Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours

Today guest post if from Emma: Greetings all – my name is Emma and I blog about all things bridal at (though to be honest, my interpretation of what counts as bridal is pretty fluid…) Anyway, I heard a story at the weekend which got me thinking – what’s the best top 10 Bridezilla behaviors? Let’s start with my story.

Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours


Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Bad Hair Day Before Wedding

10 – “What do you mean to get ready for the wedding, I AM READY!!!”

Story Info: One prospective bride-to-be isn’t just specifying what her bridesmaids will be wearing, she has also outlined how their hair is to be. So the bridesmaid who shared her story with me has short hair (which absolutely suits her) and is now having to grow it. The bride to be did mention ‘extensions’ at one point – you know, super-duper expensive hair extensions plus the risks they pose to your own hair..?

Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Starwars: Jedi and Stormtrooper wedding

9 – “I don’t care if you do hate Star-Wars it’s our wedding, now shut up & face front!”

Story Info: Check out this story of unreasonable demands. The bride to be insisted her slightly plumper bridesmaid lost weight in order to fit into the dresses she had already ordered in small sizes.

Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Bridesmaids are not allowed to wear open-toed shoes

8 – “We are not going to the market or home, we are going dress shopping!!!”

Story Info: Or what about the bride who had a thing about feet so forbade her bridesmaids to wear open-toed shoes, despite the fact that they were all wearing floor-length dresses (and thus their shoes were pretty much invisible).

Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Bridesmaids are often made to look like each other!

7 – “Why would I dye my hair just because I have a new dog?!?”

Story Info: And back to hair again… Read all about the bride who wanted her bridesmaid to change her hair colour from brunette to blonde so that she matched the other bridesmaids. When the girl declined to do so, she found herself a bridesmaid no more.

Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Some brides can be real control freaks

6 – This is me all over!

Story Info: From the same website, here’s another story of control freakery gone mad. The bride insisted her bridesmaids all got the same shade of baby blue nail varnish. When one bridesmaid turned up sans nail varnish, the bride flipped and insisted the photographer took no pictures of the offending bridesmaid. Hmm!

Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Ugly Bridesmaids Dresses

5 – Worst….. Bridesmaids……EVER!

Story Info: Here’s a goodie, a letter to the bridesmaids setting our her instructions which may or may not be genuine. But I particularly liked the hint about the bridesmaids not drinking a week before so they look in the photos which are aimed at one unfortunate in particular.

Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Wedding Cake Fail

4 – “…and do you take this total idiot to be your husband? Really? You do!?”

Story Info: Most Bridezilla tales on the internet relate to brides and their bridesmaids. I did find one, however, where a bride threw the top layer of cake at her caterer. I can only assume she really didn’t like the cake. (There’s a lot to be said for making your own cake so that you can be sure you will like it.)

Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Ugly Wedding Dress

3 – “I can’t for the love of me, think why he edited me out of the photos!?!”

Story Info: One bridesmaid who got pregnant found herself replaced as a bridesmaid so that her baby bump didn’t ruin the pictures.

Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Bridesmaids received FedEx letters

2 – “Look, Dave, when I said we need to offer a better door to door delivery…”

Story Info: Another group of bridesmaids received FedEx letters if they did not respond to her phone calls or emails quickly enough.

Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Manicures and pedicures are what every Bridesmaid needs

1 – “After a hard day doing nothing I like to try to relax.”

Story Info: My favorite story though was the Bridezilla who didn’t at first appear as a Bridezilla… Insisting that her bridesmaids receive ample reward for their efforts beforehand, she booked them into a posh spa and arranged for lots of nice treatments – manicures, pedicures etc. However, she didn’t pay for the spa day so the bridesmaids were left with a bill for several hundred each.

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