Ten Amazing and Funny Images of Snails You’ll Smile at

Quite a while ago now I did a post about “Top 10 Most Amazing Sea Slugs” and afterwards something made me feel rather sad. You see, the humble garden snail is never going to look as amazing or as colourful as a Sea Slug, but I thought I would try to bring some balance to the molluscan classes anyway. Can a picture of a garden snail really make people smile?! we are about to find out as I bring you…



Snail Fetching a Stick
Snail Fetching a Stick

10 – Snails love playing fetch!

While they are not best at playing fetch, the stick snails do still like to play. But of course, this image is just good timing and it is most probably just stuck to his lip.

Snail Delivering Mail

9 – Before E-Mail

Normal postal services these days is called “Snail Mail” and while it does take forever to send and receive a letter I for one enjoy nothing more than seeing a handwritten letter from someone, it just seems more personal.

Tiny Snail on Milk Bottle Top

8 – Milking it for all its worth.

What a great image of what is most probably a very young snail or maybe just a really small one. Either way, this is a great image and just makes me smile.

Snail Stood up Tall

7 – “Hear me RROOOAAARRRR!!!”

This is a great picture of a snail in a full lift. Maybe it could be seen as an attack mode, but I like to see it as the snail looking up and paying attention to the camera.

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Giant Snail Next To Tiny Snail

6 – Careless Whispers

Now, this should definitely bring a smile to a few people faces at least! This great image of a tiny baby snail whispering into their mum’s ear (that is what it looks like to me anyway) is sheer brilliance.

Praying Mantis on Snails Back

5 – “This is the slowest taxi…EVER!”

These amazing images were taken in heavy rain in Borneo, Indonesia and seem to show a snail giving a lift of a baby praying mantis. It most probably doesn’t know it is on its shell, but it is still cute!

Purple Snail

4 – The “Janthina janthina” Or its common name “the common purple snail”

If a purple snail doesn’t make you smile then not much will! Sadly common snails are not the most colourful of the creatures on this planet, but there are a few that can surprise us much like this fairly bright purple one.

Caterpillar Rescuing Snail

3 – Looks like you need a hand buddy!

Now come on! If an image of a caterpillar trying to help a snail across a puddle water gap doesn’t make you smile not a lot will. I wonder if he ever made it!?!

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Multi Coloured Snail

2 – Rainbow Snail

Yeah, I know that it is photo-shopped but it was done with class, style and most of all a love of snails, if only there really was a snail this the world it would be a better place for it.

Snail with Parking Ticket

1 – Cheaper than a speeding fine I suppose!

What you are looking at is the amazing work of Slinkachu and it is called “Inner City Snail” and it is his way of making some amazing art but sticking small plastic people and objects onto the backs of snails!

Author: Gus Barge

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