Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Wiki tells us that a teapot is in fact a vessel used for steeping tea leaves or an herbal mix in boiling or near-boiling water, and for serving the resulting infusion which is called tea. What a load of rubbish! Most of us chuck in a few tea bags and away it goes, but I offer you to join me as I try to find out if the teapot make’th the tea or is it the other way around?!? So without further ado I bring you…

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots


Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Lionel Richie Teapot

10 – But what if Lionel Richie likes coffee?!?

This rather impressive, handmade teapot is based on the song lyrics of Lionel Ritchie. While it may be simple I would like to bet it would bring quite a few smiles to people’s faces. (well I smiled at it anyway)

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Techno steampunk teapot

9 –  “Fancy a brew Mr Wells?

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery and industrial inspired items much like this incredible teapot! Sure it is a little pricey but if you want a teapot that will get everyone talking then this is it.

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Computer Teapot

8 – PC or TP?!?

Do you know someone who sits in front of the PC for hours on end? Then why not offer them a cup of tea from this very apt PC monitor teapot! This would make a great gift for a blogger or maybe someone who spends their lives on Facebook. (most of us then)

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Toaster Teapot

7 – Chalk and Cheese.

Do you like some Toast with your Tea in the mornings? Well now you don’t have to wait for one or the other, because you can have both things at once! But where do you put the butter?!?

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Vintage Car Teapot

6 – “Va Va Voom!”

Why so expensive? Well this is very rare indeed, it comes with a registered design number and is just about as exclusive as you are going to get without talking silly prices.

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Sorapot Teapot

5 – Not a Teapot, more a Sorapot.

Made from stainless steel, borosilicate glass and food-grade silicone, the Sorapot articulates the ancient ritual of tea in a thoroughly modern way and in return it looks stunning as a teapot is ever going to get.

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

UFO Teapot

4 – Tea for 2 at Roswell.

Do you like tea pathetic, puny earthlings? Well I have some for you but really it is just the waste exhaust from my space toilet! whahahahah….It’s a teapot shaped like a UFO people! What more could you possible want to know? TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Take Me To Your Leader Teapot

3 – Take Me To Your Leader!

Here is a news flash for you…I’m a NERD! I like sci-fi and space and of course aliens! So for me this ticks all the right boxes, looks amazing, not that expensive making it well worth including in this list.

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Wooden Teapot

2 – It’s the way it was.

Here is the stunner, this really is made out of 100% Bamboo! 100% one-off original, this simply stunning zisha style teapot is design by Lu Wen Xia and his family has been making these for well over 1000 years!!! You want the best tea-pot in the World then look no further.

Top 10 Most Unusual Teapots

Dr Who Tardis Tea Pot

1 – Tea and Relative Digestive in Space?!?

For me it just simply doesn’t get any better than this jaw dropping TARDIS teapot. It’s incredible to look at, not too expensive and will be a real talking point at any tea party.

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