Top 10 Creative and Unusual Coat Hooks

Before anyone asks “No!” I am not scraping the barrel with this one, it will be a lot more interesting than you think I promise. Maybe I am putting far too much thought into the little things in life, but I often think about what certain things like “Coat hooks” say about the homeowner. After all, it was Charles De Gaulle who once said: “start out in a new relationship by giving up your hat, then you give your coat, then your shirt, then your skin and finally your soul.” Well, before I give up all that lot I will be checking where it is going, and what the coat hanger says about the person, so I have decided to look at…

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Coat Hooks

Plastic toy animals used as a coat rack
Plastic toy animals used as a coat rack

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What I love about this one is how basic it is, just saw a few plastic animals sawn in half (make sure you get permission from the plastic zoo animals owners) screw them to a piece of wood and BINGO, you get one incredible looking coat rack!

Spinning Hat Ninja Hook Coat
Spinning Hat Ninja Hook Coat

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Well I don’t know about a coat but some of them do have hoods and maybe capes, so what a perfect place to hang up your Ninja cape than with these awesome looking shooting stars that are in fact coat hooks!

Retro Joysticks used as coat hooks
Retro Joysticks used as coat hooks

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There are people out there reading this that wouldn’t have a clue about what these are, well for those that are a lot younger than I am these are Joysticks! You see older consoles like the Atari used them as joypads and while both the Atari consoles and games are long forgotten, these amazing coat hangers will live on for many years to come.

LEGO Coat Rack
LEGO Coat Rack

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I just loved these cool Lego coat hooks because the little Lego guy that is placed above the coat is interchangeable so they match the type of person whose coat hook it is! Genius!

Old Paint Brushes used as a coat rack
Old Paint Brushes used as a coat rack

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I dread to think about how many paint brushes I have thrown away and all because the bristles went hard and bent upwards just like these cool paint hooks! All those times I threw them away they could have been recycled into rather impressive looking coat hangers!

Personalised Spoons Coat Rack
Personalised Spoons Coat Rack

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How do these people come up with these incredible ideas?!? Not in a million years would I have thought of using old spoons and recycling them into coat hooks, it is nothing shy of being pure genius and you can even stamp your name on them!

Tree Branch Coat Rack
Tree Branch Coat Rack

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This is simply stunning! Simple design, easy to replicate and looks incredible. Really the only thing you would need to pay for is the outer frame, but then again you could just a plank off a pallet of something like that. I for one loved this.

Forks recycled into coat hooks
Forks recycled into coat hooks

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For me, this cool coat rack made from recycled forks is a lot better than the same thing but with spoons because a fork can be bent into certain styles that seem to give it a lot more “personality” than the spoon ever could. Badass forks?! Oh yes!

Foosball Offside Coat Hanger
Foosball Offside Coat Hanger

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Even these days, the humble game of Foosball is considered a game of champions. But if you have a broken table that you just can’t fix this is certainly a very, very cool thing to do with them for sure, and would make a great talking point.

Facebook "like" icon Coat Hanger
Facebook “like” icon Coat Hanger

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A lot of people ask me why I am not on Facebook, well the simple truth is that I just don’t like it! But what I do “like” is these rather impressive looking coat hangers that are modelled on the Facebook “like” icon! Simple for sure but deadly effective as well.

163 thoughts on “Top 10 Creative and Unusual Coat Hooks”

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  8. There’s a compnay in the UK selling ultra-cool carbon fibre coathangers, I should know because I have one. Designed originally for bikers to hang their heavy heavy leather bike gear, they work brilliantly and look superb, the carbon fibre having an almost holographic like effect.
    Check them out at

  9. Ahhh don’t know which I like the most, they are all so great! Think I would have to have coat hangers in each room in my house so I can have an array of different styles!
    p.s. Thank you for following my blog, having a little look round yours at the mo 🙂

  10. My favorites are the foosball & the joystick ones. It’s crazy how you can make anything out of anything lol

  11. 🙂
    Think that will work with US Soldiers from the Korean War? These look like officers from the Napoleonic Wars…
    Cool Use of Toy Soldiers –

  12. Twigs? Yes, definitely twigs … I have lots of those hanging around so why not a coat rack in the bunkie! Good one Russell!

