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Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

The other day I got talking to a good friend of mine that I had not seen or heard of in a very long time. We talked for hours just remembering fun times, and it was great to catch up with him as it seemed he was doing far better in life than I could ever dream of! (isn’t that always the case), but the reason for this blog is that he gave me something that I have never been offered before, he gave me a business card! It was nothing amazing but it did make me wonder just how good a business card could be. The answer surprised me and I will show you why…

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards


Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

Thomas McMahon business card

10 – Google Me!

This is perfect for me because my Google Plus profile come straight in at number 1 when you search my name! Not a lot else needs to be said just…Google me! So have you Googled yourself lately?!?

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

The Bombay Bakery Biscuit Business Card

9 – I always dunk my business cards in my tea!

Sure these are very unique but also a little pointless! You can’t keep a tasty looking biscuit business card in your wallet or card roller-deck for very long because it will go mouldy! But still it a cool business card for sure and very, very unique

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

Koji Sueyoshi business card

8 – The business card that you need to rewind!

In case you don’t know this is in fact a Cassette tape! (ask your parents) and if you are a designer or maybe into music and have a card for your band this might well be the perfect idea for you! And not only is it quite unique it is also very memorable.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

Steve Wozniak business card

7 – Steel the deal!

This rather amazing steel business card is just a good idea from start to finish, it is sure to be remembered, looks amazing, and dare I say offers a touch of class to the world of business cards. Well I thought it was cool anyway.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

Charlotte Simonsen business card

6 – Why use cards at all!

What you are looking at isn’t so much a business card, but more business Lego character! But if ever there was something that would make you stand out of the crowd then it is this, because you just know that this would sit there on someone’s desk for a very long time indeed.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards business cards

5 – The deadliest business cards in the world!

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, even if it is just yourself, a shooting ninja star business card is always going to hit its target and kill the competition.Fun, memorable and one of the most unique ones you will ever see a real winner for sure.

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

USB Business Card

4 – USB = Unique Selling Business

This idea is just prefect for those business or people that sell things they are much cheaper than you might think and due to some of the larger sized ones you can get it might well be possible to put your entire selling range of items onto one making it the perfect business card cum catalog!

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

Piano Business card

3 –  “Play it again Sam!”

There are many, many different business card out there in the world that bend and fold into many different things. But for me this was the best one, a great idea and prefect for the business that it is trying to promote as this would happily sit on my desk while I pretend to play it for years and years!

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

pixelated alien business cards

2 – Space Invaders, invade the business card market and win!

These Space invader inspired business cards are nothing short of amazing! Very unique, an amazing idea and sure to bring a smile and a happy memory to whoever was handed them! Trying to drum up some business? Well why not invade it!!!

Top 10 Creative and Unusual Business Cards

Fifth Floor business card

1 – Wood you like to be remembered?

Well if you do then this is the one for you, super stylish, super unique and it screams quality from that exact moment you hand someone over your business card, it would be one of the best ideas for sure if you were touting for business or maybe looking for a new job.

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