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Ten Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower Than Before

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking “ten reasons? There is only one!” and that will be the age of the device right? Well…no. In fact, it might be one of these ten you are about to read about or it might even be a combination of these reasons. If you eliminate all of them (or at least most of them) I guarantee your devices with charge quicker and might even hold their battery charge a lot longer…


Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower – The Lead

1 – The Lead

If you have been using the same charger lead for years it could well be the reason your devices are charging slower. It’s not like you have to use a load of different leads these days, not when you can Get a Single VOLTA Charger Magnetic Cable for All Your USB Devices. Getting a new charger lead can sometimes lead to much faster charging times and data transfer.

Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower – The Charger

2 – The Charger

We have already learned that replacing the lead can result in faster charging times, but what about that charger plug? When was the last time that was replaced? If you notice a lot of your devices are taking longer to charge all at once this could well be the reason it is happening (once you have eliminated the lead). These days they are pretty cheap, especially if you get them with the lead as well.

Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower – Apps

3 – Apps

You know you are having a bad breakup when they pronounce “its not you, it’s me” and you deep-down know it is you, but that could also be true when it comes to slower charging times. If you have many apps running in the background while your device is charging they could well be zapping it! The easiest way to test this is to turn your device fully off when charging.

Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower – The Plug

4 – The Plug

No, I am not talking about the charger itself, I am walking about the socket it gets plugged into. Have you recently had some rewiring down around the house? Try charging your devices from different locations as a single plug might not be getting all the power it needs or indeed once had. It might be that noticeable to most people, but some will see a difference.

Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower – Software Update

5 – Software Update

If you think a simple software update won’t change your charging speed you obviously have never had an Apple device. This often controversial annoyance is something that caused a lot of uproar when it was first discovered and while apple has taken steps to fix this, it might well be a legitimate reason for the slower charge speeds especially on older apple products.

Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower – Multiplugs

6 – Multiplugs

Do you have a multiplug extension plugged in? If you do and have only noticed slower charging speeds since you did this it could well be the cause of your problems. As with the plug problem, it might not be something most people will notice, but a simple change to a single plug is something easy that you can try, especially if you have a lot of plugged-in devices coming out of one socket.

Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower – Dirty Ports

7 – Dirty Ports

Yes, even the smallest amount of dust can cause some cheaper charging leads to charge your devices a lot slower. Now, you could always get a new lead to check this issue, or you could simply clean the ports out (just be very careful when you do this and don’t use any cleaning fluids). This is especially true if you have recently dropped it in a puddle or on the ground.

Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower – Damaged phone

8 – Damaged phone

While no-one wants this to be the cause of a slower charge it could well be the reason for it. If you think this might be the case you can always take it to a repair shop and get them to take a look at it. But if you don’t want to spend any money just check the edges and ports of your device for scratches and bumps that might be causing problems.

Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower – Be firm

9 – Be firm

While rare a lower charging battery could be because you are not inserting the lead firmly enough. This is why I use magnet attachable charge leads for all my devices, that way I don’t have to be ramming in a lead every time I need to charge and the main connecting part is always inserted firmly.

Reasons Your Devices Might Be Charging Slower – Age

10 – Age

OK, so after looking at many other reasons taking the age of a device into account is always the last option. It is true that our devices might charge slower over time and hold less charge, but by eliminating all the other reasons you have learned here today you can make some devices last a lot longer than they otherwise might have.

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