Ten Amazing Star Wars Gift Ideas All Themed to Look Like the Death Star
The original Death Star first appears in its completed form in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and was the Galactic Empire‘s “ultimate weapon”, a space station the size of a planet and capable of destroying a planet with one shot of its super laser. But it seems this “ultimate weapon” has inspired people to create some truly amazing …
Ten of the Very Best and Most Unusual Pizza Cutters Money Can Buy
A man called Kevin James once said: “There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.” But I say there is! It’s having one of the world’s best pizza cutters in your hand just about to cut into it. Sure, it’s nice when the come pre-cut, but that would mean you miss out on …
Ten of the Worlds Most Unusual Bottle Holders Money Can Buy
Are you looking for a bottle holder that is a little more unusual than the average type? If you are I might have found what you are looking for. In this post is a small selection of the very best and most unusual bottle holders money can buy. Best of all is you can buy them right now!
Ten Amazing Legend of Zelda Gift Ideas Shaped Like the Triforce
It doesn’t matter what Legend of Zelda video game you play, they all boil down to getting the Triforce in the end. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s The power of the gods’ and whoever touches it will have whatever their desires want. Like these ten amazing Triforce gift ideas…
Ten Gift Ideas for People Who Love the Millennium Falcon
Being a StarWars fan I do love any scenes in the moves that feature the Millennium Falcon. But I’ve always wanted to own my own! Sure, I’m not going to get the real thing but I could get one or more of these amazing StarWars: Millennium Falcon gift ideas…

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