Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

It’s snowing here in the UK and there is tons of it. While it does mean I can’t drive to work  it also means snowballs, snow angels and of course snowmen (and some snow women!) Some are big, plenty are rude but some make you stop for a second and stare at them, and it is those rare ones that I will be bringing you today. So without further ado…

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen


Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
Upside Down Snowman

10 – “I hope I don’t get head freeze!”

Don’t you just hate a show-off!? No, not the snowman showing off, doing a handstand, but the person who made it! A fairly simple design in its self, but pure genius in execution. Place the Wellington boots on top just makes the upside down snowman even better.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
Log Face Snowman

9 – The lazy man’s guide to building a snowman.

Maybe there just wasn’t enough snow to make a whole Snowman, or maybe the person was just too lazy! But with one finger and a bite of carrot you too could make a tree trunk snowman.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
Weight Lifting Snowman

8 – A key to a good workout is snow joke!

Do you even lift bro? Well, it is clear that this snowman does as this is a whole gym and work session made from nothing but snow and twigs! This snowman weightlifter is concentrating on the wrong thing, he needs to sort those skinny legs out.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
Troll Head Snowman

7 – I so stupid I had nobody to dance with!

This goofy looking face would have made for one amazing showman, but for whatever reason he is destined to remain a nothing more than a snow head. I love the wild bit of twigs used for the hair.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
The Snow Lady of Bute Park

6 – The lesser spotted snow, lady.

Some people just go that extra mile when it comes to making snowmen. With leaf eyes, fern tree hair and something plant like for his nose it is definitely one of the best-made snowmen you will see. Best of all is that this one was made in a park in Cardiff.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
Snowman Massacre

5 – The Texas Snowman Massacre

Is this for Halloween, or just a very sick person’s mind at work? Whatever the reason a herd of snowman Zombies is enough to make anyone stop and stare. I have to say that a snowman’s blood I would have thought would have been water, not red blood.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
Muscle Man Snowman

4 – Does that Snowman have a six-pack?!?

It seems that our snowman from number 8 has finally got round to building up his leg strength. I really do think this is the only snowman with a six-pack abs set! But those snowman guns need a mention as well. This guy definitely lifts.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
Homer Simpson Snowman

3 – “D’oh!”

Some people just have to go that one better than everyone else. This Homer Simpson snowman is now only artistically correct, but on a dark night you might well imagine someone mistaking him for a real person as well!

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
Army of Snowmen

2 – Why make one when you can make an entire army!

Why make one snowman when you can make an entire army of them! This scary scene took several weeks to make and is not something you want to wake up and see in your back garden. But looking into the background it does seem that they certainly had the snow for it.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen
Snow Pig

1 – The Prefect Snow Pig.

Not so much snowman, more snow sculpture. This cute little snow pig was seen on the streets of a Tokyo shopping district, where there was a snow sculpture competition running. Needless to say, this was the winner.

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