Top 10 Weird and Unusual Toothpastes

Mint! Spearmint, extra mint, mint with mint! As a kid I always remember having Strawberry toothpaste, sure it tasted nothing at all like a strawberry but it was different from the normal peppermint flavour that seems to be all the flavours I get the choice of now. Don’t get me wrong here, I wouldn’t clean the toilet with half of what you are about to see let alone my teeth! But never the less there is some very strange toothpaste out there indeed! So without further ado I bring you…

Top 10 Weird and Unusual Toothpastes

Bacon Flavour Toothpaste
Bacon Flavour Toothpaste

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Seriously! I love my bacon just as much as the next person, but bacon flavour toothpaste,  Come on! I just had to include it in this list because of the pure shock value and the fact that it is real and cheap as chips to buy!

Ice Cream Toothpaste
Ice Cream Toothpaste

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Are you going on holiday in the sun? Well, why not pack some of this rather cool sounding Ice-Cream flavour toothpaste! Perfect for the kids, perfect for holiday time and it doesn’t cost the earth. Sounded good to me anyway!

Charcoal Flavoured Toothpaste
Charcoal Flavoured Toothpaste

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Here is a strange one for you, this charcoal toothpaste is from Korea and believe it or not charcoal really is its main ingredient! Strange indeed and a little pricey but apparently one of the best kinds of toothpaste in the world! Certainly an unusual one for sure.

Chocolate Flavoured Toothpaste
Chocolate Flavoured Toothpaste

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Here is an odd one for you, this product was in fact sold as a toothpaste but in the early 90’s was, in fact, downgraded to a liquid candy sweet! But while it is a little retro it is still a toothpaste in most sense of the word, but it has zero cleaning properties for your teeth!

Clove and sweet orange flavour toothpaste
Clove and sweet orange flavour toothpaste

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Handmade via an ETSY seller are this rather great sounding clove and orange flavour! I thought it was one of the better sounding ones and seems to be 100% vegan as well!

Cupcake flavour toothpaste
Cupcake flavour toothpaste

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While it might sound like a great flavour for a toothpaste I suspect it won’t taste anything like it and taste more like the paper wrapping of a cupcake! But for that price, it is well worth a go for sure!

Liquorice Flavoured Toothpaste
Liquorice Flavoured Toothpaste

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have to admit I am not the biggest fan of this flavour, but it is this high up the list because of this flavour well-known to invoke strong reactions thanks to it containing glycyrrhizin! Add to that, liquorice is well-known to pack a punch when it comes to bacteria and plaque!!!

Pomegranate Flavoured Toothpaste
Pomegranate Flavoured Toothpaste

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If you think Pomegranates are just a plain old fruit it is time to think again! It is, in fact, a super fruit! Containing not only antioxidant powers but also antimicrobial potential as well!  This means that with all those microcosms of your mouth, it can do a super move and knock out the bacteria that lead to gingivitis! Superfruit! More like Mega fruit!

Orange Flavour Toothpaste
Orange Flavour Toothpaste

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Fruit and toothpaste seem to go quite well together and this orange flavoured one ticks all the right boxes for me, it sounds like a great taste, and is specially made for sensitive kids teeth!

Marmite Flavoured Toothpaste
Marmite Flavoured Toothpaste

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For me, it just doesn’t get any better than this! Yes it is real, yes it tastes of Marmite and believe it or not the yeast extract is, in fact, good for your teeth! Sounds good enough to eat.

133 thoughts on “Top 10 Weird and Unusual Toothpastes”

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  4. Okay…so I just revisited the baco tootbpaste I told you my 12 old bought for Husband. This time, instead of just put putting a pin drop on the tip of my finger, I actually brushed my teeth with it. I have to recant my last post. It actually isn’t minty…a tad sweet almost and a mild hint of bacon. Aside from the fact that I prefer a minty taste to feel that my mouth/breath is refreshed, the bacin toothpaste really isn’t horrible and my teeth feel very clean. If I was out of my regular toothpaste and for some reason couldn’t get to the market, I would no longer hesitate to reach for the bacon toothpaste. 🙂

  5. I’m not sure you would want to put any of those toothpaste in your mouth, but somebody must. Thanks for the like of “Snowy Seating”.

  6. Why is there a picture of a crab on the orange flavoured toothpaste? and who is Jason? Is it Jason flavoured?

  7. All the links to the products are in the (Source) links, I make sure they are all working and verified by Google so you know it is safe to shop there, I do all the hard work so people don’t have to.

  8. Charcoal. I can’t seem to get past that one. Cupcake on the other hand I may ask you to send me the link to! 😉 Great post. Great blog. Love it. Thanks for “liking” my recent post. Thrilled to have found you!

  9. This is amazing, I love this post! Very entertaining and educational as well. I’ve never tried any off these but, I’ve heard of a few. I really like the cloves and sweet orange one. I might try it.

