Top 10 Funny and Amazing Dogs Jumping As High As They Can

It doesn’t matter what you throw for them, just about all dogs will go after it. Some people throw balls, sticks, play toys and some dogs are just so full of life they chase thin air! This blog is to celebrate the pure joy of owning a dog that is so happy it will just jump for the sheer fun of it. I hope this can make at least one person smile as I bring you…

Top 10 Funny and Amazing Dogs Jumping As High As They Can


Top 10 Images of Dogs Jumping
Jumping White Dog

10 – I believe I can fly! Whoo! I believe I can touch the sky!

While this might not be a police dog, some of the police-trained dogs have been measured doing boosted jumps (Ones from a wall or flat surface for them to run up) at over 20ft! That is simply incredible and a little scary for the person the dogs are chasing as well.

Top 10 Images of Dogs Jumping
Dog Jumping to Catch a Frisbee

9 – HADOUKEN! (Street Fighter joke)

Dogs that can catch a Frisbee are a very special breed. More often than not smaller dogs and border collies these dogs can leap to incredible heights just to get to their favorite toy.  You always see their owners showing off in the local dog parks while your own dog can’t find a bright green tennis ball you dropped at their feet.

Top 10 Images of Dogs Jumping
2 Little Brown Dogs in Mid-Air

8 – Hover dog mode engaged!

Is it just me or does that little brown dog have fangs?!? Well anyway, little dogs are just the best at leaping, and they are often the ones you see on YouTube videos jumping up and down behind a gate in some dogs home. While my own dog Alfie is not exactly massive, I have never been a real fan of smaller dogs.

Top 10 Images of Dogs Jumping
French Bulldog Jumping Over a Pole

7 – And it’s clean at 3 inches, a new personal record! (round of applause)

Little tiny dogs like this French Bulldog crack me up when it comes to jumping. Often seen in videos trying to jump up, onto the sofa without much joy, or maybe being beat up by the cat. As I said before, they do look lovable, just not to my tastes.

Top 10 Images of Dogs Jumping
Little Brown Puppy Jumping

6 – “It’s a much bigger jump than it looks, I promise!”

While not the same colour or breed, this could easily be my own dog. When my dog gets ball vision nothing else seems to matter and I have seen my own dog backflip quite a few times trying to get the ball. While my dog doesn’t do amazing jumps, he will still often try to reach the high shots, often escadrille snapping thin air.

Top 10 Images of Dogs Jumping
Basset Hound Jumping Over a Pole

5 – Those are not just ears, they are also wings!

You simply haven’t seen a funny dog jumping until you have seen a Basset Hound jump. Those long floppy ears really don’t work like Dumbos, if facts while jumping it just makes them look rather silly indeed.

Top 10 Images of Dogs Jumping
Little Brown dog Jumping in a Superman t-shirt

4 – Super Dog to the rescue!

Once again it is the little dogs that make for the best jumping dogs. But this is no ordinary dog, this is Super Dog, the hero of the sky. I wonder if dogs feel that way, that during some of their jumps they are flying. That might explain the erratic leg movements when some of them jump.

Top 10 Images of Dogs Jumping
Little Brown dog Jumping Towards the Camera

3 – Photobomb!!!

What we have here is the problem most of us will have while taking an image of our dogs jumping. Digital phone cameras just don’t have the quality that you see in the other images here, but most times when you dog is doing something funny or weird, the smartphone is all you have at hand.

Top 10 Images of Dogs Jumping
Pack of Hunting Dogs Jumping Over a Barbed Wire Fence

2 – The Great Escape.

Well, this might be a photo from a fox hunt, but the dogs are clearing doing some big time jumps! While they do all look mostly happy I am sure that one or two of them would have injured themselves on the barbed wire fence.

Top 10 Images of Dogs Jumping
Dog jumping towards camera


And we wrap up this post with yet another small dog that shows what a mid-air dog really looks like. When going for that Frisbee or ball they really are all tongue and teeth. In fact if I was a thrown ball, I would be rather scared at this point.

Which one did you like?

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