Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Swimming Pools

I have always loved swimming and as a child, I would stay in the pool for hours. When we vacationed at the sea I could swim until my skin looked old and wrinkled. We have a great pool at our current home that was made and fitted by Premier Pools. However, this post is not about my own pool, it is about the use of glass and very creative architecture to create a pool that has to be admired by all…

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Swimming Pools

Roof Top Pool
Roof Top Pool

10 – Roof Top Pool

A living room with a glass bottom pool. A multilevel speculative penthouse design. Look carefully as the big glass pod is not the pool, if you look at the top of the picture you can see the rooftop pool that hangs over the living room.

Pool with a view
Pool with a view

9 – Pool with a view

This pool is not a big pool, but it has an amazing view when you are in the pool. Perched high up on the mountain, the house is built on three levels. You get the illusion that you are sitting in a pool with no wall.

Drinks and Splashes Swimming Pool
Drinks and Splashes Swimming Pool

8 – Drinks and Splashes

Hotel Joule In Dallas. Part of the pool juts out from the building with only a thick pane of glass between swimmers and the city ten floors below. Now this is why you want to take a business trip.

Just a small garden pool
Just a small garden pool

7 – Just a small garden pool

Not only does this pool blend in with the rest of the house, you get the illusion that you are surrounded by water. Don’t you just want to jump from the roof into the very inviting water? This also illustrates how strong glass is.

24th Storey Glass Bottom Swimming Pool
24th Storey Glass Bottom Swimming Pool

6 – Drop and Dive

The unique 30 metres long swimming baths, in the Holiday Inn hotel, Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao. This gives new meaning to the word, using maximum space. Not only do you have a pool but below you have a great view that softens any concrete building making it stand out. I have been very privileged to have stayed in a hotel with a glass bottom pool situated on the top floor. When I swam I was actually petrified the glass bottom would crack to just fall out.

Shaw House Swimming Pool
Shaw House Swimming Pool

5 – 2nd-floor pool

This pool is one of my favourites. It combines the simple lines of architecture, with the calming effect that water has. Plus gives a new meaning to the phrase “making an entrance”. I also have used two pictures of this pool so you can understand the whole design effect.

Clear Swimming Pool
Clear Swimming Pool

4 – Clear Swimming

OFTB (Out of the blue) is a team of landscape architects and in-house pool builders based in Melbourne, Australia where this pool is located. You get the illusion that the stairs are part of the pool. Brilliant design, and you must have faith that the glass will not crack or move if you have an earth tremor.

Peace and Quiet Swimming Pool
Peace and Quiet Swimming Pool

3 – Peace and Quiet

Located in Hampstead Village, London, United Kingdom, the pool is nestled in the heart of the 6,500 square foot house, completely surrounded by glass. The house along with the pool was designed by architectsPaxton Locher. Other notable mentions of this incredible household include five bedrooms, a gym, media room, and even a party room. Great house for parties.

The Perfect Garden Pool
The Perfect Garden Pool

2 – The Perfect Garden Pool

This pool was the winner of the 2010 design award ‘Best Residential Pool and Spa Combination’ and you can easily see why. It is once again made by Out from the Blue Pty Ltd and located in a luxury home in western Australia.

Glass Balcony Pools
Glass Balcony Pools

1 – Multi-Level Pools

The ISM Parinee Ohm Tower, a proposed 30 story luxury condominium tower in Mumbai, India includes convenient glass-walled balcony pools. The tower was designed by Hong Kong-based James Law Cybertecture. I do admire the architecture, but my question is how do you clean the pool? But it’s an amazing pool to cool off in.

108 thoughts on “Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Swimming Pools”

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  3. Not only the top 10 most amazing swimming pools. but also the top 10 most un-affordable as well. How the other half live eh!

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  5. What cool pools! Normally I only have to hold in my stomach when I get out of the pool. I think these glass pools would require serious holding in of my tummy when swimming…

  6. I love swimming although I have not had a pool in a long time. Now you made me want to go to Dallas to see that pool. I guess if you have enough money you can do anything. There is a person in my neighborhood with an indoor but pool nothing like this. Maybe if I win the lottery….

  7. They remind me of the house Adolf Loos designed inspired by Josephine Baker. It had a pool as a central element and there were windows cut into the side so you could watch people swimming in the pool. It was never built.

