Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Guitars

If there is something I would love to learn it is how to play the guitar. Bass, Acoustic, Electric, I don’t care what one I learn as long as I do. But obviously I want to be like a rock god and learn the electric guitar! But with so many cool designs to choose from which one should I go for? Well, I am a nerd after all, so one of these will be the right choice for me…


Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Guitars


Lego Custom Made Guitar
Lego Custom Made Guitar

10 – Can I play Ed Sheeran: Lego House On it?!?

The story behind this one is that an anonymous man named “Brad” created it for legendary guitarist Les Paul. But for the love of me I couldn’t find out anything other than that. Shame because it looks amazing!

Steam-Punk Custom Made Guitar
Steam-Punk Custom Made Guitar

9 – Can I play Will Smith: Wild, Wild West On it?!?

Say hello to “The Villainizer” this awesome Steampunk inspired guitar is sadly a one-off made by Rhodes Jackson. With gauges, gears, pipes, welds, and a bunch of fake rust, it really does look like something out of the wild west.

Thor Rockmaster Guitar
Thor Rockmaster Guitar

8 – Can I play Foo Fighters: Walk by on it?!?

Not only is this super nerdy Thor inspire guitar amazing, but it is also the only one on this top 10 that is mass-produced, meaning anyone can buy it! I think this is the one for me.

70's Batman Car Custom Made Guitar
70’s Batman Car Custom Made Guitar

7 – Can I play Neal Hefti: Batman Theme tune on it?!?

Everyone knows that some of the best guitars were made in the 70’s, and so this is where this 70’s Batman car themed guitar comes into it. With a very limited edition amount this is one must own for any true Batman fan.

Super Mario Custom Made Guitar
Super Mario Custom Made Guitar

6 – Can I play Koji Kondo: Super Mario Theme tune on it?!?

Words alone can not tell you all how cool I think this is. Made by someone who goes by the title “geeked out” in Australia it really is a showcase of just how good a custom-made guitar can be. Sadly who the real person is behind it will forever remain a mystery.

Anakin Fighter Custom Made Guitar
Anakin Fighter Custom Made Guitar

5 – Can I play London Symphony Orchestra: A New Hope on it?!?

This amazingAnakin Fighter guitar is made by Tom Bingham and is the first of 3 that are all made by him! Not only a fellow nerd, but also one of the most talented guitar makers there is, with just about everything me makes going viral.

"B" Wing Fighter Custom Made Guitar
“B” Wing Fighter Custom Made Guitar

4 – Can I play John Williams: Star Wars Theme on it?!?

This amazing “B” Wing Fighter is once again made by the ridiculous talents of Tom Bingham who once again shows us how a basic toy that he bought from a car boot for £8 inspired him to make this. A man of many talents it seems, including car boot haggling!

Millennium Falcon Custom Made Guitar
Millennium Falcon Custom Made Guitar

3 – Can I play Foo Fighters: Walk by on it?!?

Those of you that have been reading my silly top 10’s for a while now will remember this from my post “Top 10 Millennium Falcon Inspired Items” sadly you will also know that it was a one-off, but still very, very cool indeed. P.S it is made by Tom Bingham

Pac-Man Custom Made Guitar
Pac-Man Custom Made Guitar

2 –  Can I play Buckner & Garcia: Pac-Man Fever On it?!?

If you don’t find this Pac-Man inspired guitar ridiculously cool then there is something wrong with you. Well made, hand-made and 100% playable it really is incredible.

NES Custom Made Guitar
NES Custom Made Guitar

1 – Can you play the Super Mario Tune on it?

What is so amazing about this super nerdy guitar is not so much what it is made from, but more the price! For one that is not much more than a budget guitar, you could have one that screams SHUP-UP-AND-TAKE-MY-MONEY like it was at a rock gig already!

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  20. I love the Lego guitar – the others are a bit much for me. Maybe because I am a diehard traditionalist. I knew you would make sure Mario was in one of the choices.

Which one did you like?