Top 10 Creative and Unusual Pencil Sharpeners

Am I the only person in the World who has put a biro into a pencil sharpener just to see what would happen? Well maybe not, but my point is that as a teenager I tried to sharpen most things, Food, sticks, fingers! If it would fit into the pencil sharpener I would see what happened if I sharpened it! But did I do that because I was really interested in the results or did I just have a fond place in my heart for stationary? I think it is about time I found out as I bring you…

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Pencil Sharpeners

Nose Pencil Sharpener
Nose Pencil Sharpener

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Did you have a kid in your class that got a pencil stuck up his nose? Well, I only thought that happen in the cartoons until I seen it happen in class one day. He had to be rushed to the hospital! Crazy days indeed, anyway considering how cheap these are why to get stuck into one yourself!

Vintage Pencil Sharpener
Vintage Pencil Sharpener

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If like me you used to have these attached to the side of school tables then you would love to own one just for some happy memories sharpening pens and getting ink on your pure white school shirt. Happy days or not this is still cool looking. (well I think so anyway)

V8 Pencil Sharpener
V8 Pencil Sharpener

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This is the ultimate man cave pencil sharpener, because when a pencil is inserted into it the noise of an actual V8 engine can be heard, and it also vibrates! I feel that this will be the cause of countless office games because I would be the one starting them!

Unicorn Pencil Sharpener
Unicorn Pencil Sharpener

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This one is nothing more than a simple math equation: Unicorns + Pencil Sharpeners = cool item to place on your desk! And I think that is exactly what this offers and for just a few pounds you too can own a little piece of magic and wonder that is a Unicorn.

Cola, Pepsi Pencil Sharpeners
Cola, Pepsi Pencil Sharpeners

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These are nothing special but also quite cool as well, if ever there was something I would have loved at school it would have been on of these cool 80’s can pencil sharpeners.

Turnkey Pencil Sharpener
Turnkey Pencil Sharpener

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What I really enjoy about this pencil sharpener is that it is not rocket science, it just looks cool and is themed in a way that makes perfect sense. While I did think they were a little expensive I do still think they are worth the money for the clean, crisp design.

Sharp End Puppy Dog Bum Pencil Sharpener
Sharp End Puppy Dog Bum Pencil Sharpener

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There are literally 100’s of rudely shaped pencil sharpeners out there in the world of the internet but I always advertise this as a family friendly blog and that will never change, so this rather rude dog’s bum sharpener will be as rude as it gets.

Mc Donalds Pencil Sharpener
Mc Donalds Pencil Sharpener

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Sure they look cheap, sure they really are very cheap in price! But from the first moment I saw them, they made me smile and want one and that for me is a good sign that they are kind of cool, but in a weird sort of way.

LEGO Head Pencil Sharpener
LEGO Head Pencil Sharpener

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I know what your thinking you know! You are thinking ” Just shut up and take my money!” well don’t worry because I am not psychic I just know something cool when I see it and for just a few pounds this really is worth each and every penny it costs.

Alessi Beaver Pencil Sharpener
Alessi Beaver Pencil Sharpener

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This kind of makes sense, because if there is one thing good at cutting wood down into points it is a beaver, and with its chrome plating making it look amazing it I would have to see what the beaver really could do, anyone got a fountain pen?!?

143 thoughts on “Top 10 Creative and Unusual Pencil Sharpeners”

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  3. These pencil sharpeners are cool, but I had one that was of an alien and when you tuned his alien tale the blades inside sharpened the pencil.

  4. In school my mother’s nickname was “Beaver” because she chewed her pencils. She’d probably find the beaver sharpener funny.

  5. Not the TV show unfortunately, but I did go the Top Gear Live show when it came to Ireland though a few years ago. That was incredible! Ended up sitting right at the front, close enough for some of my hair to be singed by one of the flame throwers. Metres away from the lads, it was awesome 😀
    Have you ever been to either?

  6. It was an adventure when cleared out all the wood from the business. And sawdust! My Mom and Dad had a custom wood business for sailboats, though other boat owners bought from them and Dad did the custom work.

    Since I come from a long line of pack rats, I now have to clear out the house of their stuff so we can bring our stuff from the basement. That will be an adventure – our stuff has been down there for 11 years and I am not sure I remember what we have.

  7. Quite a wide range of sharpeners. I think I still have the retro down in the basement attached to the stud by the hot water heater. I remember using all during school and I wouldn’t be surprised my Dad kept it because he used it for his business in the basement. Yes, some very fond memories.

  8. Does n°7 come with a rainbow or is that just a serving suggestion?
    We have one like the ones that were at school, near the door, above the waste basket. I like it because it does a good job. I would not put weird stuff in it, because I want it to keep on doing a good job. 🙂

  9. Lol!! Really?!? That’s crazy! The ones I’ve seen were a lot bigger than I was expecting, actually … not that scary, but then again, we didn’t get too close! 🙂

  10. I can’t decide if the Lego head or the eager beaver is my fave. But I do know that I don’t have a good pencil sharpener and I will now be on the hunt.

  11. I love the old pencil sharpeners, used to whittle down pencils just for the heck of it. Those ones that were bolted to teachers desk.

  12. Ah cool. My very favourite pencil sharpener – strictly speaking, my son’s, but I LOVE IT MORE – is a silver stegosaurus. The sharpening action winds it up so when you put it down after, it trundles away across the desk. Love. It.

  13. I think you might be surprised by the amount of posts that I make that I can’t finish because I can’t find 10 of them. *LOL* Anyway you picked some good ones there and good to hear I am not alone on the 80’s cans.

  14. I can imagine! Lol. Great idea for a blog though – looking forward to more “Top Ten’s”.

  15. I did in fact see the one you are on about, but it just didn’t quite make the grade for my top 10. But it is cool, this is the one I found–>

  16. Love them all except the unicorn. If I I had to pick it would the Lego heads for portability and definitely the retro ‘school’ sharpener for the office 🙂

  17. Hahaha yeah 😛 I’ll definitely be sticking around, but I doubt that’ll ever happen 🙂
    I had an obsession with Top Gear when I was younger, so I had a super car themed birthday one year; the sharpener was my favourite present 😛

  18. They do! If you sharpen enough crayons you can melt them together and make new crayons! You can do it with old crayons too. It’s pretty neat.

  19. Loved number 9 – fond memories. I can’t believe you can write a whole post about pencil sharpeners and that there are so many different ones out there! Brilliant! Thank you. (Also remember the 80’s drink cans!)

  20. Right?! Everyone always tried to sharpen crayons in ours…. Never failed, we had a broken sharpener at LEAST twice a year for 6 years because of that…

  21. I think I sort of, maybe, possibly, definitely, indubitably need to own number 9. Not that I sharpen enough pencils to justify such a purchase but still…

  22. Whoops. I didn’t realise I’d spelt it wrong. Silly me. It’s that bloody dog with pencil up it’s arse and wagging it’s tail because it loves it!! Barking mad if you ask me

  23. I have the Top Gear sharpener! So unbelievably fun and annoying at the same time, definitely recommend it for literally anybody 😛
    Great post once again, sometimes I wish that you’d put up a bad post, just to make me a little less jealous of your genius 😛

  24. Wow there are some great designs, however I must say that your choice of number one gets my vote. Alessi is pure design in a class of its own and elegant. Thanks. Ivan

  25. What will you think of next? I must admit the unicorn is by far my favorite. I am almost sad I only use mechanical pencils now. I can’t wait to see what your next top ten will be. 🙂

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