Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Sofas

Is it wrong to hate sofas? Sure they are comfortable and after a few years, you get your own little “bum grove” in them that fits as snug as a bug in a rug. But there are just too many downsides for me. One of the main things is that they eat things! Remote controls, food crumbs, toys and enough loose change to be able to buy all those things that it ate in the first place!  And another is that when you change your decor in the living room suddenly your sofa looks out-of-place and completely random! So I was thinking that the next time I buy a sofa I will get one that is already completely random and stands out in the first place…


Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Sofas


sofa with built-in aquarium
sofa with built-in aquarium

10 – Don’t swim with fished when you can sit with them!

This rather amazing sofa was first seen in my post “10 Most Unique Aquariums” and had quite a good response. And it sure is unusual making it well worth considering.

Red UK Phone Box Inspired Sofa
Red UK Phone Box Inspired Sofa

9 – Is your sofa ringing?!?

Now, this is cool, a sofa made from an old phone box is a great idea, good recycling and it looks fantastic! Shame you can’t buy them because someone with a bit of craft skill in making these could indeed make a lot of money because I know I would buy one!

Lego Sofa
Lego Sofa

8 – That’s strange, I found some sofa down the back of the Lego!?!

There are many, many different Lego inspired sofas out there for sale and most of them will cost you an arm and a leg, but not this one!

SEGA Master System Sofa
SEGA Master System Sofa

7 – Sonic would be proud.

How cool is this Sega sofa? Well I think it is very cool but sadly it was hand-made so we can’t buy them, but someone with some craft skills might well be able to replicate it. I have to wonder if it is just the nerd in me that finds this amazing or if it really is.

1957 Chevy Bel Air Car Couch - Back End
1957 Chevy Bel Air Car Couch – Back End

6 – Sit and Drivetime

There are most probably hundreds of thousands of these types of car sofas in the world but for me, nothing looks as good as the rear of a Chevy turned into a sofa.

Sofa that transforms into a set of bunk beds
Sofa that transforms into a set of bunk beds

5 – Transformers: Sofas in Disguise

Now, this is nothing short of design genius. I think that this is perfect for a teenagers bedroom or maybe just in a spare room as when you have guests over it will cover all your needs in one handy bit of furniture.

Computer keyboard inspired sofa
Computer keyboard inspired sofa

4 – This is just the ‘type’ I was looking for!

I am not 100% sure if I like this or not, but I could never deny how unusual or amazing it is.  As with most designer sofas, it will cost you the earth but you are guaranteed to have 1 of only a few ever made.

The 2 seater Modular Multi-Purpose sofa that sleeps 4 people
The 2 seater Modular Multi-Purpose sofa that sleeps, 4 people

3 – The 2 seater that sleeps 4!

Do you not have a spare room in that guest bedroom? Maybe you have a lot of guest or friends around your house that will often sleep over. Well, then this is the ultimate transforming sofa while it might just look like a humble 2 seater sofa with some storage space it can fold out flat to sleep up to 4 people!

Sofa made from teddy bears
Sofa made from teddy bears

2 – Today’s the day the teddy bears get turned into a sofa!

This incredible sofa was made by a designer and is appropriately called ” The Harrods Sofa Project” and is made by over 200 teddy bears!

Waterfall inspired ‘montanara’ couch by Gaetano Pesce
Waterfall inspired ‘montanara’ couch by Gaetano Pesce

1 – Don’t go chasing Waterfalls!

These amazing waterfall inspired sofas are just jaw dropping and while the likes of us lot could never afford it, that doesn’t stop it from being the world’s most unusual and, therefore, most amazing sofa.

142 thoughts on “Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Sofas”

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  3. I look forward to seeing what you dig up…

    I DID once see a motorised Sinclair C5 (little electric failure from the 80’s) with a bike engine fitted to it, but I’m not sure that would qualify as it’s already mobile…

    I always wanted to build a motorised car trailer and fasten the shell of an open-top roadster onto it. The trick would be to sit in the shell and control the motorised trailer as if it had broken away from its tow car. 😀

  4. I just remembered marveling at my friend who could handle all this tiny handwork with incredibly long finger nails..but yes, according to the boy who ate a glue stick for the fun of it in grade 3, it’s not really comparable to a taffy stick, lol!

  5. Haha ! I think my grandmother successed in making her little groove 😮 but it was more of a tilted scale down rather than a hole in the middle cause she sat slanted. Oh I’m excited !! (: Going to pray for my arts and crafts skill which I raged at in grade 7 cause glitter and glue were never my best friends..

  6. Reading through a list of names of Transformers characters, I noticed one called Ironhide. Too bad it isn’t made out of leather – then they could call it Cowhide. Unfortunately, not as badass as Ironhide.

  7. Yeah mine is not that great either, but when you have pets like us it doesn’t matter what it looks like. And I agree with you about the telephone one it would look amazing.

  8. *LOL* I don’t really have a “bum groove” in the sofa it is just more of a saying. And when you more our I expect loads of DIY blogs and making stuff for the garden and little bits around the house, then I could make loads of top 10’s of the ideas!

  9. Love the teddy bear sofa. I love teddy bears and that looks so cosy! Great pics and post Russell. 🙂

  10. I love the ingenuity for the sofa makers. One way to have your sofa always go with your room is to use slip covers – then it coordinates with the room. I agree they aren’t practical, but the mountain one would go with my view quite well. I am not sure I would let anyone sit or even go near my teddy sofa and I too would go for a Tardis sofa. Great job again, Russell.

  11. The Lego sofa makes my eyes buggy, if I had that couch I would put a slipcover on it or chuck it into the dumpster! I love the transformer one and the mountain/waterfall one though.

  12. Haha! Love your mini introduction, I am thankful that my mother would never allow us to really create any sort of bum grove on our seat so I haven’t lost a hand or leg quite yet. Man, when I move out and get my own place I should really scour your blog for ideas.

  13. Clearly, I lead a plain existence (staring at my brown sofa whose most remarkable feature is where my dog scratched it). Dr. Who fans gotta love that telephone booth!

  14. I love both #1 and #2. I have a sectional myself. I had it made to fit my living room. I also have a large recliner. I had to get a recliner that would either hold me and the two dogs or my two kids at the same time! With me and my kids plus two dogs we need room to spread out!

  15. Love them all, the fish tank would be a neat way to incorporate everything you want. They keyboard looks a little low for my liking. The bunks are the best though 🙂

  16. Like those in the previous comments I like the “transformer” sofa (the block transformable one also). I NEED that sofa. Unfortunately not as much as I need a car or house payment though (which is what I’m guessing it would cost) 🙁
    Great list 🙂

  17. lol…these are great…#5 and #3 are my favourites…I don’t particularly even like sitting on my sofa…I sit in “my chair”, which I don’t share… 🙂

  18. I really like couch #7. My kids would, too. The owner of the couch must be a real media buff. I really like how everything is organized and I like the shelf behind the couch – looks like simple bricks and boards. Very organized – this WOULD NOT be my kids!

  19. I think #5 is awesome. What a great idea. I love my sofa though, it’s amazingly comfy – all down feather filled cushions – and I won’t trade it for anything right now.

  20. My daughter would love the teddy bear sofa and would probably try and pick them all off. My favourite is the 2 seater.

Which one did you like?