Top 10 Best Images of Climbing Goats

Let me tell you that living here in the Welsh Valleys is not a bad place to grow up at all, we have stunning views, amazingly friendly people and of course sheep. But something else we do have is goats! Many people will buy them as pets and let them run around free in the wild commons we have here. And the other day I do not lie, I saw a goat in a tree! Well, I thought I was losing the plot,  but it seems goats are one of the world’s best climbers! So let me show you the madness I saw as I bring you…

Top 10 Best Images of Climbing Goats

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Goats

Goats Climbing onto the camels back
Goats Climbing onto the camels back

10 – I would love to know what that camel is thinking right now.

FACT: Goats have 24 molars and 8 incisors, but strangely do not have teeth in their upper front jaw!

Goat Climbing on rocks when he shouldn't
Goat Climbing on rocks when he shouldn’t

9 – Born to be bad!

FACT: Think a bearded goat is a male? Think again because both male and female goats can have beards! (just like my nan!)

Goats Climbing wall outside window
Goats Climbing wall outside window

8 – “Just get in there Doug, grab the cabbage from the fridge and let’s get out of here!”

FACT: Although they will often grab and chew anything they can get, most goats do not eat clothing or paper feed bags because they are selective eaters!

Goat telling mountain climber how to do it
Goat telling mountain climber how to do it

7 – “You used ropes to get up here? I am sorry to hear that.”

FACT: Goats with horns and without horns are not different breeds, goats can be born with or without horns in any breed! It is just down to chance and maybe good genes.

Mountain Goat Climbing a cliff
Mountain Goat Climbing a cliff

6 – “Now this is what I call moonlighting”

FACT: Despite its goat name the mountain goat is actually a member of the antelope family! But climbing antelopes doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Goat on car
Goat on car

5 – The Urban Explorer

FACT: The heart rate of a goat is on average 135 beats per minute( that works out at 15 breaths per minute), almost the same as a rabbit!

Mountain Goats Climbing a mountain
Mountain Goats Climbing a mountain

4 – Climbing Level Assessment: EXPERT!

FACT: Goat’s milk is easily digestible and less allergenic than cow’s milk, in fact, it is higher in calcium, vitamin A and niacin as well!

Goat Climbing Dam
Goat Climbing Dam

3 – The X-Games of goat climbing. These are last years winners.

FACT: Mahatma Gandhi consumed goat milk each and every day for 78 years of his life! And for those of you with a quick maths brain, Yes! He was even bottle fed it on day 1.

Goat On Stepladder
Goat On Stepladder

2 – “Safety Goat always likes to keep 3 points of contact while using access equipment.”

FACT: Poor little goats, it seems you will never see a goat cry because they don’t have tear ducts!

Goats in trees
Goats in trees

1 – The World’s Best Climbing Goats all live in Morocco

FACT: It is widely thought that when goat herders noticed the animals acting very energetic after nibbling on a certain plant they started to make drinks from it. That plant was a coffee plant and the world’s first coffee was made! It seems we really do owe a lot to goats indeed.

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  3. They got better and better with each scroll down, and the one of them in the tree…oh my! I laughed! Good post!

  4. Russell,
    I loved your post! I hope someday I get to shoot something worthy of making your top ten! I love seeing amazing animals do what they are born to do! I sent you to my Facebook page.

  5. WOW ! ! ! Excellent pictures! Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, Other Side of the Trees. My other blog, Wilder Man on Rolling Creek always comes up when I leave a comment on a blog … so, I apologize for the confusion. I think I’ll reblog this on Wilder Man on Rolling Creek so that my friends on FB can see this post. Just incredible. I look forward to following your blog, Russell.

  6. That’s amazing. However, I personally know of a goat which climbed the corporate ladder and became CEO of a major corporation.

  7. That’s amazing what nature can achieve. I remember an architect Jorn Utzon who was very interest in nature, and due to his deep and long studies of it he coma up with such marvellous projects as Syndey Opera House. I wonder what he would do if he got inspired by this xD

  8. The Welsh countryside? How nice! I’ve always wanted to visit there! And I love both sheep and goats…must try to make it someday. I have a Welsh friend here in Italy. When we speak English together, we can’t understand each other. So we stick to Italian!

