Have you ever watched a watch and seen the seconds tick down, and almost stop! They seem to go so slowly. I think on Friday evenings most of us are watching that clock, waiting for the end of work. Well if you were Dominic Wilcox, you would have looked at those seconds counting down and come up with amazing miniature time-based sculptures…


Top 10 Amazing Watch Sculptures

UC Davis Protest

10 – Spray me again! – dominicwilcox.com

This scene represents the UC Davis Protest of a circle of protesters being subjected to pepper spray by a central rotating police lieutenant. It was an image that sparked everyone’s emotions so we know where the artists is coming from.

Top 10 Amazing Watch Sculptures


9 – CCTV art – dominicwilcox.com

The strong use of CCTV and our own lack of privacy is an issue that a lot of artists have tackled. But a lot of artists don’t have the skills to portray that emotion perfectly into a single watch face!

Top 10 Amazing Watch Sculptures

Love and Protest

8 – War and dance – dominicwilcox.com

Going around and around. Both war and peace. This amazingly detailed sculpture is emotional as well as amazing and a good example of the artists talents.

Top 10 Amazing Watch Sculptures

London Looter

7 – Let it happen – dominicwilcox.com

The London riots where something that most of us here in the UK would rather forget it ever happened. But that being said, this watch is the perfect memory of how the police stood by and the looters get away with anything.

Top 10 Amazing Watch Sculptures

Oblivious iphone user

6 – Captured on camera – dominicwilcox.com

With some sort of circus act going on while someone films it on their phone I think the message is how we are more than happy to watch with our phones, rather than our own eyes. (But I could be wrong.)

Top 10 Amazing Watch Sculptures

Hide n Seek

5 – Count to 60 then come and find me – dominicwilcox.com

Running around the trees and buildings playing hide and seek is a part of most of our childhoods. The artist captures it beautify with the finder never really getting to see the hider.

Top 10 Amazing Watch Sculptures

The Sitting Man

4 – Sit down and think for a while – dominicwilcox.com

To sit down and think for a while is a massive part of being human. To just take 5 mins out of each day to stop and think about a plan or what happened is a good way for preparing the mind for bigger things ahead.

Top 10 Amazing Watch Sculptures

Adventurers of a Young Vegetarian

3 – When pigs fly – dominicwilcox.com

What I like about this one is that the story is quite clear. The poor pig was for the chop, but the little girl is stopping the butcher from getting his meat by tying balloons to the pig to let it fly away. A rather scary story indeed, but also one I could watch go round and round.

Top 10 Amazing Watch Sculptures

Watch Sweeper

2 – Time Sweeper – dominicwilcox.com

There is something rather thought-provoking about someone effectively sweeping away time. Maybe a time wasted thought process is the way to go with this work of art.

Top 10 Amazing Watch Sculptures

Unrequited Handshake

1 – Never the twain shall meet – dominicwilcox.com

With one person trying to shake hands and the other one effectively locking himself down to the possibility of it, this is one of those sculptures that is kind of sad, and interesting at the same time. It has been a pleasure to bring you these sculptures it really has, so I hope you enjoyed them.


Which one did you like?

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