Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies

I hope the person who gave me it isn’t reading this, but I received a gift at Christmas just gone that I really, really hated. That gift was an adult sized Onesie! Maybe I am just getting older, but I just don’t get it! If I wanted to wear a giant baby grow/romper suit I would consider myself going senile! And besides I got a simple knitted style one, if I was ever going to wear an all-in-one it would have to be one of these…

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies


Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies
Where’s Wally Inspired Onesie

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Why am I writing this post if I hate them so much? Well here is a simple fact, just because I don’t understand why anyone would wear them doesn’t mean I hate them, it just means that I am missing the point of them, much like this “Where’s Wally?” onesie.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies
Cookie Monster Inspired Onesie

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If like me you grew up with Sesame Street, then you will instantly recognise this character. With a felt cookie to go with it, it is sure to turn some heads. But I still think it looks daft.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies
Mickey Mouse Inspired Onesie

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I consider myself very lucky to have been to Disney World and Disney land, and I do indeed love Mickey and friends! (Hotdog, Hotdog) silly songs aside, this onesie is not so bad at all. Well made, official and not over-priced.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies
Kill Bill Inspired Onesie

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With the easily recognisable colours and style, this Kill Bill all in one suit would have made it much higher up in my top 10, but I feel the cartoon style fake blood stain ruins it a bit.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies
Stormtrooper Inspired Onesie

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This is definitely one of the better ones, the problem with wearing a Stormtrooper costume is all the plastic bits tend to dig into you, but that will not happen with this polyester onesie.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies
Pikachu Inspired Onesie

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Well to make me wear this you would certainly have to “Poke-me-on”, terrible jokes are the best ones! Well, maybe they are not, but if you think you wouldn’t look like a joke wearing one of these it might be worth clicking on the image link.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies
Zombie Inspired Onesie

4 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

I don’t know what I find stranger, the choice of strong, vibrant, happy colours, or the fact that the model has a black eye!?! But if like me you like zombies, this is the one for you.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies
Star Wars Inspired Onesie

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Call them a one piece footed, hooded pj’s if you want but to the rest of us, they are a onesie. And it doesn’t get much nerdier than this Star-Wars inspired set, to be fair these don’t look so bad at all, as long as they are just pyjamas, not outdoor wear.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies
Superman Inspired Onesie

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If Superman had worn one of these instead of his suit I think Lex might have died laughing! But if you think crime will take you more seriously, just click on the link and buy one!

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Onesies
TARDIS Inspired Onesie

1 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Without doubt, this was the most popular onesie to give at Christmas just gone and it is still one of the best-selling ones as well. If I had received one of these for Christmas maybe, just maybe I might have worn it. But I wouldn’t promise anything.

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