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Ten of the Largest Slot Machines in the World

You might not believe this, but you don’t have to go to Vegas to see some of the world’s largest slot machines. These amazing machines have fruit wheels the size of windmills and bandit arms the size of drainage pipes. When you spin one of these you already feel like a winner even if you have been playing real money slots online for years!

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10 – Big Bertha

Not so much located anywhere in particular but rather travailing around the world is Big Birtha, a 7-foot-tall slot machine that weighs more than a small family car and probably costs more to make as well.

9 – That One Big Arm

You can just imagine the CLUNK noise this is going to make as you pull down that giant arm. Then the THUD as the reels start to lock into position. This is a real beast.

8 – Microspin

At over 9 feet high this is officially the largest slot machine in the entire world. But strangely you didn’t win money, but real prizes that were dispensed by a team of people behind the machine! Weird indeed, but true.

7 – Super Spin

This is officially the world’s largest mass-production slot machine. It is 30ft round and can handle up to 9 people playing at the same time! Then they each get a turn in the middle of the bonus game.

6 – The Big Lady

I couldn’t work out where it was now located but this bandit is massive! In fact, many of the machines seen here claim they are the biggest, but with each image, they seem to get bigger and bigger!

5 – French Fancies

I love the look of this giant one-armed bandit but for the love of me I couldn’t work out where it was located. But it looks like a real strain to pull the arm no matter where it is located.

4 – Caesars Spinners

Located within the prestigious Caesar’s Palace casino is their largest slot machine. Not only a big spinner, but also a big winner with the jackpot being 1 Million!

3 – Queens Pull

Now, this is what I call a slot machine fit for a Queen, four of them in fact! Located in Four Queens Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada it is their crown and glory.

2 – Barneys

Located in Barney’s Casino, Lake Tahoe, Nevada is this mechanical beast they called Big Irish luck. With a shamrock theme, it was really lucky if you didn’t put your back out trying to spin the reels!

1 – One Big Arm

I just had to make this classic style one armed bandit located at Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas in Nevada my number 1. Just the fact that people have been injured pulling down the giant spin arm makes it too amazing for words.

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