Ten Christmas Tree Decorations That Perfectly Sum Up the Year 2020

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a pretty crappy year and not the sort of year that any normal Christmas tree decoration is going to manage to sum up. But luckily I have found I have ten festive tree decorations that perfectly sum up 2020, many of which will make you smile and some of which you might even want to buy yourself…


2020 Dumpster Fire

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While here in the UK we don’t call them dumpsters I do feel this still perfectly sums up the sort of year most of us have had. Yes, just when you thought it was a rubbish year someone sets fire to it, which is kind of how the year started with the Australian fire.

Santa Wearing a Facemask

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While some people are still refusing to wear one most of us are wearing our facemasks quite happily, even Santa himself! It’s not like we are going to have normal Santas this year with kids sat on his lap as he could be a contagion risk!

2020 Festive Elves

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This decoration has it all, with a virus in the ‘0’ part of the year, elves with facemasks on, toilet roll and even some hand sanitizer to make sure those little elves are safe when they handle all the presents for the good boys and girls.

Hand Sanitizer

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I get the feeling most of us are sick and tired of seeing hand sanitizers everywhere, so the last thing you want is one hanging from the tree, but if you want to munch on festive chocolate from that said tree you are going to have to scrub up those hands with some of it!

Toilet Roll

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In the early part of the year, there really was a global shortage of toilet roll and people faced having to remortgage their houses in order to buy some from all the scalpers who hoarded it! So this decoration is a reminder to make sure you have plenty in stock when it looks like the virus is in town.

Dr Fauci

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This year we have been introduced to some big names in the world of Virology and if you live in the US Dr Fauci will be one of those names. Love him or hate him he as been a big part of the year and probably deserves a place on all our Christmas trees.

Charmin 4 Pack

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Once again we are back onto the toilet rolls, but I had to include this one that is made to look like a little tiny pack of Charmin toilet rolls. Those little bears have never looked so cute and would look even cuter hanging from the tree.

Poop Ornaments

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While these novelty tree ornaments were not made to celebrate the year 2020 they do perfectly sum it up. They are sure to make the kids smile and if you can get enough of them you could turn your whole tree into a festive toilet.


Coronavirus – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

You just knew someone had to make a tree ornament that would look like the virus itself. But I have to say this one is quite cute, in a weird sort of way, because no matter how cute it looks it has ruined the year.

My First Pandemic

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Do you remember the years when you would give tree ornaments to new-borns? My first Christmas is not going to sum it up this year, so my 1st Pandemic with a personalised name might be the way to go.


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