Ten Animals in Boxes That Prove It’s Not Just Cats Who Love Them

A while ago now I did a post called “Top 10 Best Images of Cats in Boxes” and it got me wondering why cats seem so drawn to them. Well, it seems it is all to do with their natural instincts because a box is secure on all sides so they don’t have to worry about ambush attack from rivals or predators. But it seems other animals may have cottoned on to this fact…


BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Boxes


Sloth in Box
Sloth in Box

10 – Sloths – Took two weeks to get into the box, but seems quite content to be there.

FACT: Corrugated boxes are named that because of their fluted inner layer that is sandwiched between layers of liner board! So, in reality, is it only an inner corrugated box!

Owl in Box

9 – Owl – Will peck your fingers off if you go to touch her box again.

FACT: This is not a good figure for us Brits, but I will post it anyway, cardboard make up around 19% of all the household rubbish we throw away in the UK every year making us one of the worst countries in the entire world for doing so! In fact percentage wise, we are even behind some 3rd world countries that don’t have recycling facilities!

Rabbit in a Box

8 – Rabbit – Looks like he has moved into it for a while at least

Fact: The term “Cardboard” has been used since at least as early as 1848 when Anne Brontë mentioned it in her novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

Duck in Box

7 – Duck – Thought it was a bread box so jumped right in.

FACT: Did you know you can cut vegetables and fruit with the cardboard box that houses your cereal? This is because it has 5% foil filaments in the box to keep it super rigid, making it super strong, and it even keeps the contents fresher! (You can try this at home but, be very careful as cuts from the boxes hurt like crazy!)

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Dog in Box

6 – Dog – Comes free with every box of foam packaging.

FACT: It is thought that each person in the entire world we annually handle at least 140 corrugated cardboard boxes per year! There might well be nothing in them, but we might still handle them!

Racoon in Box

5 – Raccoon – Invites people into his box for afternoon tea and cake

FACT: Here is a weird one, there is a manufacturer of cardboard in Mexico that makes bulletproof cardboard for humanitarian equipment! But the cardboard its self is exactly the same recommended thickness of normal cardboard 2.5mm!

Meerkat in Box

4 – Meerkat – Will not compare the box on a box comparison website.

FACT: A very impressive 820.7 million tons or 89% of all cardboard made in 2012 was then recycled! That is very good going indeed. but with quick maths, you can also work out that 160 tons of recyclable cardboard went to landfill. But its a good start!

Goats in Box

3 – Goats – The box was a lot bigger than this, but they ate most of it.

FACT: There are more than 3 million box manufacturers worldwide! That sounds like a lot indeed, but strangely only 0.5% of them make coloured boxes! All the rest and brown cardboard ones.

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Guinea pigs in Box

2 – Guinea pigs – Finds 2 is a great company, but also a rather tight squeeze.

FACT: Corrugated boxes are the number 1 type of box used in the electronics industry because it is almost entirely resistant to damage from impacts, drops, and vibration, but also still light enough to ship products without adding too much weight to the shipping costs!

Leopard in Box

1 – Leopard – Proves that it is cats of all sizes that love boxes!

FACT: Right up until the early part of 1960 all boxes used in packaging were made from thick paper! Cheaper for packaging, but when they got even slightly wet or damp they would often just collapse.

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