Top 10 Things To Make With Diskettes

You know you are “getting on a bit” when you start to notice how far technology has come since you were a child. And for me, one thing that I have noticed more than anything else changing is computer memory! Nowadays it is all cloud data that, terabyte this and when I was a teenager I had to make do with cassette tapes and floppy disks! But this blog post is inspired by the later and we will be finding out that other people have happy memories of their 3.5″ Diskettes as well. So I thought I would bring you what I think is…


Top 10 Things To Make With Diskettes


Floppy Disk Messenger Bag
Floppy Disk Messenger Bag

10 – Keep it safe, keep it retro

Arty, great recycling, amazing to look at and a great talking point are all things that this “messenger bag” is with ease. For me, it was the colours of the diskettes that made it stand out from the others and the cheaper price.

floppy disk planters
floppy disk planters

9 – 3.5 planters

You can buy these rather cool looking diskette planters, but there is a first class making guide in the link. So if you have some old floppy disks and don’t really know what to do with them this could well be the perfect item to make.

Mario Wall Art
Mario Wall Art

8 – Retro Gaming by Retro Items

This cool Super Mario Mosaic made using floppy disks was done by Rodrigo Barraza and I don’t think it would be that hard to replicate. After all the shape of the diskettes makes for a perfect 8-bit pixel.

Deluxe Floppy Disk Pillow
Deluxe Floppy Disk Pillow

7 – Soft or Floppy?!?

Does vintage memory storage get any cuter than this?!? I can’t see how because this is right up there! Stuff it, I think I really need to buy one of these right now.

Floppy Disk Coasters
Floppy Disk Coasters

6 – The quality of logical design

While this looks like a simple case of buying a set of overpriced diskettes  placing them on a table and putting your drink on them these are far more than that, with a cork base, and thick vinyl cover they are not only quality made but also built to last, try placing a hot coffee onto a normal diskette and see how long it lasts!

Floppy Disk Notebook
Floppy Disk Notebook

5 – The Nerdy Jotter

Yeah, I know this is not exactly the work of a genius, but I still think that is a great item for an even better price! Less than a fiver for a bit of retro happiness? Shut up and take my money!

Floppy Disk Pen and Pencil Holder
Floppy Disk Pen and Pencil Holder

4 – The Floppy’s get organised

Once again it is the simplicity of these that I enjoy. Nothing special and I am most of us could knock one up for ourselves if we tried hard enough but why should you waste time doing that when they cost under a fiver anyway, making them the perfect little birthday gift.

Disk Combobulation
Disk Combobulation

3 – The science of the Combobulation!

This is, in fact, a great piece of artwork by George Hart and is thirty faced with twelve pentagonal openings and is said to be a true truncated rhombic triacontahedron. It is a great use of these old diskettes and for me showed how well-loved these little disks they called floppy’s really are.

Diskette wall art
Diskette wall art

2 – Why not invade some space!

It has to be said that while this may well be a simple idea, it not only makes perfect sense but also looks close to perfect as well! Maybe it is the retro-ness of the diskettes that make it stand out, but whatever it is I think it would look great in a home office or man cave.

Diskette coffee table
Diskette coffee table

1 – The ultimate coffee table for nerds. –

Furniture inspired by floppy disks do not get any better than this coffee table that has not only been inspired by also made to look like a 3.5″ Diskette as well! The best bit about these is that you can buy one for yourself via the link, but they are a touch expensive. As a little bonus, they do come with a hidden compartment behind the sliding lock mechanism of the diskette for hiding things like remotes and other often lost items.

69 thoughts on “Top 10 Things To Make With Diskettes”

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  2. Those little planters are worth a go, and one game of doom came on 5 diskettes, so it is perfect for that idea.

  3. I might be wrong here, but didn’t people used to call them floppies? I know people say that was the 5″ but I still remember calling these 3.5’s floppies.

  4. These are great, but do make sure you get the data off the disks before using them for these ideas!

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  6. Love the recycling vibe, so fun to see what are now relics of the past now turning into trendy art. I really like the coasters too!

  7. It’s great. I’m going to search my cupboard now to see if I still have some disks and try and make something out of them. You’ve inspired me. 🙂

  8. I want to have a go at making some of these. I love love love the cushions- good Christmas gift idea (yeah I like to plan ahead!)

  9. I love the way you show how things can be recycled. Being that I am very practical, I have to say that i love the pen and pencil holders and the notebook the best. Another great post that made me smile. 🙂

  10. I’d love to get my hands on that coffee table and those coasters! There was something about the shape and size of floppies… they should have just made them solid state and high capacity instead of adopting the usb thumb drives we have today.

  11. This one moved me. Diskettes have once have been a very important part of my life. I was bringing a lot of them anywhere I went. This was before the Internet and CDs became generally available.

  12. So beautiful and creative Russell! Wow! I love the coffee table for sure and those pillows are to die for! Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*

  13. Heh… Breakdowns are my specialty (just ask my Doctor).

    I would like to see that table in #1 in some kind of context with other furniture and people.

  14. Sadly, when I was a kid, a computer was a pencil and possibly a slide rule and a floppy?…well let’s just not discuss that one, shall we?

  15. Just a few short points from me today:

    #10: I dunno… looks kinda clunky and uncomfortable.

    #9: I have a black thumb, so no good for me there.

    #8: I don’t really like it.

    #7: Love these, and I could write my name on the top line of one.

    #6: Ah… now these appealed to the art lover within me. Beautiful to look at and also very practical.

    #5: Hmmm… cute.

    #4: Haven’t I seen this somewhere before?

    #3: A wonderful piece of art! There are people like myself who think that mathematically based art-forms are the highest expression of the art. I love it!

    #2: I didn’t like the game, and so it follows that I wouldn’t like the wall art.

    #1: I can’t really give an opinion. I first thought that it looks bulky and awkward, but since there is really no sense of scale I’ll have to reserve judgement.

    Thanks again Russell… I really don’t know where you get the inspiration!

  16. I still remember being taught IT at school with computer hole punch cards… I wonder what one could make out of those! I dare say hardly anyone would even recognise them…

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