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Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

Maybe it was being raised in a poor family that showed me that certain things mean a sign of wealth, that you have made it. A car, fridge freezer, big TV and ceiling fans are all a sign that things are going your way. While I don’t have a ceiling fan yet I do have a car, big TV, and fridge freezer! So maybe it is the time I got myself a ceiling fan so I really can look in the mirror and tell myself that I have made it. But which one…

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans


Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

Kitty Hawk Ceiling Fan

10 – The coolest biplane ever!

This is a “Kitty Hawk” ceiling fan with a very distinctive pewter finish. Not only does it look good but has a massive 52-inch blade span (with biplane wing design).

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

Batman Inspired Ceiling Fan

9 – The Ceiling fan for Dark Knights

Now this is cool and sadly also not for sale anymore. (what is it with not selling these things?!) anyway, it still looks amazing and well worth a place in this list.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

Enigma Ceiling Fan

8 – All by myself.

You might expect to see this modern looking fan in a hotel or restaurant. Apparently it gives just as much downwind as one with 4 blades!

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

DIY space satellite ceiling fan

7 – “Houston, we have cold air.”

Not only does this look amazing, but it is, in fact, home-made! If you have some spare time and some spare space models lying around this is the one for you. While it does still require quite a high craft level to make it I think it is well worth a go.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

Used Skateboard Deck Ceiling Fan Blades

6 – Skateboards are cool and now they can prove it!

Upcycling doesn’t get any cooler than this amazing ceiling fan made from old skateboards! It might not look as amazing as some of them in this top 10 but it would still make a great talking point in any home and those large blades are sure to keep you cool.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

The Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan

5 – Dreams of WWII

What is so awesome about this one is that it is nothing more than a plain old ceiling fan that has been painted and then installed onto a custom-made scene.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

Helicopter Ceiling Fan

4 – The Cool Airwolf (ask your parents)

Now this is what I call a very serious ceiling fan. Not only does it look kind of logical it also looks kind of amazing! Sadly this is still yet to go into mass production but it is still cool and nothing will ever take that away from it. (…apart from the small blades maybe.)

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

Meyda Tiffany ceiling fan

3 – The wind from the forest

When it comes to design, class and the art of making a ceiling fan stand out from the rest, there are none better than Meyda Tiffany. Sure they will cost you an arm and a leg but quality this good was never going to be cheap.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

Ribbon Ceiling Fan

2 – Keep cool with rhythmic gymnastics.

Once again this one is sadly not for sale yet, but just the sheer amount of modern style this one has means it does get a high placement in this top 10. After all, why have a boring old bladed ceiling fan when you could have a rather fancy ribbon one!

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Ceiling Fans

Super Mario Bros Ceiling Fan

1 – In the 80’s Nintendo sold EVERYTHING!

Back in 1986 when Nintendo was bigger than religion its self it just stuck a few Mario stickers on whatever stayed still for long enough and sold it! And it was that exact year that this cheap looking, but ultra rare ceiling fan was made!


  1. He will be the happiest boyfriend…EVER!

  2. Mariajose says:

    I think I know what I’m getting my boyfriend for Christmas. A Dark Knight Ceiling Fan! 😀

  3. So would I! Great choice.

  4. mummyshymz says:

    I would love to have #3 in my house.

  5. That is cool, and so retro, no wonder it “sealed the deal” for you.

  6. Ouch! I would be insane with that much rain. I guess I need the sunshine to recharge my batteries!

  7. Debbie says:

    We took it with us when we moved, and it is safely boxed. We continue to be huge Peanuts gang fans. Perhaps it will go to one of our sons when they have a family!
    No pics available.
    I found this on the internet.

  8. Awesome! I’ll make a Bat-fan, of course…

  9. Back of the net! I was waiting and waiting and waiting for that comment as I knew someone was going to be clever enough to do it. So it seems you win today’s Star Prize….a paper fan! (make yourself using your own paper)

  10. *LOL* It rained for 10 months last year! And it looks like much the same this year. I think Wiki needs updating.

  11. Yes cleaning them or forgetting to clean them is a huge pain but if you go through menapause you will love your ceiling fan. It will be your best friend. A remote control would make it perfect.

  12. Never been to Wales. It looks like it has a pretty moderate climate with lots of sun and some rain. So says Wikipedia!

  13. Nahnah nahnah nahnah nahnah…Bat-fan! Congrats, the most inane comment I’ve ever left (arguably) and you got it… I do love the Batman fan :)

  14. I hate these blowing on me also. My husband always want the one over our bed on. UGH

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