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Ten Fun and Interesting Facts About Goats

Ten Fun and Interesting Facts About Goats

Welcome to our fascinating exploration of one of the most intriguing and versatile animals on the planet: goats! Whether you’re a seasoned farmer, an animal enthusiast, or simply someone curious about the world, goats offer a treasure trove of surprising and delightful facts. From their quirky behaviours to their unique physical traits, goats have been captivating humans for thousands of years. Join us as we delve into ten fun and interesting facts that highlight why these remarkable creatures deserve our attention and admiration. Get ready to discover the playful, intelligent and often unexpected world of goats with these ten interesting facts as well as some fun pictures of goats to enjoy along the way…

10 – I would love to know what that camel is thinking right now.

FACT: Goats have 24 molars and 8 incisors but strangely do not have teeth in their upper front jaw!

9 – Born to be bad!

FACT: Think a bearded goat is a male? Think again because both male and female goats can have beards! (just like my nan!)

8 – “Just get in there Doug, grab the cabbage from the fridge and let’s get out of here!”

FACT: Although they will often grab and chew anything they can get, most goats do not eat clothing or paper feed bags because they are selective eaters!

7 – “You used ropes to get up here? I am sorry to hear that.”

FACT: Goats with horns and without horns are not different breeds, goats can be born with or without horns in any breed! It is just down to chance and maybe good genes.

6 – “Now this is what I call moonlighting”

FACT: Despite its goat name the mountain goat is actually a member of the antelope family! But climbing antelopes don’t have quite the same ring to it.

5 – The Urban Explorer

FACT: The heart rate of a goat is on average 135 beats per minute( that works out at 15 breaths per minute), almost the same as a rabbit!

4 – Climbing Level Assessment: EXPERT!

FACT: Goat’s milk is easily digestible and less allergenic than cow’s milk, in fact, it is higher in calcium, vitamin A and niacin as well!

3 – The X-Games of goat climbing. These are last years winners.

FACT: Mahatma Gandhi consumed goat milk each and every day for 78 years of his life! And for those of you with a quick maths brain, Yes! He was even bottle fed it on day 1.

2 – “Safety Goat always likes to keep 3 points of contact while using access equipment.”

FACT: Poor little goats, it seems you will never see a goat cry because they don’t have tear ducts!

1 – The World’s Best Climbing Goats all live in Morocco

FACT: It is widely thought that when goat herders noticed the animals acting very energetic after nibbling on a certain plant they started to make drinks from it. That plant was a coffee plant and the world’s first coffee was made! It seems we really do owe a lot to goats indeed.

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