  8. They are!!! So relaxing and soothing. Of course this pool had a giant castle with a water slide and two diving board next to it. So it was the best pool I have been and will ever go in!!

  9. I know what you mean. For a long time I only sank, then at one point I found I could float – how that happened I have no idea. I love how I feel in the water – Anna Pavlova and Margot Fontaine all rolled into one. It is the one place I feel graceful

  10. Amazing, I’m impressed with the Shanghai (one reason is because it must be very high) and the Mumbai one.

  11. i can’t really swim too, but these pool really make me wanna jump in! haha
    oh yeah, there’s another one pool which is really cool at Singapore, Marina Sands Rooftop Pool ,check it out!

  12. There are some beautiful pools here that I would love to spend time in. On the other hand, some of these you couldn’t pay me to get in! I love my plain and simple diving pool. I just need to use it more!

  13. First of all. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE swimming!!! I’m like a fish. So this post made me want to go swimming!! Second off I TOTALLY missed that first pool. I had to read the description and go back and really look for it. And last off number 8 is called an infinity pool and those are some frickin AWESOME pools!!! I went swimming in one one time and it was so relaxing!!

  14. Oh my! I never could imagine the one that is on the side of that tall building, wow!

  15. Well all the thanks goes to Ivan who wrote the post, but it is great to hear you enjoyed it as I like to try and bring many different and wonderful things for people to see. After all the World is full of amazing things, people and places.

  16. I admit to being afraid for the water, I was sucked under by a wave in Manhattan Beach, CA when I was five. Scared the life out of me. However, I did learn to swim and do a dignified dog paddle that gets me from one end to the other. When I go to the deep end, I just keep telling myself I am fine, everything is fine. I also have a fear of heights. So looking at those pools, as spectacular as they are, make me very nervous. I enjoy swimming, but in a more safe, secure feeling area – these don’t give me that feeling.

  17. I’ve read “most” of the comments, but Russell, got to hand it to you, you have a great sense of what to allow and these “even if scary to some” are great ART just in themselves for the beauty and aesthetics they add to the buildings. Great eye Ivan and an awesome collection indeed!
    God bless for the beauty you seem to find in so many areas!

  18. Well, I’ll have to wait until September when it’s Spring again here and then till December until the water and weather is warm enough. LOL!

  19. Oh, they are so gorgeous and I would live in a swimming pool if I could. heheheh. I can’t wait for summer again. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing Russell!

  20. I have a great fear of drowning, yet I find these pools amazing. Infinity pools intrigue me to no end. Hopefully I can over come my fear, save enough moolay and venture to one of these paradises.
    Wonderful post!

  21. RE discussion, all pictures clear and visible now.
    However, I have mixed feelings about these pools. Most of them did seem scary to go in. The one with the swimmer in a glass pool and the airplane all seen from below was really interesting. But most of the pools seemed designed largely for effect and wow factor, and very few were really pretty or compelling.
    I live on the central coast of California and much effort goes into beauty with natural rock and waterfalls, boulders and plants, borne of grottos, off bedroom balconies, carved into cliffsides, tunnels etc.
    In Fellini’s movie Juliette of the Spirits there is, among other astounding things, a slide into an indooor pool and tunnels that go one pool to another and it’s fantastic. Seems funny for the architects shown to have added so much scare factor to the joy of being in water. Thank you for the interesting collection, made me think.

  22. yes and I’ve read about some not all but some who won a lottery and now??? flat broke?

  23. can you imagine why? some who win large amounts of money? spent it on building swimming pools?

  24. As much as I love architectural bravado – I can imagine building inspectors in Oz having a fit. Go back a week after the glossy mag shoot and the safety fence and gate will be up. Slightly detracting from the architect’s vision I admit but at least the crawling or wandering toddler stands a better chance.

  25. Yay! All visible – one greater than the other – so now each one is the best – just amazing ideas people actually build and – enjoy.

  26. I can’t see any others either – I try clicking the link for the images and they still don’t show – so I like number 4 too – no competition visible on post πŸ™‚

  27. I went through all the links to look and I think the best one is number 6. To be able to swim and look straight down … I would probably thrown up due to fear πŸ˜†

Which one did you like?