Top 10 Strange and Unusual Doors

After looking around the house thinking about doing some decorating, I came to a sharp conclusion…Doors are boring! They might well be all different colours, but really there are only a few basic designs and layouts. But it seems people are trying to change things because what I have found is some of the most amazing, creative and innovated doors you will ever see, think this is going to be boring? Time to think again…

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Doors

Ping Pong Tables Inspired Door
Ping Pong Tables Inspired Door

10 – Bat it back

Those of us with a good memory (not myself) will remember this one from my post “Top 10 Most Amazing Table Tennis Tables” and while it is a great idea to turn a door into a table tennis table it means while people are playing it you can’t use it as a door!

TARDIS Inspired Door
TARDIS Inspired Door

9 – Use the key Clara!

Ever wanted to walk into the TARDIS? Well, you can’t because it is not real, but you could well pretend with the rather amazing TARDIS door poster! All you have to do is attach the poster to the door and let your imagination run wild.

3D Smashed Effect Inspired Door
3D Smashed Effect Inspired Door

8 – I can fix that!

This amazing door made by Leandro Erlich is in fact… 2D! What you are looking at is just a 3D painted image making it one of the most amazing illusions you will ever see. I think I would love this in my house just to make an otherwise boring door the main talking point!

Secret Storage inspired door
Secret Storage inspired door

7 –The Space Saver

Made by designer Wessels Moer Barjet This door of draws might look normal while closed but once it is opened it reveals 20 drawers that are perfect for little storage of loose bit and pieces that you might never use or maybe as a hiding space  for more valuable items.

Mystical Tree inspired door
Mystical Tree inspired door

6 – When art knocks at the door, things change!

These amazing artwork doors by “Lance Jordan Creations” are nothing short of beautiful. To be able to come up with something this amazing from a plain old front door requires a sort of spark, a skill that can never be learnt, only born with.

Curtain inspired door
Curtain inspired door

5 – Soft Wood

This amazing curtain effect door is simply beautiful, designed by artist Matharoo Associates it is located a diamond merchant’s house in Surat, India. It is kind of weird but also rather amazing and I am sure it would make more sense in real life than in images.

Art Nouveau inspired door
Art Nouveau inspired door

4 – 151 Rue de Grenelle

While there are many amazing works of art to see in Paris this one will be overlooked by most.  But people shouldn’t because this door was made by the famous architect Jules Lavirotte and is nothing short of incredible. Seems doors have been works of art for ages!

Family inspired door
Family inspired door

3 – 3 for all!

It is by weird coincidence that number 3 is a door that offers 3 doors in one, being one each for the whole family! Made by a company called SlamDoors Ltd they are perfect even for the little ones that don’t have the strength to open up the big boys door.

Modern "TROMPE-L'OEIL" inspired door
Modern “TROMPE-L’OEIL” inspired door

2 – TROMPE-L’OEIL: deceive the eye

While these amazing door stickers a little expensive they would make any door look amazing rather than plain like most of them are, so why not splash out a bit and make a plain door a doorway to creativity.

Pantone swatches Inspired Door
Pantone swatches Inspired Door

1 –  Door To The Rainbow

Made from the amazing amount of 585 framed slides of Pantone swatches and then placed in a laminated glass and surrounded by a wood frame this door is pure art. Sadly this is just a one-off, but maybe someone will one day make them for us home DIY people.

88 thoughts on “Top 10 Strange and Unusual Doors”

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  5. There is nothing worse than being half-way through a ping pong game and someone wants to use the door to get out.

  6. You were right when you said this post would not be boring. I too get tired of all the doors in the house looking the same. The door with all the books sure looks like it would be a great conversation piece, at least in my house. 🙂

  7. I want the space saver! Look at all those shoe boxes!

    Love this blog, I could spend all day here, lol.

  8. You certainly do have a knack for finding the unusual…I like the ping pong door…what does that say about me, psychologist in the house? What do you all like the best?

  9. Hi Russell! I love your blog and since I found it I read it every time I get an email. I am not much of a commenter, but I wanted to say “Thank You!” and Hello!!

  10. My favorite (if it looks like that in person) is the smashed effect. I also like the Mystical Trees and the Art Nouveau even though these are a bit too busy for me! If I had the ping pong table one I ‘d probably end up with a lot of black eyes from the balls bouncing back at me when they hit the walls! HA!

  11. Several of Gaudi’s buildings in my home town, Barcelona have also pretty amazing art nouveau doors…Well, the rest of the building are also fabulous. Love the smashes door effect…Well, all of them for different reasons…

  12. We are making a playroom and doors are, yes, incredibly uninteresting! This list is nothing short of fantastic!! I can’t pick a favorite. That tree one would do a playroom justice though. I haven’t been reading many blogs lately but yours has inspired me, yet again. Thanks.

  13. They are very, very clever. I am pleased to see a Tardis, no Dalek here. I find #8 a little creepy, especially the closer one get to it. I love the secret drawers, and find the 3 doors together a real hoot. Also like #2, #1 you could check with a printer to see if they have an old Pantone samples. All quite interesting and fun. I am all for smiles and silliness.

  14. Ahh I see, might have a go myself then. And thanks for the kind words. I always like to reply to comments, because people have taken the time to read my posts, so I should take the time to reply and chat with everyone. After all we are only here for some smiles and silliness, myself included!

  15. Oh – no – I bought the cheap plastic film from the party store! I did buy some crepe paper to decorate the door to the bathroom as a mummy last year – but forgot! 🙂 I’ll try to remember to do it this year. 🙂

    You know – with as many followers as you have, I’m super impressed how you take time to answer the comments.

  16. Such inspiration! For several Halloweens I had door covers on some of the doors that would stay shut during the party that looked like passages into dark dungeons and such – too much fun! I’d love, love, love to have an artsy door – or even an art deco one! 🙂

  17. They all lend interest to the rooms. I also like the idea of a door blended so that it is invisible. There is one in the Oval Office of the President of US. Here is one from a website

  18. Hi Russell! I love number 5 – that is the most amazing door! Also the curtain door is such a work of art, wouldn’t it be great to have a home that could support such a thing? We recently looked at a house that sported a Tardis door, it was such fun and made us want to buy it just for the door! Maybe you have just set us all off on the path of changing up our boring doors for something artsy and breath-taking!

  19. Now being an artist this is my cup of tea! Actually years ago I had a big white door leading from my dining room to the garage. I painted it to look like a half opened barn door, with two small children playing with the baby animals inside. I did have pictures but they were lost in a fire. It took me about a week to paint the door. It was great!

  20. Great ideas, your number one has given me an idea. Could do that on the one glass wall in our house. The swatches are pretty easier to get. So will keep you posted. Really enjoyed this post. Ivan

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