Top 10 Camouflage Cats Blending Into Backgrounds

Whenever I see tanks driving or Army soldiers walking down the street I look at their camouflage jackets, hats and paint jobs wondering how on earth they manage to “blend in” with such oddly coloured paint schemes. But it is exactly the same for animals, some animals are so strangely coloured it is a real mystery to me what environment they would blend in with! Given that it is in fact Caturday maybe we should look at some invisible cats! So without further ado I bring you…

Top 10 Camouflage Cats Blending Into Backgrounds

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Camouflage

Cat Camouflaged as a Bag of Cat Food
Cat Camouflaged as a Bag of Cat Food

10 – A work in progress.

FACT: Complete with fake leaf stalk, fake leaf veins, and perfect dead-leaf colouring, leaf butterflies camouflage their whole body!

Cat Camouflaged as a Loaf of Bread
Cat Camouflaged as a Loaf of Bread

9 – Inbred or invisible?!?

FACT: In order to hide from their prey, gaboon vipers make the most of their brownish-Gray, mottled scales. These big snakes hide in the layer of dead leaves that carpets the African rain forest floors.

Cat Camouflaged as a Kitchen Sink
Cat Camouflaged as a Kitchen Sink

8 – They will suspect nothing!

FACT:  The flower mantis of western Africa uses colourful, pistil-and-stamen-like camouflage to trick smaller insects into smelling the roses.

Cat Camouflaged as a Cuddly Toy
Cat Camouflaged as a Cuddly Toy

7 – Colours are not important if you use your environment!

FACT: The ornate wobbegong is a shark whose body flattens out on the sea floor where its spots and blotchy lines resemble rock and coral.

Cat Camouflaged as a Carpet
Cat Camouflaged as a Carpet

6 – Become one with your surroundings is the key to blending in.

FACT: Bark bugs hang out on trees around the world in order to hide in the middle of nature’s birdhouses and appear to be part of the tree itself.

Cat Blending into rug
Cat Blending into rug

5 – “If I move they might see me!”

FACT: Arctic owls have a coat of snow-white feathers to keep them warm and safe from predators, such as foxes and wolves.

Cat Camouflaged as a Chair
Cat Camouflaged as a Chair

4 – A good effort indeed, given the difficult environment!

FACT: There are hundreds of species of turtles and tortoises that use camouflage to blind-side their prey and hide from large predators like alligators.

Cat Camouflaged as Leaves
Cat Camouflaged as Leaves

3 – “Always use natural debris to merge with the local surroundings.”

FACT: By blending into the blindingly white snow of the Arctic with equally white fur coats, polar bears avoid much of the human danger.

Cat Camouflaged as a Carpet
Cat Camouflaged as a Carpet

2 – “Cow colours can’t work as camouflage eh!”

FACT: Rabbits, young buffalo, and monkeys don’t stand a chance when a hidden leopard makes a surprise attack.

Cat Camouflaged as a Fleece
Cat Camouflaged as a Fleece

1 – Who needs Harry Potters cloak!

FACT: Contrary to popular belief, chameleons only change colour when in imminent danger. Their everyday skin colour is light khaki.

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  2. I know this would be a silly cat post by the title, but it made me smile so well done Russell.

  3. Some of these cats are going to get sat on, or stood on, they are almost invisible!

  4. Thank you for the fascinating cat pics. As someone new to the world of blogging these inspire me to appreciate how ideas and fun stuff can be put out there for others to enjoy. Juno

  5. Thanks for liking “they’re ba-a-a-ck,” for following my blog, and for the great pictures of camouflage cats. Hope some other quips fit your interests and/or concerns. Best to you and your blog.

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  9. This is so beautiful 🙂 I have been compiling a list of animal camuflage too, I’ll share it soon.

  10. Not a problem you have a great log and yeah I do my Caturday post each and every Saturday. And also good to hear you liked the tips because they are here for us all to learn from, we all need a hand now and again.

  11. I’m really loving #4 this week… an innate little killing machine holding court he/she is! Indeed, cats are so refined and such a sophisticated animal that their sex is often not readily discernible… meow!

  12. Haha, these are awesome! I think my faces are the cow cat and the one hiding with all the toys lol, so cute 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, all the best!


  13. I love these. My 3 cats blend in so well sometimes I’ve made the bed with them in it, turned the water on in the sink, and stepped on them!

  14. Hi!! These are the sweetest looking cats ever!! I loved them! 🙂 Thanks for liking and following my posts, I will gladly look forward to following yours too!

  15. Hahahaha! This is brilliant- cats are too hilarious! Thanks for the ‘Like’ on my post and the ‘Follow’- it’s always so great to gain new readers! Look forwar to reading some more Top 10s soon. MJ x

  16. 🙂 – interesting shots. Have any of these been photoshopped or are all just the way they are?

  17. Those are some amazing pictures. And I would never have thought about cats being able to blend in with their surroundings. It just never occured to me. Thanks for the great photos.

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  19. If I could get her to stop purring and blocking the screen, I’d have one of our cats post this comment, since she has been staring intently at the images of her fellow camouflage experts. Instead I’ll just say thanks for signing up to follow my blog, and I look forward to more of yours.

  20. Apologies for only ‘like’ing your post — I don’t Tweet, G+, Pin things and F—! book is a huge no-no.

    And some of them cats look delicious … (slurp~!)

  21. My wife and i love cats, too. I think some of these cats you have pictured here would be better camouflaged if they had their eyes close when the picture was taken. But still great pics!

