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Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

It’s snowing here in the UK and there is tons of it. While it does mean I can’t drive to work  it also means snowballs, snow angels and of course snowmen (and some snow women!) Some are big, plenty are rude but some make you stop for a second and stare at them, and it is those rare ones that I will be bringing you today. So without further ado…

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

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Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Upside Down Snowman

10 – “I hope I don’t get head freeze!”

FACT: The first snowman ever documented was in 1380 and it was seen in a story book called “Book of Hours” and the one copy in the World is in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, in The Hague.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Log Face Snowman

9 – The lazy man’s guide to building a snowman.

FACT: The world’s tallest snow woman was built-in 2008 in Bethel, Maine and was an incredible 122 feet 1 inch tall!

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Weight Lifting Snowman

8 – A key to a good workout is snow joke!

FACT: The world’s heaviest snow man was Big Brian in Alaska and it weighed 6500 tons!

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Troll Head Snowman

7 – I so stupid I had no-body to dance with!

FACT: Ever wondered why it is snowmen and not snow animals? Well it was often thought that farmers first made snowmen in their fields to scare away poachers and other animals, if it was another animal it might have drawn the other creatures to it!

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

The Snow Lady of Bute Park

6 – The lesser spotted snow lady.

FACT: The first ever female snow lady was seen in the “Frosty the Snowman” 1973 and it featured Frosty the snow man getting hitched!

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Snowman Massacre

5 – The Texas Snowman Massacre

In German in the early 1800’s it was custom to decorate the Snowman with the clothes of those who were lost in the year leading up to it!

FACT: 99% of all snowmen built no matter where they are in the world consist of three large snowballs with some additional things for facial and other features!

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Muscle Man Snowman

4 – Does that Snowman have a six-pack?!?

FACT: Do you think melting is a common end-of-life (the bit where they fall over) scenario for most snowmen? Well you are wrong as studies have shown that it is often the sheer weight and compact nature of the snow that makes them fall over not the melting at all.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Homer Simpson Snowman

3 – “D’oh!”

FACT: While it is often a carrot that is used for a nose this was not common until 1970’s because of all the war rationing’s that were around!

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Army of Snowmen

2 – Why make one when you can make an entire army!

FACT: You might think all snowmen look the same, but this is just a myth, as some countries have their own styles, in Eastern Europe it is custom to make the snowman’s buttons from coal and give the snowman a smoking pipe! While here in the UK we often use real buttons, carrots for eyes and a straw hat.

Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

Snow Pig

1 – The Prefect Snow Pig.

FACT: Snowman might be a child’s favourite thing to make, but it is also the stuff of pure nightmares, remember the film Jack Frost? Well in this movie Michael Keaton (who remembers him!) wakes up as a snowman after a car accident! But this is just a spin from the original story where the crash victim wakes up as a snowman and goes looking for revenge!

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124 Responses to Top 10 Very Unusual Snowmen

  1. good to hear, and thank you for sharing it. (it really is appreciated)

  2. love the pig. pinning it.

  3. The imagination that made all these is wonderful.
    I saw a guy across the green from us making a family of large snowmen/women. I tried to take a photo as I drove passed (I did stop) but it didn’t work. When I came home some of the heads had been knocked off. Next day the same guy was out there rebuilding them. They were really good with hats, scarves buttons, arms and faces. But guess what a few hours later they were all headless again. …………..some people are heartless!

    Thanks for liking my blog :)

  4. Yeah it is a great effect and must have taken them ages.

  5. Hörgdal says:

    LOL, that was so much fun! The army of snowmen was my absolute favourite!!! :D

  6. It looks great to me! Fantastic post.

  7. Here is the link to my snow alien (Allen) as promised -The alien is nowhere near as good as the ones above – but come on a 4 yr old created him- regardless Allen was part of the family…until I killed him :/

  8. Thank you so much for your very kind words. And I would love to see your Snowman, some of these seen here are really not so hard at all.

  9. Woah! Those are awesome snowmen, I especially like the upside down one, its so cool.
    Maybe one day the snowman I’ll build will reach some sort of mediocre standard. Haha if only XD cool blog btw

  10. Thank you for the kind words and it must feel goo to be back. Even though it is bitter cold for you to arrive. Did you not manage to pack any sunshine with you?!?

  11. Maylana says:

    OMG where do you find these things???? Loved the muscle snowman. I’m visiting my home town of London right now, and snow greeted me a day after I arrived last week, that’s what I get for staying away for 4 years. Loving your blog.

  12. These were a hoot, and very appropriate for the season. I’ve got to go with Homer Simpson as my favorite on this list.

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