Top 10 Nerdy, Amazing and Unusual Scooters

The motorised scooter has come a long way since it days of the Mod gang and general Quadrophenia inspired shenanigans. But its age is a lot older than that, in fact when it comes to the Vespas it was originally manufactured in 1946 in Italy and believe it or not still is! But this is not all about them, this is about the classic modified scooters from various manufacturers, because it is these ones that the fans modify the most…

Top 10 Nerdy, Amazing and Unusual Scooters


Vespa 150 A.C.M.A. T.A.P.
Vespa 150 A.C.M.A. T.A.P.

10 – FIRE!

Commonly said to be from the Indian army the Vespa 150 T.A.P. was actually used by the French army and was designed to be parachuted into action and was fitted with a 75mm recoilless cannon! And the best bit? This is the ORIGINAL Vespa it all started from this!

Vespa 4-seater Stretched Scooter
Vespa 4-seater Stretched Scooter

9 – Family of 4 riders.

Why should you enjoy the pleasure of riding that Vespa on your own when you could ride this full road legal 4 seater version that was self-modified by a fan of the original scooters meaning, not just fun for you but fun for the whole family!

Handmade Wooden Vespa
Handmade Wooden Vespa

8 – Scooters give me wood!

Carlos Alberto loved his Vespa but when it broke down and could no longer be repaired he used his master wood-crafting skills to make the “Vespa Daniela” and while the original engine is all there the entire frame is made from wood! No screws, no metal, just 100% wood!

Piaggio Fly Covered in Grass
Piaggio Fly Covered in Grass

7 – Stay green, rider a scooter!

Believe it or not, that is real grass growing over that Vespa and it is also completely road legal! Seen at a Vespa gathering in Germany, not a lot is known about this amazing machine other than the fact that the fan won best Vespa modification 1995. You could imagine this eco-warrior to be doing some razor electric scooters mods next, or at least while the grass grows on his old petrol one.

Spiderman Lambretta
Spiderman Lambretta

6 – The perfect ride for Peter Parker

Seen at a Vespa show in Brighton back in 2002 (yes they are still going) is this amazing Spiderman custom painted Lambretta, and what an incredible paint job it is. Much like all the modified razor electric scooters I have come to see, and all those blaze scooter mods, they all look amazing and done by some very talented people indeed.

VW Lambretta
VW Lambretta

5 – 2 Classic of the motor industry collide!

Created by Jap Dyer this rather impressive custom-built Lambretta and it’s amazing VW camper sidecar was created for his 11-year-old son Kaine to sit in while they drive around the country and officially makes him not only a cool Lambretta owner but also a great dad. It is just a shame that none of these modified scooters for sale will ever reach the shops.

Vintage Vespa Scooter
Vintage Vespa Scooter

4 – “Have you ever danced with the devil?”

This incredible scooter is called “GO BATS” and has won just about every award going, from Best Of Show – Mile High Mayhem 2003 to Best Custom – Mile High Mayhem 2005 and to be fair to its designer (see comments below) you can kind of see why! As far as Batman electric scooter upgrades go this would be a good one. (but it is petrol not electric)

1965 Vespa Super Sport 180
1965 Vespa Super Sport 180

3 – Manga Style

One for us Manga fans this rather impressive Vespa Sport is inspired by 2000 anime FLCL from Gainax. While it might not look much to a non-fan of the series this is, in fact, an EXACT replica of it and it is also 100% street legal! Nerdy and super cool all in one Scooter. There are loads of these Japanese modified scooters to been seen, just keep an eye out while on holiday there!

R2-D2 themed Vespa
R2-D2 themed Vespa

2 – Recycled Robots?!?

Made by some amazingly skilled nerd called “Morgan” this amazing scooter images when absolutely viral only last year!, (2012) and what a mind-blowing mod on a basic Vespa it is. I always find it funny when someone does a relatively simple paint job on something and turns it is something that is not only amazing to look at but also highly desirable. Let the copy cat Vespa’s commence! It would have been amazing if this was one of the electric scooter modifications.

Iron Man Scooter
Iron Man Scooter

1 – Tony Starks new weapon: The nerd magnet!

Now you are probably wondering why I rated this over the incredible R2-D2 one. Well, the truth is that this Ironman inspired Vespa is, in fact, a brand new 2011 Vespa model! Sure the lights and paint job are not original but the scooter underneath them is! So I gave this the number 1 because all you would need to replicate it is a new Vespa, some LEDS and some paint!


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