  22. This post was the cat’s meow! I plan to share it on Facebook as soon as I can find the icon. Thank you for liking and following my blog.

  23. I would like to share this blog in Facebook, but I don’t see a share icon. Maybe I just don’t see it, but could you help me out?

  24. To use one of my overused cliches, this post is the cat’s meow! Thank you for liking and following my humble blog.

  25. Nothing better than a list, but a cat list!! I have some folks to send your way that will love this! You’ve got some pretty awesomely wacky lists going on!

  26. They are all great pics! My favorite is the cow camouflage. Cute! and thank YOu for checking out my blog. Much appreciated! 🙂

  27. Love this! Your take on life is fun and beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my blog, “Some days are like that…”. I appreciate it!

  28. Do you know how people come back to the theater 11 times just to see “Star Wars”? Once is enough for me. On the other hand, there’s no stopping your “10 Best”, especially the cats. THOSE I would watch over and over again! (*¯︶¯*)

  29. Love this post. Made me smile while drinking my morning coffee. I have two cats and they do some pretty crazy things. They have such personalities.

  30. I will! I have a high regard for cats 🙂 & sorry ’bout my typos! One day, I’ll replace this keyboard with one that has all the letters numberred – er – lettered….

  31. Loved this one especially the cat food one and the rugs or crugs depending on which way you look at it ,,,,,
    HeeHee 🙂
    Brilliant Blog
    Victoria xx

  32. Shared on FB 🙂 Also, I adore #8! As an aside, I’d love to see Top 10 Yawns on a Caturday. I’d be able to submit a couple for the running 😉

    (and a big thank you for following my blog! I appreciate it!!)

  33. Love these – cats are genii at finding the perfect backdrop. Your pics have restored my enjoyment of felines. My six (yes, six little sods) have been appalling this morning, or more appalling than usual, and I have been off cats for several hours. Thanks for reinstating them…
    (btw – thanks for finding and following the Magura blog)

  34. Russell — it takes a lot of work to put together top 10 lists that are clever, amusing and entertaining like yours. You’ve done a great job! I especially love your cat lists like this one! So funny and original. I’ll be back often. Thanks for following my blog.

  35. Excellent Caturday photos! (Even though it’s Sunday now). I too need to share this with many people on Facebook. They remind me of when my black cat sleeps on black clothing and you can’t see her except for her eyes.

  36. Yes…thank you…I cried for three days….I still cry sometimes when I am reminded of different little things he did…he was a good cat…none of my cats are declawed, but he is the only one who took great care to keep his claws back when he jumped on my lap…such a little gentleman…I spoiled them all! 🙂

  37. Hahahaha!!! You are exactly right about that…and my black Siberian who died three weeks ago was a littermate to my white Siberian…they slept together day and night, Beau, with his forelimbs wrapped about Sophie…cats sleep 16-20 hours per day–so they were very close–had never been separated until Beau’s death (not sure of cause) so Sophie is being extremely neurotic, i.e., is suffering from separation anxiety, and climbs all over me and wants to sit on my upper chest…like she’s afraid I will leave her, too…animals do have feelings…and they definitely grieve…

  38. Maybe in the US, but they are a natural breed and, as the name suggests, hail from Russia. I believe they were first brought to the US around 1990. They are considered an exotic breed…medium to long haired, hypoallergenic, and have been nicknamed “the cat with the dog personality” because they are so friendly and affectionate.

  39. Pretty cool…but then my kids call me the crazy cat lady (I have two Siberian cats…did have three until I lost Beau three weeks ago, sniff, sniff…) Good job! Love it!!!

  40. It is curious contradiction that by craving concealment those consummately camouflaged cats have chanced upon conspicuous celebrity!

    Bob and I congratulate you on the cracking contents of your covert cats catalogue.

  41. Really?!? Thanks Sir 🙂 that’s really kind. Well, I was downstairs in my chair on time anyway 😀

  42. I always look forward to Caturday and today is no exception. Cats are such amazing creatures, they can make me laugh until my tummy hurts, they do the most extraordinary and unexpected things and they can be so cute and cuddly, they melt my heart. I love all the inconspicuous cats, it is hard to choose just one. Thanks so much Russell, I am so glad I found your blog. I am going to reblog it because I like it so much – on Catless in Seattle.

  43. I will have to see if I can get a picture of one of them doing their ninja thing. The dog isn’t impressed though. lol

  44. I love these! I even made time to look before dashing down to the dining room because I knew when I saw “ camouflage cats,” I had to see it. This is the funniest post! Lottie

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    Cats, ya gotta love ’em — as long as they make it to the litter box on time!

  47. they are all so cute how can I possibly pick? My two cats try to blend in by going under things. All you see is eyes watching you. Funny stuff. Have a wonderful weekend!

  48. 8 and 6 are my favorites. I love the moppyness of 6, but the cat in the sink move, is a classic. Growing up I had a large orange cat that was just a tad too big for the sink, but he’d jam himself in there anyways.

  49. Another great Caturday post. Some really good finds among the photos here, some very funny too. no. 9 – in amongst the rising bread was just hilarious! 😆

  50. I’m once again reminded of how very glad I am that we are all different – I don’t know how you manage to come up, consistently, which such great “Top 10’s” – but man alive, am I so glad you do!

    If the project was left up to me, it’d be labled, “Top 10 random thoughts of the century with no coherent theme to the pictures…”

    As usual – awesome post!
    Happy Caturday!

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