Ten Ways to Make a Snowman You Might Not Have Thought of
Thinking of making yourself a snowman and looking for some inspirational snowman ideas? You might want to check these ten out because they are some of the craziest snowmen you will ever see and some of them require an art degree to make, but others anyone can do…
Ten Amazing Ways to Make Your Own Cinder Block Planters
I am going to admit to something here that not a lot of people know: “I HATE GARDENING!” I love the look of a nice garden, but hate doing it. For several years now I have paid my elderly neighbour in beer to cut the grass every few weeks because I hate doing that much! But something I do love looking at and …
Ten Crazy Park Benches You Simply Won’t Believe Are Real
Have you taken the time to notice what park benches look like these days? Gone are the days when practicality ruled over aesthetics. These days it’s more about making a park bench look nice and stand-out rather than it just existing. Check these ten out that you simply won’t believe are real…

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