Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

A lot of people reading this might now know what a “Yorkshire Pudding” really is, but this is not so much a pudding, but a tasty dinner side snack. Often served with a Sunday Roast Beef dinner I like them far to much to only have them once in a while, so I have been looking for alternative recipe ideas…

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes


Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Sweet Yorkshire pudding recipe

10 – Sweet Style

Well it just doesn’t get any more unusual than this. The maker Gary Kingshott thought that Yorkshires might make for a great dessert as well as a dinner time treat, so come up with this ice cream and strawberry jam style recipe. I really like this and think it is a great use of the original Yorkshires.

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Mini Prime Ribs and Yorkshire Puddings

9 – Mini Prime Ribs

This recipe like many of them you will see here turns the Yorkshire side order into a main snack. This recipe with roasted prime rib and a horseradish sauce looks and sounds great. So why not give them a go with the recipe and making guide in the image link.

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Giant Yorkshire Puddings filled with Sausage and Creamy Mash

8 – Sausage and Creamy Mash

Is it wrong to admit that I use Aunt Bessie’s ready cooked Yorkshires for Sunday lunch? I do like making my own, but why go through all that effort when they taste just as good as homemade things. Well shame aside, I love this meal in a Yorkshire idea and it is also a kind of reversed Toad in the hole. (Toad in the whole is another pancake batter style recipe.)

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Lamb, Rosemary & Garlic Meatballs in a yorkshire pudding

7 – Meatballs

This recipe is as much as a detour from the original style as it is possible to be. With a mix of Lamb Meatballs that have been seasoned by rosemary & garlic it is a real mix of style and tastes. Well if you fancy trying it, just click on the image to find the recipe and making guide.

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Yorkshire Pudding with Roasted Vegetables and Cheshire Cheese

6 – Vegetables and Cheshire Cheese

As far as Yorkshire recipes go this is as healthy as they get. With a nice tangy Cheshire cheese and lots of seasoned vegetables they are a good treat to have as a side dish at dinner time. Full making guide and recipe in the image link as always.

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Yorkshire Pudding Sandwich

5 – Sandwich

This is not so much a recipe idea, more an epic event of food! I have never heard or indeed seen this before and to be honest it blew my mind away. But what does it taste like? Well I have not idea, but I am more than willing to find out.

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Beef with Horseradish in Yorkshire Puddings

4 – Beef with Horseradish

With a pulled beef style and horseradish sauce, this recipe is sure to get people coming back for more. The best bit about this recipe is that they are prepared Yorkshire puddings which I use, so it doesn’t take an awful lot of time to whip them up.

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Mushroom Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings

3 – Mushroom Stuffed

I have to admit I do like some nice mushrooms, the bigger the better. These ones with garlic, onion and parsley are sure to be a nice bit-piece style dinner. While not really traditional these would be perfect with fish dinners as well.

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Giant Yorkshire pudding

2 – Pudding Bowl

The first time I went to Yorkshire and saw a whole Sunday dinner inside a giant Yorkshire pudding, it was like my eyes had been opened for the first time. Why should I settle for the little side order Yorkshires when I could be having my whole meal inside one!

Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Yorkshire Puddings stuffed with Broccoli, Cheddar & Cottage Cheese

1 – Broccoli, Cheddar & Cottage Cheese

Now these are what I think might well be the most perfect Sunday dinner time snack. With a Yorkshire filled with Cheddar and cottage cheese they look too tasty for works and also really healthy as well. Well I don’t quite know how healthy cottage cheese is, but hey! The Broccoli totally counteracts that!

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