Top 10 Unusual Plasters and Bandages

It doesn’t matter what I seem to be doing, be it writing a shopping list, chopping vegetables or showing my little boy how his daddy (me) used to be a fairly good skateboarder I will end up hurting myself no matter what I do, because I am officially one of those people who are commonly called “accident prone”. So if there is one thing I use a lot of and that is medical plasters. And it seems the boring old “skin” coloured one is on its way out, so join me as I trip over something while on my way to find out just what is…

Top 10 Unusual Plasters and Bandages

Cupcake Plasters
Cupcake Plasters

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Nothing makes the pain go away like sticking a cupcake onto a wound. Now I am not talking a real one, of course, that is only for very serious illnesses, but what I am talking about is these amazing cupcake plasters!

Mr Bump - first aid - plasters / band aids
Mr Bump – first aid – plasters / band aids

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This one really doesn’t need explaining, it is Mr Bump fixing all the ‘bumps’ in the World by putting a Mr Bump plaster on it! Not only did this make me smile but it also seems perfectly logical because after all if there is anyone who knows about bumps it’s Mr Bump!

Twilight Saga Eclipse Adhesive Bandages
Twilight Saga Eclipse Adhesive Bandages

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Some plasters (band-aids) look like they might not be real at all, but sadly these are not concept pictures, they are not made up but are totally & terrifyingly 100% real!

Keep Calm and Carry On Bandages
Keep Calm and Carry On Bandages

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Have you grazed your knee on the floor? Maybe you have nipped your finger while cooking, well why not stick a meme on it with these amazing “keep Calm” first aid plasters.

What Happened? Bandages
What Happened? Bandages

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Have you just removed a splinter? Well, why tell people the boring truth when you could tell them that it was a Shark Bite or a Dance off with Ninjas! I already tell people those sorts of things even without these plasters!!!

Crime Scene Bandages Band-Aids
Crime Scene Bandages Band-Aids

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To some people, a paper cut can be the worst thing in the World, so why not show people just how much it hurts by doing a cordoned off for the whole neighbourhood! Or maybe just the small injury with these cool crime scene plasters.

Moustache deluxe - first aid in a tin - plasters / band aids
Moustache deluxe – first aid in a tin – plasters / band aids

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It is moustache to the rescue! It can easily hide all those girly boy cuts and bumps and replace them with some manly whiskers! Some say these even make you Irresistible!!!

 Pickle Bandages Band-Aids
Pickle Bandages Band-Aids

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No-one should underestimate the protective power of a pickle! But before I come across as a crackpot witch doctor I should explain that I was only talking about these amazing looking pickle plasters.

Super Mario Bandages Band Aids
Super Mario Bandages Band Aids

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Have you got a bad case of “Nintendo Thumb” (yes that is a real illness) well why not cure it with some Super Mario Plasters then you can just carry on with your normal gaming!

Bacon Bandages Band Aids
Bacon Bandages Band Aids

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It is often said that Bacon makes everything taste better but does it also have a healing property!? Well probably not, but why not use these amazing looking Bacon Plasters anyway because  they will just look cool and people will think it’s gross!

78 thoughts on “Top 10 Unusual Plasters and Bandages”

  1. I might have to stock up on a few of these. The bacon ones look so real! It’d be a bit creepy if you felt someone trying to lick if off your arm. What’s the free prize inside the mustache ones ? All these would be so much fun for kids!

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  3. I’m playing catch up as I’ve been sick with a very nasty virus. I love the crime scene ones as I’m a big fan of the CSI show. I also like Mr Bump. 🙂

  4. What is it with the Bacon ones?!? No in-between, people like them or hate them! Maybe it is the though of having real bacon on your skin. (although they only look like real bacon)

  5. I would put a cupcake with a ‘Mo’ on my scraped knee and a shark bite on my cut finger and jousting on my itchy mozzie bites and bacon on my stubbed toe and a pickle (just for fun) on my nose! U think you’re accident prone???

  6. Love the roundup! I’m definitely feeling some good gift inspiration in this post. Of course, I just want the cupcake plasters for my own personal enjoyment. 🙂

  7. Incredibly hard, but so much fun and a great workout! I decided to take them after marathon watching The Walking Dead and realizing that sword skills could come in handy as they draw way less attention than guns. I’m also sure that the mustache and bacon plasters will throw them off and confuse them somehow, so everyone’s welcome to my house when it hits to cover ourselves in confusing plasters while I defend them with my dull bladed rapier. 😛

  8. My SO is on a blood thinner..even a mosquito bite makes it look like he’s been in a three car pile-up, so I am very familiar with band-aids and I have never seen any as fun as these. I now find that I must have the Pickle band-aids. Although I a huge Twilight fan (yes, even grandma’s join the Edward team) and I might have to grab some of those too!

    These are just hilarious. Thanks for the much needed laughs!

  9. I have to laugh because those are part of what I do – I am a Promotional Marketing Advisor and I can put your name or anything you want on anything you can imagine. I am always amazed at what the promotions industry comes up with – I have a flyer for logo condoms in different packaging. One friend asked if he could have the flyer, he wanted to show his Marine buddies.

  10. I have the bacon ones, and the mustache ones (yes, I am accident prone) but need number 6, as I’ve recently taken up rapier sword fighting of all things. Jousting will now be my new go to excuse after the obvious, shark bite.

  11. You got to love the English, even though they’re from England. “Keep Calm and Carry On.” I can think of so many places – and people – to stick those to. My last favorite was a “Fall Risk” stikcer I got at the hospital after a shot of Dilaudid. Lacquered it onto my guitar case. Another corker of a top-10 list.

  12. Delish! Real limited variety in my local stores, which, after seeing what’s out there and on here is even more annoying. I’m currenty making do with ‘Cars’ and I used to be able to get Disney. The local shop managers fall far short of your imagination. I love all the color, but Bacon is pretty impressive.

  13. HAHA! I didn’t know what you meant by “plasters” (we in America call them Band Aid’s or bandages) lol. LOVE so many of these… I think maybe the bacon or the crime scene ones are my personal favorites. Now for the love of God….. BE CAREFUL! lol

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