Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins

To most people, a rubbish bin might be just a place to put their waste, sadly to others it is a source of food. But to some people bins are none of those, they are all individual characters waiting for a little art attack on them to show people their true self. And this blog is dedicated to those people who try to bring a little bit of colour, maybe even a little bit of happiness to where there otherwise would never be any. It brings a smile on my own face to bring you…

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
Art Attacked Red Bin

10 – He just looks so happy!

My first one may seem simple, but it is well worth trying yourself, just go to a hobby/craft shop where you can buy these stick on eyes you see in the image and stick them on your own peddle bin at home at watch as it almost seems to start smiling!

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
Art Attacked Grit Bin

9 – “I ate all this grit and now I don’t feel well at all!”

To those that don’t know, this is a grit bin. it normally just sits on streets in the UK looking rather sorry for its self but given a little bit of an art makeover and suddenly people start to take notice of it, and I for one feel rather sorry for it!

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
Art Attacked Mac Donalds Bins

8 – Can I go large?

While this image is a great example of how a normal every day can recycling dome and a rubbish bin can look amazing I’m sure there is an underline story of how their food is rubbish and should be thrown in the bin rather than eating it. But maybe I am wrong and the artist does in fact just love McDonald’s so much it inspired them to do this!

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
Art Attacked Sponge Bob Bin

7 – Sponge Bob Trash Pants!

Are you ready? Ooohhhh….Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? The wheelie bin?!? It has to be said that this strangely seems to work quite well! Turning the bin around reveals a different Sponge Bob emotion on all 4 sides and just looks amazing.

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
Art Attacked R2 D2 Bin

6 – “Use the bin, Luke!”

This is just one of those amazing things you see in the street that everyone looks at and takes pictures of. Seen in California this amazing R2-D2 inspire bin brings a smile to most nerds faces even though underneath it is still just a rubbish bin!

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
Art Attacked TARDIS bin


Seen in a park in Wiltshire is this rather impressive TARDIS rubbish bin that was made to try to encourage the local people to put their rubbish into it. I have no idea if the idea worked, but it looks amazing anyway and well worth me including it in this list.

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
Art Attacked Mosaic bin

4 – The Mona Lisa of bins

These amazing mosaic style bins are located in Arcata, California and are in fact part of an art exhibition that happens each and every year and I think they bring a real touch of class to something that people would otherwise walk past and not notice.

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
Art Attacked Wheely bin

3 – The Right Honourable Mr wheelie bin

Like I said at the start of this post, adding some art to a rubbish bin can seem to bring out an actual personality in them that you would have otherwise overlooked and if ever there was a bin you just have to say “hello!” to it is this. Seen in Bristol and one of the friendliest bins in the World!

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
Art Attacked Yellow Grit bin

2 – …BARF!

Once again we go back to Bristol that seems to be the home of some of the greatest bins in the world! And this one I just loved, made out to look like the grit bin has barfed up some grit it’s simple to do yourself and simply brings a smile to your face and that is what life is all about.

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
Art Attacked Cookie Monster Bin

1 – Coooookies!

German Timm showed off his love of Sesame Street by using a bright blue public bin and a pair of eyes and made it look just like Cookie Monster! It is said to have gone viral and brought a smile to the face of millions of people who pass it each and every day in New York. Funny, simple, genius, but yet underneath it is just a garbage bin.

Which one did you like?

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