Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops

When it comes to footwear there is one thing I can’t stand wearing and that is flip-flops. Also called jandles, go-aheads, slappies, slides and step-ins people call them all sorts of things, but I only call them one….pointless! But I am being too harsh? A lot of people wear them around the house instead of slippers, as for the fact that I don’t have any slippers maybe I should try a pair of flip-flops instead, but which ones…

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops


Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops
Secret Stash Inspired Flip Flops

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After a lot of digging about these Reef Stash flip-flops, I think I have worked out why you can’t but them anywhere. Seems there is a bit of a copyright infringement going on and the real company that sells secret compartment flip-flops shut them down. But the good news is that you can buy SlotFlops (basically the same thing) by clicking on the image above.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops
Bottle Opener Inspired Flip Flops

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How many times have you wanted a cold beer and couldn’t find a bottle opener? If you attend beach or BBQ parties it will be too many to mention I would imagine, so why not put an end to those days and have what is officially the summer party footwear.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops
Sandwich Inspired Flip Flops

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I challenge you to find a tastier looking flip-flop than this one made by Artist Robert Tabor. It’s called a “Brisket Flip Flop” and is made with foam for the bread and decorated with, various, fabrics and trims in the style of the sandwich filling! Very cool indeed.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops
Animal Print Inspired Flip Flops

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They don’t look like the most comfortable flip-flops in this top 10, but they sure do look like the most fun to wear! With all sorts of animals prints to choose from you could leave some beach goes following on an animal hunt! And if you can dress up like it. even better!

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops
Zombie Inspired Flip Flops

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If you are a fan of the walking dead, or maybe just love Zombies! These flip-flops would make for a great idea, well designed, not too expensive and don’t smell of rotting flesh!

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops
Designer Inspired Flip Flops

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These are officially the World’s most expensive flip-flops! Made by eco-conscious footwear company Chipkos and contemporary artist David Palmer, when you buy some the company pledges to protect 100,000 square feet of Costa Rican rainforest! I refuse to pay even the “87” part of that price, but then again the World can’t protect its self!

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops
Message Inspired Flip Flops

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One of the hardest things about arranging a party or event is making sure people will follow you and turn up. So why not save both time and hassle and walk around in these personal message flip-flops, job was done, and they can say anything you wish.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops
Light Inspired Flip Flops

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When going for a walk around in the dark it is sometimes hard to see where you are placing your feet, and that could lead to real trouble when wearing nothing but flip-flops! So why not get a pair of these Lumen flip-flops and light the way ahead!

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops
Lawn Inspired Flip Flops

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Now, these I like. There is nothing better than going barefoot on a lawn in the summer time, it feels nice, natural and as nature intended it to feel. So why not get that feeling all year round and inside as well with these grass-covered flip-flops.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Flip Flops
Keyboard Inspired Flip Flops

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Sure it is the nerd part of me that had made these amazing flip-flops number 1, but they are just well designed, unique and one of the most amazing pair of flip-flops that money can buy. So why not get typing with your hands, and end up typing with your feet!

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