed

This is one of the first hurdles to get over when buying your first sex toy, especially when you are trying to get one from a bricks and mortar store. So maybe try and buy one online where you can ask personal, private questions like “what is the best rabbit vibrator?” without blushing like a ripe tomato. Who knows, maybe just the buying experience alone will put a spark of passion into both of you

Tip 2: Don’t Be Afraid to Try Things

This is essentially true when it comes to men and vibrators. If the worst thing that can happen is that you don’t like something no harm is going to be done. You don’t have to “Go Large or Go Home” you can start with something small and fun, then work up to something a little more interesting.

Tip 3: Don’t Blow Your Money

You don’t need to blow a load of cash when first buying sex toys on expensive dolls or machines, you can get something small like a silicone vagina or small vibrator. Sure, some of them can cost a lot of money, but those are for more advanced people who feel safe and secure using them.

Tip 4: Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

It’s all well and good wanting to get into having a sex toy in the relationship, but neither partner should be afraid of saying NO. The best advice I can give you if that is the case is to talk with your partner and understand why they don’t want to as you might fully understand where they are coming from.

Tip 5: Keep Things Fun

You should never get to the point that sex without a sex toy is boring, by keeping things fun with or without the sex toy should prevent that from happening. Have a laugh about it, enjoy the moment and above all keep things 100% mutual.

Tip 6: Talk To Each Other

One of the best tips I can give couples is to talk to each other before, during and after a sex toy has been introduced. Choose together, pick one each, but always talk about what you like and don’t like. By doing this you might well be surprised at what your partner is and isn’t willing to do.

Tip 7: Lube Is Your Best Friend

Using lube is not just for people who suffer to self-lubricate, you can make it fun, interesting and it makes the pleasure you will get form your sex-toys way more intense. You can even get edible lube if you like to make things really fun.

Tip 8: Keep Them Close

When it comes to storing/hiding your sex toys do make sure you have them within easy reach of the bed. There is nothing worse than getting the go-ahead to use them then you have to kill the passion by looking around for them. Keep them close, like in a small zip-lock bag under the bed or even better in a bedside cabinet.

Tip 9: Be Honest About Your Experiences

If you don’t talk to each other about what you like about the toys or even don’t like it simply won’t be fun. Talk about what areas you liked and for how long, guide each other to make the experience of using sex toys safe, loving and above all else fun.

Tip 10: Keep Things Clean

Do make sure you clean your toys both before use and afterwards. Even the smallest amount of dust might cause your partner to get irritable skin, so clean them thoroughly every single time.

Well, that is my ten tips for beginners, but if you have any other ones do let us all know in the comments below.

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