  13. Okay, Russell, so there’s a future challenge: The World’s Ten Most Amazing implements for scraping a barrel. And, hey, randomness is a wonderful thing. You amaze me – and, I’m sure, multitudes of others – with your eclectic collections. Please don’t ever stop.


  14. The plastic animals gave me an idea for using all the green army men that haven’t been used for pellet gun target practice! LOL

    I’m also glad to be able to point to you and say, “See? I’m not the only non-Facebooker “- – 🙂

  15. You’ve done it again! Love so many of these. Really gets the creative juices flowing. Let’s see, how many things can I hang?…

  16. Love the Legos, spoons and forks and especially the Ninja one. As someone posted, those Ninja blades need to definitely need to point downward – otherwise you will be buying new coats for everyone. Also, they would make a good weapon in a pinch to defend yourself. I would not have though of paintbrushes, do you suppose they are dipped in lacquer or something similar to keep them curved? Otherwise the coats would be on the floor faster than you can say “Jack Robinson”! Definitely not scraping the bottom of the barrel – more like an out of left field surprise. Keep on finding unusual things, it’s a laugh, an education and a delight.

  17. When I moved into my house, the guy before me had a nautical theme going that included actual oars nailed to the wall with hooks in them. It just didn’t work with my country-floral inclinations, so the oars went. So while I like this post it also brought back nautical nightmares. How do you come up with all of these list! Not that I need to know but they sure are fun to blow off work and read.

  18. Replacing hangers in the closet is a good idea. The only thing missing is the shelve not to stretch necklines and waists.

  19. well said …. perhaps I’d do the same. All the best!
    way to go! keep it up!
    waiting for your new post …. 🙂
    I’m pretty much sure it’ll be further rocking.

  20. Me again…would you please consider putting a WordPress “Press This” button in with the Like, Pinterest, etc buttons? I would love to share this with my readers, maybe bring a few of them to you!

  21. Brilliant! Although, your definition of “twig” is probably a bit different from mine. I wouldn’t want to trust a twig to hold my coat.

  22. This was definitely NOT scraping the barrel. this was delightful!
    Hm…LOVE the forks! I recycled forks into weights to hold my knitting down when on the machinne, now I have another cool fork idea! Absolutely adore the animals, and I’ll be looking around for cool twigs, too. You can always use a good hook!

  23. You always manage to surprise me with what you come up with. The animals are a definite favorite of mine. To think I now have a use for the duffel bag full of zoo figures in my attic!

  24. I even thought of how to get cheap but good ‘boxes’. You take the drawers out of chests of drawers that can’t be used any more, take the bottoms out and voila you have a nice box that goes with the twigs! A million for sure!

  25. yes of course …… It require lots of skills and money too. who’ll buy the gadget to flatten spoons n’ forks. anyway look nice
    the other easy task is brush & plank,wood ones 🙄 WDYT?

  26. I love the spoons and forks, but my favorite is the twigs in the box! I love nature stuff like that. As for the ninja stars, I do hope they ‘dulled’ the edges or you will get some nasty tear marks in your coats! 😉

  27. Seriously! They must have their tech-ie fingers in a little bit of everything. Still present, but not…oooooo. I remember my parents getting us an Atari one Christmas. My Dad hated the size of the controllers so much he glued each one to a 2×4 cut in half. We could hold the boards on our laps or sit with our legs over them with the controller right in the middle. Come to think of it…now that I have actually spoken about that outside of my family, it’s a little weird…

  28. First – hands down – the ninja stars and Atari joysticks! Second, the tree branches.
    PS – Thanks for stopping by my blog today. The “like” and the “follow” are nice too.
    You’ve got some clever in you!

    ~ S

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