  9. This is such an interesting post, but I couldn’t hold back my laughs! Great share (: Keep on posting!

  10. Haha there’s a company called Goats R Us that allows you to rent goats for your property. The company name alone makes me want to rent a bunch of goats for fun!

  11. So funny! I’ve seen the goats in the tree pic before as well, still makes me smile. I love the one with the camel – wonder if he is their favorite perch. The others make me chuckle, they are so surefooted in the wild that I admire watching them go on the clifs and rocks as if it was level ground. Great post!

  12. I read that as “Thank you very much, my goat in life is to make as many people smile as possible so i need to spread my bleats so to speak.”
    Could you stop subliminalling me please, ta.

  13. Yeah, we still stop and take pictures of them. We used to raise Toggenburg dairy goats in the US, and I had one not knee high climb a 8 foot + high fence with no strain at all. We ate him, becuaue he would not be penned up int he pasture we foolish goat parents provided for his use. We were afraid he’s cause an accident in the road we’d be liable for. I labeled all of his packages in the freezer with his name: Bandit. Cruel, I know, but he had acres to roam, and insisted on climbing the fence…just because he could.

  14. Goats are my favourite thing, next to red velvet cake. Thanks for this. I will use it as a means to plead my case yet again for getting a goat to my husband.

  15. A goat farm! Now that is a good goal to have, people keep telling me that you can in fact hire goats to ‘mow’ your lawn! I think I need to have a go at that.

  16. I think they just jump on top of the horse, I have seen several images of goats jumping onto other animals to gain higher ground, even onto other goats!

  17. I am not kidding… I have been thinking of goats all day. I was about to go to bed when I saw your post. That is so weird! Also awesome… I am glad I was not the only one thinking about goats today!

  18. Good God. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a “Goat Tree” before. This is freakin’ hysterical. My favorite of your posts so far!

  19. Those were so cute. I really wonder how the goat got the horse to stand there for him. I have a dog who is just like these goats. She is about half the size of an adult goat and she will fly into your lap and then on top of the recliner pushing down as she gets on it. It can be quite the surprise. I was just wondering today what dog breed has similiar traits to goats because she has that breed in her.

  20. I just think goats are so cute. I have several friends in different parts of the country who have goats. Okay, #10 is saying “a little to the left, that’s it, right, up, down. Ah, you got it. I couldn’t reach that darn itch!” #9 “I’m just a kid and you’re not my mom. Besides I can’t read.” #7 “You move. No, you move.” #1 “quiet, they’ll never find us up here. “

  21. Wales, really?!? How did I miss that? I fell in love with Ellis Peters Cadfael mysteries a few years back, placed in Shrewsbury, England, near the border of Wales – her description of the time/place made me want to visit Wales –
    As for the goats, I just gotta love all the ones climbing sheer faces and making it look easy –
    Though the one on the horse, if dressed in a pink tutu, would probably get commandeered next time the circus was in town…

  22. Omg! They are indeed strange and resourceful creatures all in one. One of your best animal posts yet! Loving the comments you write too 🙂

  23. I understand the climbing to get to food in a tree, or in the kitchen. I’ve seen goats on rock faces before, and just wonder what they think they are going after. Is the grass really greener on…top?

  24. They’re amazing good climbers and tree-sitters I suppose… I think the camel is happy he found some friends, but I wonder how the goats see the camel… 😀

  25. Goats are full of antics. As a child I had a dwarf named Billy, and a big girl named Buttercup. They were the best friends a country girl could have! Thank you for the awesome pictures 🙂

  26. *LOL* If you think I am the first person to collect images of climbing goats you need to see Pinterest! There are thousands of people that have “climbing goat” pin boards!

  27. I have always joked that I want a goat. Now I know exactly why. The goats in trees is amazing.

  28. Whoah! Those tree goats are AWESOME. It doesn’t even look possible while I’m looking at it.
    PS…I love the goats on the camel and the goat on the horse. If no mountain exists….IMPROVISE!

  29. Goats are truly amazing. If there’s a “thing…” just any ol’ “thing,” a goat will climb it.
    YOU are unique and truly delightful, in that you are the very first person I have ever seen compile a collection of climbing goats!
    LOVE the goat tree…

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