Ten Cute Animals Being Bottle Fed You Will Smile at

When I was younger I was never that lucky in life, not in love, certainly not in financial ways. But I would consider myself as being lucky when it comes to seeing and doing amazing things. And for me, one of those amazing things was bottle feeding a cow. It was so hungry it was tugging really hard on the bottle as if it wanted me to remove the rubber teat and just pour the milk down its little throat! But for that small moment I was feeding that baby cow I looked back on my life and realised that as long as I remembered this moment I would forever have fond memories of the past to look back on instead of all the bad things. So come with me as I try to make not only myself but all of you smile as well as I bring you…


BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Bottle Feeding Babies


Baby Rhino Being Bottle Fed
Baby Rhino Being Bottle Fed

10 – How much does the Rhino charge for bottle feeding sessions?!?

FACT: Tears often mean she’s been hungry for a while. It’s better to feed a baby before the waterworks start, so look for hunger cues. These include flailing arms and legs, or making an expression that looks like rooting — she’ll open her mouth as if she’s searching for something.

Squirrel Being Bottle Fed

9 – He goes nuts for almond milk!

FACT: Since a baby gets all his nutrients from milk, mealtime is vitally important. And a light-on-the-noise feeding makes it easier for baby to concentrate on eating. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t give him a bottle at the mall or in a crowded waiting room. But at home, turn off the TV and don’t answer the phone.

Baby Macaw Gets Bottle Fed

8 – I just need a little-flavoured milk to turn my beautiful feathers colourful!

FACT: If she’s spitting up, it’s usually not an allergic reaction but because she’s swallowed too much air. Each time she’s drunk about 2 ounces, help her get the air out — this should keep her from spitting up. (It can also cut down on the gas that comes out the other end.) Positions to try while patting her back: over-the-shoulder, tummy down, or sitting on your lap.

Cat Being Bottle Fed

7 – Cats love milk anyway!

FACT: Your child knows when he’s had enough. If your baby stops feeding, don’t force him to eat more. “Pulling away from the bottle is a red flag that he’s done or needs to burp,” says Sarah Kreiger, RD, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

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Polar Bear Being Bottle Fed

6 – Wouldn’t he prefer a snow cone?!?

FACT: Mixing the wrong ratio of formula and water can have very big nutrition and weight consequences. Follow the directions on the label exactly, and use fluoride-free water when possible (too much of the minerals can discolour teeth). Also, prepare what you need only when you need it — a mixed formula that sits around, even in the fridge, can be unsanitary. If baby wakes you up to eat, try this tip from New York City mom Michele Bender: “I’d measure the formula and keep the powder, water, and bottle on my night table. I could mix it right there rather than having to go to the kitchen.”

Otter Being Bottle Fed

5 – “This milk otter to the job just nicely!”

FACT: Even if her teeth haven’t started growing in, putting the baby to bed with formula or juice can lead to dental decay and more potential problems that go on and on. Preventing this is easy. Just make feeding the first part of baby’s bedtime routine. If your child needs help falling asleep, give her a pacifier or lovely.

Alpaca Being Bottle Fed

4 – Mr Alpaca won’t spit on your if you have a bottle of milk going spare!

FACT: If you give a baby a cold or room-temp bottle from the get-go, she may prefer that. But if you know she likes warm bottles, you can run one under warm tap water for a few minutes, place a bottle in a pan of hot water (but first remove the pot from the stove), or try a bottle warmer. Don’t use the microwave; it might create hot spots that can burn baby’s mouth.

Bats Being Bottle Fed

3 – I always thought bats liked blood, not milk!

FACT: Sharing feedings give both of you the chance to bond with the baby and also to have some alone time. Katie Neitz, of Emmaus, Pennsylvania, adds: “I have so much more freedom since I’m not the only food source. Sam’s dad can feed him, and when other friends and relatives are over, they can feed him too.”

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Fish Being Bottle Fed

2 – Apparently if you mix a bit of fish food with some pure water fish go nuts for it!

FACT: With all the factors in favour of breastfeeding, you’d think it would be the easiest thing in the world. Wrong! For some mothers, breastfeeding really is a breeze but for others, it’s hard work.

Dik-dik Antelope Being Bottle Fed

1 –  If I had bottle fed a Dik-dik Antelope I would have told the world!!!

FACT: Always support your baby’s back, shoulders and neck. He should be able to tilt his head back easily, and he shouldn’t have to ‘reach out’ to feed.

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