  10. Wow.. at first the thought of these made my stomach turn, but now I kind of want to try some of them. But maybe not the Bacon one if it really does have a minty taste to it :S As much as I love Bacon I don’t think it goes well with mint 😀
    Great post as always 😉

  11. lol…these are crazy…I think I’ll stick with my minty one thank you! 🙂 but you know many people would try these just to say they tried them?

  12. I would have said, “Oi!” but that’s not polite. So oi!
    PS I linked to your blog just now. I hope you don’t mind. I also called you Mr Deasley in my post. Again, hope you don’t mind.

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  14. Well I thought it was avaliable everywhere! But good to hear someone liked the sound of these as most people have hated even the thought of most of them going into their mouths.

  15. Oh I just had another look at a picture I took of it, it’s strawberry ice cream flavour, I lied. It’s Tesco own brand though. (I can email you the photo if you want it)

  16. Sooo, Jason the crab recommends orange (?) toothpaste for his erm, beak?

    Either someone has no understanding of marketing, or I shouldn’t have taken that acid back in the day….As for the others, eewwww….

    I want the marmite one though! Great post!

  17. They are a mixed bunch indeed, and thank you! This post was a real nightmare as there are lots of flavours that they no longer make including a Sugar based Toothpaste from the 40’s! Daft indeed.

  18. Wow you put a lot of work into your posts. I never knew these flavors were available for tooth paste.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Chef Randall

  19. Our 12 y/o daughter bought the bacon-flavored toothpaste for her dad because his belief is that bacon makes everything better… Curiosity got the best of me so I had to taste it for myself…. Yuk! Minty wi a hint of bacon….just strange…lol 🙂

  20. Oh my gosh! Must have marmite flavoured toothpaste! Must have! My nephew uses Strawberry cheesecake flavour toothpaste….kids today. When I was growing up toothpaste was either white or blue

  21. OMG, the worst, for me, is a toss up between bacon and Marmite! But then again I am a vegetarian. And although I love a good Marmite sandwich, brushing my teeth with the stuff would make me gag!

  22. I would still choose my ordinary mint flavor Russell…frankly speaking, they are weird to me…am sorry..

    but for you to bring them up for our knowledge..its awesome.. 🙂

  23. The Banilla Bling one comes in a tube that really resemble sun block. I could totally see myself quickly glancing at it and then rubbing some on my shoulders before going to the beach. At least I won’t get any gingivitis on my skin.

  24. LOL yeah I read a blog while researching this where people were scraping the cream out from inside Oreos and replacing it with toothpaste to ‘surprise’ people! Now that is worse than these toothpastes will ever be!

  25. I think orange might be okay, but the rest of these are all gross! I can’t believe they are really marketed. I suppose there is something for every taste out in the world. I enjoy your blog,even if it’s not about cats every day. 🙂

  26. Never knew there were such strange toothpaste flavors ~ I thought the cupcake flavor was awful until I saw the rest. It actually sounds good next to charcoal or licorice!

  27. No matter what day or item it is, you can simpy find a full set of them! As for these, I wouldn’t put any one of these in my mouth. And I am a twisted soul. Nevertheless I tip my hat to you, another interesting list to make my day!

  28. Hi there, I had no idea there were that many different types of toothpastes around. Is it that hard to entice people to brush their teeth? I use a fennel tasting toothpaste by “Tom’s of Maine” and I really like it but it does taste a lot like licorice. However the charcoal one does not appeal to me at all. I do like marmite but I’m not sure I’d like to brush my teeth with it. Pretty interesting post though! And thank you for following my blog!

  29. there is something to be said for advancement in science then. Not sure I could stomach the taste much less the color. But it was a very interesting post. I bought toothpaste today too! But I never saw anything like any of these. Not sure that’s a bad thing 😉

  30. Yeah apparently people back in the 40’s and 50’s would clean their teeth with it! Crazy people back then, but it seems some people just love the taste! But yeah I did wonder about it not washing out. I suppose there is nothing you could do!

  31. Charcoal?? really? think I’ll pass. the only one I would be half way tempted to try is the clove and sweet orange. I will NOT try anything that is black. I mean what happens if it doesn’t rinse out??? 😉

  32. Well they are all available to buy via the (source) links and all my posted links ship worldwide and are Google Verified. When it comes to these product top 10’s I do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

  33. Marmite toothpaste? Cupcake toothpaste? Those both sound hysterical, I would love to find them simply to give to people as gifts. The liquorice toothpaste, however, I would genuinely want to try. It seems the most medicinal out of all the varieties! 🙂

  34. Very interesting post. I work in the dental marketing field, so I can really appreciate this. Heck, I don’t care what flavor people use, as long as they use it! Though…I’m not sure I could stomach the yeast or charcoal blah :/

  35. Weird toothpastes! Some of them I’d like to try, some of them… Eww! Yucky!
    I’m 33, but it’s great to be a kid again and try them out! 🙂

  36. You could mix-and-match. Marmite and bacon toothpaste! A dream come true. I’m a bit disappointed there was no “Cement Toothpaste”, though. A real shame.

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