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Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

Sometimes I am never sure whether or not to believe Wikipedia. While looking up the story behind some tasty looking snacks the blogger had called “creamy turtles” Wiki said that they are in fact called “Whoopie Pies” and the story goes that when farmers found the treats in their lunch bags, they would shout “Whoopie!”….is this Wiki winding me up (as it so often does) or is that the real story. Well, I guess we might never know, but what I do know is what order to put this lot in…

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes


Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

Matcha Whoopie Pie!

10 – Mean in Green

I have to admit that I don’t really know what “matcha” is, but apparently it is definitely not cheap, but despite what it costs to make them they do look amazing and with a great recipe in the image link it is well worth having a go at making some.

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

Custom made Whoopie pies for girls party

9 – The Pink Panther meets the creamy turtles

Now these made my mouth water, what they don’t really have a great name to call them, but that doesn’t stop them looking amazing and they look rather easy to make with a fantastic step-by-step guide in the image link. I think I need to make these!

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

chocolate Bischoff whoopie pies

8 – If I made these I would Bi-scoff the lot!

When it comes to the more traditional Whoopie Pies I think this has to be the crème de la crème of them all, made with sweet and cinnamony Biscoff cream cheese frosting even talking about them is making my mouth drool! Want to make your own? Well just click on the image and it will take you straight to the recipe and making guide.

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

Vegan Whoopie pie

7 – Vegan do it if zee try!

Do you fancy some “hucklebucks” otherwise Whoopie pies but are a dedicated Vegan? Well, don’t worry because while the image goes to a shop in Verona, NJ with sadly no recipe or making guide.

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

Lower-calorie Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Green Tea Cream

6 – Lower Calories = Eat more!

For those of us that are starting to enjoy the sound of these “Dessert pies,”  we still need to think about maybe having a healthier version of them. Well, bingo! Here we are with some rather tasty looking ones with a cool green tea filling. Why not make some yourself with the easy to use recipe and making guide in the image lick.

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

5 – Rolling out the red carpet for the red hucklebucks

It has to be said that these are nothing short of beautiful! It is not often you can say that about a dessert but that is what these are and with a full recipe and guide to make them in the image link I think these are one of the best visually you could have a go at making.

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

spiced whoopie pies with lemon crème

4 – When life gives you Lemons….make pies!

I have a little fondness in my heart when it comes to lemon cake and these whoopie pies made with a rather tasty sounding lemon crème, for me ticks all the right boxes. So why now get clicking on the image and have a go at making some!

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

Strawberry basil whoopie pie

3 – The only Basil that is definitely not Fawlty. (ask your parents)

Yes, yes, yes I know, I do seem to have a thing for Strawberries, but you have to give it to me that these do look amazing! And with a full on recipe and making guide in the image link I will be definitely having a go at trying to make these, of that I can promise you.

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

Fruit Loop Whoopie Pies

2 – Isn’t a “fruit loop” what they call crazy people?!?

Well it seems there is nothing crazy about this idea,Combining Fruit Loops and cardamon cookies this is one whoopie pie I think I need to try them with a first-rate recipe and making guide in the image link I think I just might have to try some.

Top 10 Best Whoopie Pie Recipes

Camouflage whoopie pies

1 – Sit and Munch solider!

These are in fact just adapted from a Camouflage whoopie pie and the maker calls them “Cupcake Sandwiches” but in truth they are the same thing with just very minor differences.  But with them looking incredible, perfect for a ‘tour of duty’ homecoming and complete with a recipe and making guide they just had to be my number 1.


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