Ten Cats Playing Musical Instruments You Don’t Need to Hear

It seems that there just isn’t anything that cats can’t do! With the power of the internet, I have seen cats flying, cats doing the washing and even cats talking! But of course, those are all fakes and cats don’t really have those skills.But this blog is all about cats being caught on camera playing a musical instrument! There and no “Photoshop”, video edited fakes here, just good timing from the photographer and some very playful cats. So without further ado, it is time to find out if we can find enough musical cats to form a band…

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Strange Musical Instruments


Cat playing DJ decks
Cat playing DJ decks

10 – “wiki wiki wiki Put those tails in the air and wave em like you just don’t care!!!”

FACT: The Lithophane is a Stalacpipe Organ made from a rock! Located in the Luray Caverns of Virginia it was invented by Leland W. Sprinkle. The story behind it says that way back in 1956 he noted the musical resonance in the cave when his son banged his head on a low-hanging stalactite! Weird indeed.

Cat playing piano

9 – “you hum it, I’ll play it”

FACT: The Glass Armonica was made by none other than Ben Franklin! Back in 1761, he was inspired by the sound of glass bowls being played by stroking the lid of a wine glass filled with water and so created this instrument that features Thirty-seven bowls are arranged on a spindle and slowly spun.

Cat playing bass guitar

8 – “They call me slash!”

FACT: The Zeusaphone is basically a Tesla Coil in 1891. Sounds are made by harnessed the low-voltage, high-frequency currents of the coil. Another strange fact about this instrument is that the names come from the Greek God!

Cat playing flute

7 – “I can drive all the rats out of town…I call it a takeaway!!!”

FACT: Many of us are well aware of the Laser harp because it was famously used by Jean Michel Jarre in his shows. But it is still very strange none the less.

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Kittens playing the drums

6 – “Say hello to my cats: Cymbal, Bass and Snare!”

FACT: I don’t know about most other people, but I am well aware and indeed have played the Stylophone! Made by Dubreq it was invented in 1967 and had a metal keyboard that was played with a stylus. Electronic music at its very best.

Cat playing trumpet

5 – “Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie those cats have nothing on me!”

FACT: The Omnichord was made by motorbike manufacturers Suzuki in the early 1980’s. This touch-sensitive pad has even been used by professional musicians Robbie Williams, David Bowie, Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, Bjork, and even Ringo Starr!

cat playing the accordion

4 – “It’s a little bigger than the one I used to play but I can handle it!”

FACT: The Theremin is one of the world’s earliest fully electronic musical instruments. Invented by a Russian inventor in 1919 it consists of two metal antennas that sense the relative position of the player’s hand and produces an eerie sound heard on classic tracks by none other than Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones!

Cat playing the Banjo

3 – “I can play ‘Cotton Eye Joe’, but that is about my lot!”

FACT: It might look and indeed sound like a child’s toy, but the Panasonic Do-Re-Mi is a proper musical instrument and has been used by many people and bands. This mini piano also had a mini turntable so you could play with the keyboard and the turntable together, a kind of very early DJ/Pianist combo.

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Cat playing acoustic guitar

2 – Who needs plucks when you have claws!!

FACT: The Chromatone 312 is a Janko keyboard and was patented back in 1882 by Hungarian mathematician/musician Paul von Janko. What makes this keyboard so special was that it had over 300 keys! Meaning only the most highly skilled musicians could play it.

cat playing the violin

1 – “when I play, I play with a passion!!! …and maybe a little catnip to motivate me.”

FACT: The Bazantar was invented by Mark Deutsch. This five-string acoustic bass is fitted with an additional twenty-nine sympathetic strings and four drone strings. It was said to have a melodic range of over five octaves while its sympathetic range spans four octaves!

Author: Gus Barge

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